We all want to look good in pictures. Whether it is your wedding or you are attending a wedding, getting nice photos is everyone’s dreams. Everyone wants the perfect shot for their Instagram account. But how do you get such beautiful pictures? Here are some tips for you to follow.

  1. The best way to hide your double chin is by raising your head a bit higher by elongating your neck. Move your forehead slightly down. There you go! Your double chin is hidden. And NO! It does not look awkward.
  2. You are not a model, but you can practice some of their moves at home. Models are trained to stand or walk in a way that shows them in the slimiest way possible. Some people are not fat. They don’t know how to stand in a posture that beautifully shows their body shape. For this, you need to practice some postures in front of the mirror. Practice makes a man perfect.
  3. Smile as much as you can. The world needs it. I honestly don’t get the whole severe impression in photos. In some places, you need to have a neutral face. But, have a bright smile on your face in other events like a wedding or party. A smile gives a whole new look and makes you highly attractive.
  4. Take your pictures in the perfect lighting. It matters a lot. Shooing a picture in the perfect lighting is the trick of getting the perfect shot. Don’t look directly at the light. It will be too bright, and your face will be hidden from the light. Try to balance the light in a way that gives a natural look. And if you are scared of the red-eye, look directly into the flash before taking the picture. It shrinks your pupil, and you prevent the red-eye effect.
  5. If you feel like your eyes are caught close in the photos, blink your eyes before taking the shot and then open your eyes a few seconds before the camera clicks.
  6. Everyone has a favorite angle. Taking a picture from this pose will give you some excellent shots. It is up to you to find your preferred angle.
  7. A restaurant is an excellent place to take pictures. These kinds of places have a perfect background and lighting system for taking pictures. You can even make some amazing group shots there. Remember to have your face towards the light source and a have a big smile.
  8. I have mentioned before that everyone has a favorite angle. But, according to some studies, the left side of a human face is more appealing and photogenic. The left cheek showcases greater emotions than the right cheek. Maybe your right side gives a better look. We are not judging here.
  9. Having the right makeup perfectly blended on your face is the key to a fantastic picture. Buy a foundation that doesn’t form patches or is lighter than your skin tone. This difference is clearly shown in a picture. Avoid wearing makeup that is too shimmery. Do a good contour on your face. A good contour makes your face look appealing.
  10. Study your favorite picture and try to find the secret if there is an old picture of you where you look nice than the secret somewhere hidden in it. Is it the lighting or is it a certain angle? Look closely in it and find out.

A wedding is a ceremony of uniting two souls into one. The wedding involves certain rituals that vary from place to place and from time to time. A wedding is an a thousand years old ceremony. People from all around the globe have their way of celebrating marriage. Some people wear a white gown while others wear a colorful dress. Every country has its own culture which ultimately influences their ways and styles of a wedding ceremony. However, certain trends come around often and many people no matter where they live, adopt it. Today I will be telling you about the next big things at a wedding that is slowly coming into practice.

  1. Plant able wedding invitation

The world that we live in is not in the same condition; it was 100 years ago. Massive deforestation and pollution are making earth sick. If we keep on depleting resources and making products that do nothing but increase pollution, we will soon die along with every living creature on earth. And I’m not dramatic at all. Some wise people have come up with the idea to make Botanical paper wedding invitation. The invitations are made of seeds that can be later planted. You can say it is a way of planting everlasting friendship and lifetime bonds with your friends and family.

  1. Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

A wedding is with a doubt, a very stressful day. The stress and tiredness are shown through your face no matter how much makeup you apply. The wedding couple needs to have a two or three-hour shoot to take their couple photos and family shots. There is a new trend spreading rapidity like wildfire. People like this idea a lot because this way they can take amazing pictures without a grim on their face. The pre-wedding photo shoot is schedule weeks and even months before the wedding day. You can take your pictures in a stress-free environment and with no hurry or whatsoever.

  1. Bro-Dal Showers

Why should girls have all the fun? Bro-Dal showers are the next big thing in town and honestly speaking, we are all up for it. It is like a bridal shower for dudes with a manlier theme. In place of a cute white and pink cake, there are many cake options like cars or wooden logs. These parties have a photo booth with customized labels. You can have meat and cheese board piled high. You can have fun props like fake bears and wear them while taking pictures. Themed showers are the best. Each party is unique and has a unique element of its own. Get out of the bachelor party craze and try this new thing out.

  1. Ethical Weddings

It is a very good thing to think about your planet earth while preparing for your wedding. You can have a week-long extravagance wedding and remain eco-friendly. This is possible but will require a little effort from your side. There are so many ways you can make your wedding ethical. Instead of buying an expensive wedding dress which you will probably not wear again, you can opt for Up-cycled or rented dresses. Don’t worry what others will say. They are not paying for your dress. Buy ethical jewelry. That is made in the most eco-friendly way. Try to have your wedding reception and ceremony in the same place. Pick a venue that has the lowest energy consumption and has a responsible waste management system. The wedding is a onetime thing. Why spare expense? This is what everyone says. Be the one who says “My planet matters.” Your effort will surely prove beneficial in the long run.

Abell DJ Company

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We can all easily search for wedding hairstyle ideas, but it’s more difficult to find out the hair-care steps necessary to take so you can pull off more of the styles you see online or in wedding magazines.

Prepping your hair through proper care should be considered part of your wedding checklist as early as six months before your wedding. However, even if you are just weeks away from your wedding, the following tips are still pretty useful and can make a world of difference for how your hair looks on your wedding day.

1. Follow a healthy diet

It’s a good idea to carefully plan your diet and take the right vitamins leading up to your big day. Protein is everything – see a list of top foods that promote lustrous hair.

Zinc helps prevent hair loss and premature graying. To add more zinc in your diet, eating foods like peanuts, dried watermelon seeds, roast beef and oysters are ideal. Vitamins C and E also help with new hair growth, and copper can be found in cashews, whole milk, and beans, which helps with losing hair.

Using a daily vitamin with biotin can give your hair the extra oomph it needs to make your wedding style complete. Remember, you are what you eat!

2. Sleep well

If you are losing sleep due to the stresses of wedding planning, then consider focusing on trying to get quality sleep, since the health and volume of your hair depends on it. Sleep deprivation causes hair thinning or hair loss, since the human growth hormone (HGH) is created during sleep that helps with hair volume.

Sleep disturbance causes the production of HGH to be interrupted, leading to hair loss. Sleep deprivation can also lead to stress, which causes hair loss as well. Since sleep repairs, regenerates, and restores balance to your mind and body, invest in your sleep as part of your wedding planning and beauty preparation, especially the week of your wedding.

3. Only use a comb on wet hair

If you have been applying a brush to your wet hair, stop and use a comb instead. Your hair is significantly weaker when wet, where brushing your wet hair can cause breakage. By using a comb as early as you can in the wedding planning process, you are sure to avoid flyaways in your hairdo.

4. Watch your hair tie usage.

Consider how you tie back your hair. If you are using elastic, consider the stress placed on the hair follicle and cuticle that leads to breakage. Consider braiding your hair, wearing it down more often, and avoiding wearing a ponytail in the same location every day.

5. Prevent heat and sun damage.

You must protect your hair both from effects from the sun and artificial heat sources. You don’t want your hair looking dry and damaged on your big day. If you style your hair regularly, consider a leave-in styling product like heat protecting serum or conditioning product that includes color and heat protection.

Since dryers, curlers, and straightening tools can damage hair, try to keep use of these at a minimum leading up to your wedding day. Try towel drying your hair when possible. To guard your hair from the sun, consider hair products that contain full spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

Not only are these tips essential for having flawless hair on your wedding day, these tips are simple, everyday practices that you can adopt for life. Use these lifetime skills first though during your wedding preparations to make your hair have the biggest impact when you walk down that aisle.


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Are getting ready for your big day? Congratulations! This is an exciting time of life, but, as you’ve likely already realized, it doesn’t come without its fair share of stress. In fact, wedding planning is an infamously stressful activity. But does it really deserve all the disdain? We think that wedding planning tends to get a bad rap, quite frankly, when all it takes is a bit of thinking ahead to make the experience a smooth one. Let’s take a look at five tips for stress-free wedding planning! 

Why can wedding planning be so stressful?

With a nickname like “the big day”, is it really surprising that planning a wedding ends up a nerve-wracking process? The pressure is on to plan the perfect occasion that will “wow” your friends and family and leave your party the talk of the town. This naturally pushes quite a bit stress onto the wedding planners themselves – typically the brides. Don’t worry if you’re fretting about planning a great day for your guests! Take a look at some of our tips to find a bit of zenamidst the chaos. 

1. Remember That This is Your Day

The day might be a time for friends and family to come together, but ultimately, it’s your wedding. That means that you get to make decisions, even if that means throwing a much more low-key party than the one your parents are envisioning. Create a day that you’ll love and everything else will fall into place. 

2. “Perfect” is Subjective

Do you and your future spouse prefer barefoot days on the beach to intricate ceremonies and fancy clothing? Don’t be so quick to dismiss your preferences just because it’s how things have always been done. “Traditional” doesn’t mean “best”. When you plan a day around what kind of activities make you comfortable, you’re creating an environment that fosters happiness even amongst stress. Should anything go wrong, you’re more likely to rebound if you’re in a naturally comforting environment. 

3. Hire a Planner

Not everyone is a natural at event planning, and that’s okay. That’s why actual expertsoffer their services in planning your dream wedding. Consider hiring someone who can take your vision and create a beautiful event on your behalf, without you having to struggle through the details yourself.

4. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

You might be tempted to lose sleep in favor of spending more time planning (or worrying about) your wedding. Don’t fall into that trap! The more sleep you lose, the more prone to stress you become. Make sure you get a good night’s sleepon a consistent basis to ensure that you’re ready to face the complexities of wedding planning.

5. Hit the Gym

Finally, you might consider hitting the gym to help reduce your stress levels. Physical activity is a great way to work through worry and come up with innovative solutions to whatever worries are on your mind. Take a trip the gym a few times a week and sweat the anxiety out. 

Are you getting ready for your big day? Don’t worry – stress-free planning can be your reality. Keep our tips in mind and the process is sure to be an easy one. 

Believe it or not but I’m crazy enough to think that videos are magical. They can capture the moment and save it for eternity. If you are about to get married or if you are a videographer, here are the latest trends in Wedding Videography that you should know about.

  1. 3-D Photo Montage Show

This is the next big thing in Videography. The concept has been present for a few years now. Wedding photographers have started to include 3-D Photo Montage show in their packages. It is a slideshow or short movie. Couples give their still images to the photographer. He then manipulates them and transforms them into 3-D images. You can also get special effects added in it. But, it will charge you extra money. This is an extensive editing work. It will take days or even a week in preparation. The show is a bit expensive because of all the editing work it requires. If you have a big budget or are looking for some additional entertainment, then it is a good idea.

  1. Same day editing

It is not the same as 3-D Photo Montage Show. It is the type of editing that takes the picture and clips from the morning event and edits it by evening, and it is then displayed in the reception. It is not a very latest trend, but its popularity has been increasing in recent years. A team of videographers gather small footage and pictures throughout the ceremony and edits them. Members of the videographer team take their turn in editing. They get it edited before the wedding party. Because the team consists of 3 to 4 videographers, it will be a bit expensive than the normal videographer.

  1. Highlights Reel

Not everyone has the time to see an hour or two long videos. A highlight reel is an excellent option. The entire wedding video is compressed and converted into a 5-minute short video. You can send this video to all your family members and friends who couldn’t make it to your wedding. Videographers add all the important moments of your wedding and make it into a small video. It becomes a short story of your eternal love that you share with others around you.

  1. Reportage wedding Videography

Reportage is the art of capturing the most intense and emotional moments of the entire weddings. It is more like a documentary style, and there are no staged shots. Everything is natural and real. Capturing the expressions of the first kiss, dance and look are included in Reportage video. These moments are very precious and capturing them through the lens of your camera is a big accomplishment. The couple and their family and friends will surely relive the moment after seeing it. The emotions, feelings and priceless moments of joy will come back again in the form of reportage video.

  1. Trash the dress

Yes! It is exactly what the name says. It is a new and very popular trend. It is when after the wedding, the bride ruins her dress by jumping in the mud or let kids touch it with sticky and dirty hands. The main concept behind it is that no bride gets to wear the dress after her wedding. So, why not use to add a fun element in their wedding and the video as well. The dress trashing video is shot in nature or abandon and dramatic areas. You can even opt for an urban style setup. The bride and groom have a good time, and it is all captured skillfully by a videographer.

A wedding party is the group of trusted and dedicated people who will be with you at each step of your wedding. From shopping to venue selection to reception, these people will be by your side. Now it is a bit hard to choose a wedding party. You want to select the best but also not upset anyone. Here is how you choose your wedding party.

  1. Choose the ones that are nearest and dearest to you

First, ask your siblings from both the groom and bride side. They are the closest to you and know you better than anyone else. After choosing from your siblings, next comes family and friends. And honestly speaking, it is really up to you to decide. Sometimes, close friends hold more importance than family and vice versa. Pick those who you can trust and who knows you and your fiancé the longest.

  1. Think twice before asking

Take as much as you want to think. Once you have officially asked the person, don’t turn back. This is against moral laws to first ask someone and then remove him/her from the party. It is a bit overwhelming process. You might want to include all your best friends in your wedding party. But, think before making the decision. You can even take as long as a month to decide. But once the decision is taken, stick with it as one man.

  1. Set realistic expectations

If you pick a friend or family member who lives far from your place, he/she won’t be able to make it at all your wedding events. Think of the role you want that person to make in your wedding. Is the person the right fit? If yes then what will be your expectations. Don’t select a person with a hectic schedule and then expect him/her at every event. Be realistic and be ready to face any sort of situation.

  1. Maid of honor and Best man

Now this one is really tricky. You need to have a maid of honor and a best man. If you are not clear about the people you want to choose, then don’t have any or maybe have more than one. It is up to you. Not everyone follows tradition these days. You can have multiple maids of honors and best men. Don’t worry about getting equal members. There are many creative ways to take group pictures with odd numbers of wedding party members.

  1. Do you wish to have a no-kid wedding?

Kids can be a great source of joy. But kids can sometimes create a lot of disturbance in public gatherings especially if it is a wedding. It is OK to have a No-kid wedding if that is more your style. It is even OK not to have a flower girl or ring bearer. But, if you think these cute members will brighten up your event, then, by all means, add them. If the kids are sweet and don’t cause any disturbance, then you can add them to your no-kid wedding.

  1. Bridal party according to the number of guests.

The members of your bridal party should be proportional to the number of guests invited to your wedding. If you are planning to have a wedding with less than 150 guests, keep your wedding party minimum. Five or Six members will be sufficient. But if it is a huge wedding, it is up to you to decide. You can have as many members you want as long as they fit the criteria and can stand beside you at the altar.

Are you getting married soon? Here are some romantic honeymoon destinations for you to choose from.

  1. Bora Bora

A 6 mile long Island is the 3rdbest honeymoon destination. Couples from all around the world come here to spend some quality time. This place is known for its immense natural beauty. There is a dormant volcano in the center of the Island. Bora Bora is without a doubt, the best island in the world. Its lush jungles and aquamarine lagoons are one of the types. It is the perfect getaway from the cold temperature of the north. The atmosphere is humid and warm. The best time to visit this place is in November & April. You will have plenty of tasty seafood dishes to eat. This place is indeed tropical heaven.

  1. Puglia, Italy

Puglia is the perfect Italian city where you can visit year long. There is no wrong time to go there. This beautiful and luxurious place is near to perfection. It is a perfect place for lovers to spend some romantic time. This city has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There are many hotels and resorts there. Their prices vary from place to place and time to time. You can even stay in a traditional village resort. Native families host these resorts. They provide the most authentic local experience. You will fall in love with it the moment you see it for the first time. P.S. You will get to eat plenty of pasta.

  1. Santorini

The beautiful city of Santorini consists of two islands and several islands. There used to be a massive volcano here which exploded in 1650B.C. People believe it to be the original home of the lost city of Atlantis. The islands are covered with beautiful black and red sand. There are many historical places to visit in Santorini. You need to stay here for at least a few days to fully enjoy. There is so much to explore and experience. The best time to visit this place is in October. This place is trendy and almost 10,000 cruise ship tourists come here every day. That is a lot but, don’t worry you will get your alone time. There are beautiful rooms that face the majestic sea. The room has a pool and a balcony.

  1. Japan

Anime-wonderland should be the name of Japan. Get ready to get lost in the busy arcades in Japan. There is more in Japan then this. I’m sure you have heard about the cherry blossoms trees in Japan. There is no better way than to take a romantic stroll with your spouse under the pink trees. This places offer both urban and rural tourists attraction. Since it is in Asia, the stuff and accommodation here are cheaper as compared to other places. You can take a trip to Kyoto where there are hundreds of temples and shrine. Don’t forget to take a spa trip in the warmed hot springs known as onsen. Japan’s cuisine has one of the most beautiful dishes in the entire world. There is more than just sushi and dumpling. But to experience the craziness and food of Japan, you need to spend a few days there.

  1. Norway

Have a cozy and romantic time in one of the igloos in Norway. These igloos are heated hotel rooms that are made up of glass. You can spend the night there while looking at the majestic green lights. There are many other activities you can do. You can go dog-sledding across the wilderness of Norway. Visit the magical Lofoten Island in the Northern part of Norway. You will get to stay in a traditional fisherman’s cabin. In short, this is the perfect magical getaway for you and your lover. Hope you have a good time.

The day you get married is with a doubt the most important day of your life. You need everything right. The thought of anything going wrong gives you a panic attack. While preparing for your wedding, you can commit some mistakes. These small mistakes will make you a sad bride or groom. Here are some errors previously committed by people. Just don’t try to make the same mistake as them

  1. Creating a budget before planning

Make the planning according to your budget. But, some couple commits the error of planning before making the budget. Doing the later one will bring you nothing but disappointment. It is like picking up your desired wedding outfit without looking at the price tag. The worst case scenario is that you will pick your wedding venue with all your heart and when you find out its price, your heart will break into a million pieces. So make the smart move and make a budget before doing anything else.

  1. Listening to everyone’s advice.

Your wedding is a big event, and you will be probably spending a lot of cash on it. Your near and dear ones will give you advice based on their perspectives. They will not give you the wrong information but the problem is that there is no practical way for you to follow everyone’s advice. This is your wedding, and you need to be in charge of all the planning. Everything should be according to your visions and ideas. Listening to others will only make you confused. Just get an expert opinion from a few people and take the rest of the decisions yourself.

  1. Not having a backup plan

There is no way Mother Nature is going to delay the rain just because it is your wedding day. No offense bud! This is the truth. Many couples plan an outdoor wedding and don’t have a rain plan. The only thing they do is pray that it doesn’t rain. If you make a 50% budget and don’t add the rain plan, it will cost you more. For instance, if you plan an outdoor wedding and it starts raining, your 50% will go down the lane as well. Make sure you have a backup plan for any tragedy that can possible struck you on your wedding day.

  1. Booking vendors

Each vendor that you will be hiring has a definite and vital part of the wedding. One wrong choice and your whole wedding could get ruined. Book your vendors at least six months in advance. Do your complete research and take a proper meeting with them. Check their previous reviews and ask all the questions you have concerning their work. It is best to pay all your vendors in advance. Make sure you are debt-free when you are saying your wedding vows. You need to have a good time after your wedding, but you won’t be able to have that relaxing time if you haven’t paid for all the vendors yet.

  1. Not giving enough info to your guests

Give clear and precise information to your guests. Some couple makes the wrong move of giving very little information to their guests like where the venue it, dress code, timing, and parking area. If you are having a destination wedding, give a complete wedding itinerary to them. Tell them when to arrive where and what transport they should use. Many guests get late because they don’t know when the bus will come. Don’t make this mistake because it will ruin your entire wedding event.



Abell DJ Company selected for 2019 Saint Louis Small Business Excellence Award

Saint Louis, – 5/30/2019 — Abell DJ Company has been selected for the 2019 Saint Louis Small Business Excellence Award in the Disc Jockeys classification by the Saint Louis Small Business Excellence Award Program.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2019 Saint Louis Small Business Excellence Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Saint Louis Small Business Excellence Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About the Saint Louis Small Business Excellence Awards Program

The Saint Louis Small Business Excellence Awards recognizes outstanding small businesses that serve the Saint Louis area. Each year, our selection committee identifies businesses that we believe have achieved outstanding marketing success in their local community and business classification.

Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value. These are small businesses that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Saint Louis area a vibrant and vital place to live.

The Saint Louis Small Business Excellence Awards was established to reward the best of small businesses in Saint Louis. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to award the small business community’s contributions to the U.S. economy.

Saint Louis Small Business Excellence Award Program

Saint Louis Small Business Excellence Award Program

Email: PublicRelations@SmallBusinessExcellence.emailURL: http://www.SmallBusinessExcellence.org

Wedding photography is an enjoyable and exciting profession. You get to be a part of the most important event of the couple’s lives. Here are some wedding photography tips for you. Enjoy!

  1. Make all your preparations

Clients these days don’t want a single mistake from a photographer especially if it is a wedding event. Make no excuses for your failures. Pack all your essential gear. Have spare batteries and lens with you as well. Have a backup in your computer for the wedding pictures as well.

  1. Dress comfortably

Dress appropriately and neatly. This is a professional event, and you have to wear professional attire. Wear a black dress that is the opposite of the theme. And please! Wear comfortable shoes. You will be running from place to place in the event. You don’t want to get sore feet during the event. Wear comfortable and stylish dress so that everyone knows you are giving your best.

  1. Buy an additional flash

The lens that comes with the camera is not sufficient enough to take great shots. Sometimes, the venue is Indoor and has poor lightening system. If you invest in an excellent off-body flash, it will pay off. You will be able to capture all the moments perfectly, no matter what the condition is.

  1. Get the help of a photo coordinator

Ask for a volunteer either from the groom or bride side. The coordinator will bring all the relevant family members and friends for the photo shoot. You will feel less tensed once you get the person to help you.

  1. Capture candid pictures

With so many guests around, you will have plenty of chances to get little candid photos. But, don’t forget to capture the firsts: Look, kiss and vows. Capture all these precious moments and impress your clients. And don’t forget to capture the guest’s reaction to these moments. You will be surprised.

  1. Pack snacks

Wedding photo shoots can be long and tiring. Pack some snacks and drinks to get a shot of instant energy. You will work for 8 to 10 hours, and that is a lot of physical activity. You are going to a wedding, and there will be food but don’t forget you are here for work and being on the job means working constantly and professionally. You won’t have time to sit and have a proper meal so do pack some snacks.

  1. Don’t be shy and rude

There is no need to be shy. Shyness won’t give you any nice shots so as rudeness. Many photographs don’t understand the difference between them and ruin their career. It is perfectly OK to be a little bold and tell people to move to get the perfect shot. Also, try to work on your timing. This will prevent you from disrupting the event.

  1. Get the perfect background

People are moving everywhere and finding the perfect environment is sometimes the biggest challenge you will face. Skim the place out where you will be taking formal shots. Uncluttered and shady spots are the perfect place.

  1. Bring two cameras to the event

Try to bring two cameras. You can set one on a wide-angle lens and the other on a long lens. Changing lens on your single camera will cost you time and some very great shots.

  1. Be ready for a change

Weddings often have a crazy turn of events. Make sure you are prepared for that change. This is when you will be tested as a good photographer. If you can combat these changes and challenges smoothly than you are up for one hell of a fantastic career.