Wedding photography is an enjoyable and exciting profession. You get to be a part of the most important event of the couple’s lives. Here are some wedding photography tips for you. Enjoy!

  1. Make all your preparations

Clients these days don’t want a single mistake from a photographer especially if it is a wedding event. Make no excuses for your failures. Pack all your essential gear. Have spare batteries and lens with you as well. Have a backup in your computer for the wedding pictures as well.

  1. Dress comfortably

Dress appropriately and neatly. This is a professional event, and you have to wear professional attire. Wear a black dress that is the opposite of the theme. And please! Wear comfortable shoes. You will be running from place to place in the event. You don’t want to get sore feet during the event. Wear comfortable and stylish dress so that everyone knows you are giving your best.

  1. Buy an additional flash

The lens that comes with the camera is not sufficient enough to take great shots. Sometimes, the venue is Indoor and has poor lightening system. If you invest in an excellent off-body flash, it will pay off. You will be able to capture all the moments perfectly, no matter what the condition is.

  1. Get the help of a photo coordinator

Ask for a volunteer either from the groom or bride side. The coordinator will bring all the relevant family members and friends for the photo shoot. You will feel less tensed once you get the person to help you.

  1. Capture candid pictures

With so many guests around, you will have plenty of chances to get little candid photos. But, don’t forget to capture the firsts: Look, kiss and vows. Capture all these precious moments and impress your clients. And don’t forget to capture the guest’s reaction to these moments. You will be surprised.

  1. Pack snacks

Wedding photo shoots can be long and tiring. Pack some snacks and drinks to get a shot of instant energy. You will work for 8 to 10 hours, and that is a lot of physical activity. You are going to a wedding, and there will be food but don’t forget you are here for work and being on the job means working constantly and professionally. You won’t have time to sit and have a proper meal so do pack some snacks.

  1. Don’t be shy and rude

There is no need to be shy. Shyness won’t give you any nice shots so as rudeness. Many photographs don’t understand the difference between them and ruin their career. It is perfectly OK to be a little bold and tell people to move to get the perfect shot. Also, try to work on your timing. This will prevent you from disrupting the event.

  1. Get the perfect background

People are moving everywhere and finding the perfect environment is sometimes the biggest challenge you will face. Skim the place out where you will be taking formal shots. Uncluttered and shady spots are the perfect place.

  1. Bring two cameras to the event

Try to bring two cameras. You can set one on a wide-angle lens and the other on a long lens. Changing lens on your single camera will cost you time and some very great shots.

  1. Be ready for a change

Weddings often have a crazy turn of events. Make sure you are prepared for that change. This is when you will be tested as a good photographer. If you can combat these changes and challenges smoothly than you are up for one hell of a fantastic career.

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