5 Ways to Create an Attractive, Elegant & Eco-Friendly Tablescape for Your Holiday Party

Hosting a dinner party is a great way to gather everyone together for the holidays. It’s also an excellent time to reconsider your impact on the environment. It’s easy to forget how wrapping paper and other packaging materials create waste during the holidays. You can creatively arrange an attractive tablescape without hurting the environment. Here are five ways to create a beautiful, elegant, and eco-friendly table for your next holiday party.

Incorporate Eco-Friendly or Edible Decorations

Incorporating indoor plants can benefit the environment in many ways. Brighten your tablescape and reduce the number of pollutants in the air with potted plants! You can even reuse glass containers and place your favorite flora inside them for decorations. Also, lighting is one of the best ways to add elegance to your holiday ambiance. If you’re hosting your party at night and won’t have access to natural light, use ambient lighting with energy-efficient bulbs.

Moreover, don’t stuff your table with plastic items you’ll most likely toss later; use edible, tasty decorations instead. If you’re celebrating a Christmas party, arrange a bundt cake or candy canes around your table to enrich your color scheme. You can even string popcorn around the children’s platting to add a fun and natural feel to your table.

Create a Repurposed Centerpiece

You don’t need to spend an enormous amount of money to display an elegant centerpiece. Instead, forage around your backyard if you can and assemble arepurposed centerpiece.You can make a rustic, cozy-looking centerpiece from spare logs or fallen leaves. When you use the nature around you for your holiday tablescape, you not only lessen your waste, but you also celebrate the stunning fall and winter landscape.

Use Reclaimed or Vintage Materials

Adding a touch of reclaimed or vintage items can bring a unique flair to your tablescape. Try using a table runner made from biodegradable and natural materials. If you’re throwing a fall dinner party for Thanksgiving, use antique-inspired tablecloths with warm tones instead of plastic, disposable table covers. Your guests and the planet are sure to love your use of items like reclaimed wood serving trays.

Encourage Your Guests to Recycle

First, serve your guests with eco-friendly plates made from sustainable sugarcane, palm leaf, and recyclable plastic. Then, make recycling easy on your guests by setting up accessible recycling bins near your tables. Though not all your guests will recycle, setting out bins gives those who will a chance to limit their waste. Furthermore, take any leftover food and store it inside compost bins instead of the garbage. You can also recycle duplicate gifts by donating them to a charity of your choice!

Bring It All Together and Enjoy!

Once your tablescape is ready to show off to your guests and you think it’s Instagram-worthy, you can focus on the rest of the party details like music. If you don’t want to hire the talents of a professional DJ for your holiday party, you’ll need to handle the tunes yourself. You can control what your guests hear and host at the same time by creating a playlist ahead of time. Have a holiday-themed playlist playing on your theatre equipment when people arrive to set the tone. And last, but not least, always remember to have fun!

Author Bio: Katie Tejada is a writer, editor, and a fan of the eco-friendly. She is a former HR professional who, in addition to writing about the latest developments business communication, recruiting, and CRM solutions, covers trends in event planning and weddings.

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