For most brides, choosing a wedding dress is an event of a lifetime.  Your dress sets the tone of your wedding day and is a reflection of your personality and style. Here are some tips and guides to choosing your wedding dress.

Find Styles You Like

Browse through bridal magazines, the Internet, and Pinterest. Save, cut out and Pin dresses that appeal to you.

Pick Your Favorites

Look over the images you saved and see if you have any similar styles or patterns. Are all of the dresses you like lace ball gowns? Start there, then narrow it down and make a list of the features you know you prefer.

Make Appointments

Make appointments to try on gowns at multiple stores. Ask your friends and family for recommendations! Be sure to bring your favorite images to the salon and tell them the style of dress you are interested in. It’s also helpful to find out which designers each salon carries—check out the designer websites and make a note of styles you like. Don’t forget to tell them what your budget is! Trying on a dress that’s well outside of your budget will only lead to frustration, and the last thing your consultant wants to do is put you in a dress you can’t afford. Make a day of it and invite important people in your life, like your mother, sister, maid of honor, bridesmaids, etc. But keep this in mind—the more you invite, the more opinions there are.

Bring the Proper Undergarments

Wear a nude strapless bra, Spanx, etc. to try on gowns. It’s tough to get a good idea of exactly how a dress looks when you have straps or seams in the way. Many bridal shops only carry one dress for each style. Most of the time, a consultant will be helping you in and out of dresses, making sure each one is clipped in just the right places so you’ll have a good idea of what the dress should look like. You might also want to bring a pair of heels or shoes similar to what you think you might wear on the big day. It also never hurts to bring a bottle of water (if the bridal salon allows outside beverages in the store)—it can get pretty warm while you’re trying on dresses and you’ll want to stay hydrated! 

Venture Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Don’t say “no” to trying on styles other than your favorites. Trust your consultant during your appointment. They pick out dresses for brides on a daily basis and have a better idea of their inventory. You may be surprised and choose the gown you least expect! The more you communicate with your bridal consultant, the better your experience will be. Be sure to tell them exactly what you do or don’t like about each dress you try on—if you don’t like how your waist looks in an A-line dress, then you probably want to move on to a different style.

Don’t Forget the Extras

If you’re on the fence about a dress, ask to try on a veil, headpiece, or jewelry (if the bridal salon carries those items). Accessories can sometimes add that extra bit of detail that might be missing—it’s the icing on the cake! The color of a dress can also make a huge difference. At the beginning of your appointment, let your consultant know what color you’re interested in (white, ivory, blush, etc.). The sample dress you fall in love with might not be the color you’re looking for, but you might be able to order it!

When you find the one, get a confirmation in writing of your estimated arrival date, along with fitting and pick-up information. Make a list of everything you still need (accessories, makeup, and lingerie) and keep everything in one place. When you bring your dress home, keep it safe from moisture, dirt, stains, and wrinkles. Many bridal shops will give you a cloth dress bag when you pick up your dress.

Don’t be discouraged if you do not find your dream wedding gown in the first store. While some brides can say “Yes!” to the very first dress they try on, others feel the need to try on more. You’ll know it when you find it!

The presence of wedding photographers and videographers is considered most important as wedding photographs are a crucial part of any wedding. They are the memories of your D-day, which you can relive as and when you want through those pictures. Videos are created to keep those memories of a special day. A wedding video helps you have a mini-story of your wedding with sound and movement and is as important as wedding photographs. However, many couples these days consider videography an extravagance. Well, it is absolutely up to you whether you want to have a videographer or not.

Our Guest Today:

Today we’ve Michael Romann, Owner of Michael Romann Media. He has been working as a famous wedding videographer for years. Catch up on our interview with him. Hope you like it. 


What common mistakes do you see couples making? 

Skipping a video! I know I am biased given that I film weddings, but I say this from personal experience! Nothing brings back the feelings from my own wedding day like watching my wedding video.  I still tear up watching it years later! My wife and I didn’t initially plan on a wedding video and we couldn’t be more thankful that we got one. That experience is what inspired me to start filming weddings!  I understand what it’s like being on a budget but this is one thing you won’t regret paying for!


What’s the best tip you have for a couple planning a wedding?

Use a wedding planner! Some couples, as I did for mine, want to plan their wedding entirely on their own. You certainly can do it, but the experience is not as smooth and not as enjoyable. Instead of searching endlessly for venues and vendors, you can talk with someone who has seen them in action! Instead of running an event on your wedding day, you can relax and enjoy.


What don’t couples know about your business that they need to know?

I will watch your video as much as you will! I get messages after delivering a video about couples rewatching videos to no end because of the joy it brings them. I love hearing that and I want them to know that I feel that joy as I am also right there watching it over and over!


What questions should couples be asking that they don’t know to ask?

“What will the lighting be like during the ceremony?” Depending on the location and time of day, the sun can be an issue for ceremony photos and video. Try to avoid a bright window directly behind the altar or the sun shining directly toward the guests and photographers.


What is your best piece of advice for couples planning a wedding?

Start early and enjoy the process! Give yourself plenty of time so that there isn’t too much pressure on making decisions.  Have fun together trying food and cake, touring venues, and looking through photo galleries!


What’s the most unusual wedding you’ve ever had? 

I filmed a wedding at the Alton Amphitheater in Alton, IL! The ceremony took place on the stage with the guests in the tiered seating set up like a concert! Dinner and dancing was set up on the band stage afterwards. It was a fantastic venue unlike any that I filmed before.


What was the most memorable wedding you ever worked?

A wedding I filmed recently began with a traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony! This included a beautiful display of candles, traditional attire, and red decorations throughout the bride’s family home.  The bride’s family welcomed the groom and his family, who presented gifts upon arrival. A representative from each family introduced their side of the family to the other.  The couple then poured tea for both sides of the family. The bride’s family ended the tea ceremony with a Vietnamese lunch before going to the wedding ceremony!

You could reach out to Michael Romann through the following info:




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It’s the most important part of your big day. That part when you say “I Do” and you sign those papers to officially say that you’ve married the person you love.

But there’s someone else you need to be loving at this moment – and that’s your wedding celebrant. A good marriage celebrant will discuss all your ideas and wishes with you to personalize your ceremony. They’ll have suggestions on how to include family members, what readings to use if you’re unsure and they’ll even coordinate it all on the day so that everyone has what they need and knows what they’re doing. We may as well call them wedding fairies to pull all that together! 

And there’s so much more than your celebrant will do for you on your big and important day. You’d pretty much be lost without them.
Knowing the importance of a good wedding celebrant, today we have Ruth Ellen Hasser,  a professional Wedding Celebrant with years of experience. Hope you’ll like the interview session with her.


What common mistakes do you see couples making?

I don’t know if this qualifies as a mistake or just a pet peeve on my part, but one of my least favorite things to see as I look down the aisle at the beginning of a ceremony is when there are lighted candles at the end of rows on the floor where guests are seated and down the center aisle where the whole wedding party is about to process. Almost inevitably, the bride’s dress is rather large when there are lit candles nearby, and so I alternate between seeing the bride nearly catch fire as she walks down the aisle, and watching a guest’s dress hanging over the side of her chair hovering just above the candles. It is one of those things that looks great in photos but is way more trouble than it’s worth.


What’s the best tip you have for a couple planning a wedding?

Remember that your wedding, as important as it is, is not nearly as important as how you treat each other every day. When things get a bit stressful, as they often do when planning a wedding, keep your eyes on the prize of a healthy and loving relationship. It’s the marriage, not the wedding, that counts most of all.


What don’t couples know about your business that they need to know?

Not all officiants approach ceremonies in the same way. I am one of a small but growing number of Civil Celebrants who are trained in ceremony and ritual but are not clergy or ministers of a mainline tradition. So my Celebrant colleagues and I will put our experience and training to work for each couple to create a ceremony that reflects that couple and respects their beliefs and ceremony vision.


What questions should couples be asking that they don’t know to ask?

Be sure to ask the officiant: “How do you create the ceremony?” Ideally, the officiant should collaborate with the couple every step of the way so that the ceremony is tailor-made. And I would encourage couples to ask about background and experience, as well: “What training do you have in creating and officiating at ceremonies?” Although not always the case, usually more training and experience is better than less.


What is your best piece of advice for couples planning a wedding?

Keep your focus on the reasons you are there: to celebrate your loving commitment to each other and to share your joy with families and friends. Everything else is secondary.


What’s the most unusual wedding you ever did?

Back in 2010, I was contacted about doing a Valentine’s Day group wedding. At first, I was hesitant, having seen some examples of group weddings online that were less than stellar. But the organizers maintained that this would be a respectful and joyful celebration. So I agreed. Forty-seven couples pre-registered, but due to a snowstorm that day, only seven made it to our downtown location. And yet, for those seven, it was still their big day. It turned out to be a lovely celebration of love and commitment and I would not change a thing!


What was the most memorable wedding you ever worked and why?

A few years back I was asked to officiate at a private commitment ceremony between two men. Because one of them works for a local religious institution they did not feel free to be legally married without risk to his position there. It was a warm and rainy afternoon, and we met at the Victorian Footbridge in Forest Park. By the end of our time together we were all wet from both the rain and from sharing tears of joy! But I also experienced some sadness and anger that anyone could have their livelihood threatened based on whom he loves.

Their declarations of love for and commitment to each other came from such a deep place in their hearts, I felt the awe that I often do when I am privileged to witness this in a couple. But in addition, I felt admiration for the courage it takes for couples whose marriages put them at risk from those who fail to understand that committed love between two adults is sacred. Period.

Earlier this year, this same couple tracked me down and we went back to the same spot in Forest Park. We celebrated their love, again, but this time we had a marriage license and lots and lots of sunshine. At least this time, love wins!



Final Words

Celebrants are not just carrying out a job, they are in a profession that they love. Conducting ceremonies is their business and they are committed to providing excellent service, giving couples exactly the day they want.

If you’re looking for the perfect celebrant for your wedding you may contact Ruth through the following links.


Phone: 314-322-0906

Floral designers are responsible for creating and selling arrangements of fresh or artificial flowers. They may own their own floral business or work in floral shops and grocery stores where they help customers select floral arrangements and design customized arrangements for special occasions.
In terms of your wedding theme, flowers can be utilized to give your wedding colors more abundance or can enhance your theme to be more real. Country weddings can use flowers to set the mood that guests are walking through a country garden. Boho weddings can use flowers to make their space feel more natural and organic…even Big City weddings can benefit to make their wedding more romantic or soft. The options are endless!
In this blog, we discuss commonly asked interview questions from a renowned florist Emily from Sisters Floral Design Studio. 

Let’s get started!

 •    What common mistakes do you see couples making? 

Although it’s easy to do, sometimes we see couples getting too caught up in the small details too far in advance.  Especially when it comes to design, initial ideas of what the wedding will be often changed and evolve along the way.  For instance, spending too much time on the men’s tie color or napkin colors a year from the wedding may be better spent on larger overarching plans.  Likewise, in flower design, getting too caught up in exact flower shades and types at the initial meeting may not be worth the stress.  However, making sure your vendors understand your overall feel and look is the most important early on.  Experienced vendors know how to be flexible and accommodate changes.


    •    What’s the best tip you have for a couple planning a wedding?

Set a budget!  It’s so important to have this conversation with the decision makers early on so that everyone is on the same page.  This helps you communicate to your vendors much more easily and prevents you from falling in love with a venue or other vendor that you really can’t afford.  


    •    What don’t couples know about your business that they need to know?

Sisters Floral Design Studio has a team of designers that dedicate time to get to know you before you ever meet with us.  We study your answers to our design form and compare them with your inspiration pictures to try and formulate the best floral suggestions for you.  We take time to anticipate your questions based on your venue and style.  All of the information we have is used to produce a unique design to present to you when we meet.  We strive to make the floral design process as seamless as possible from start to finish.

    •    What questions should couples be asking that they don’t know to ask?

Specifically in the flower category, know what services your florist provides.  Are they full service?  Will they be pinning on your flowers and setting them up or will it be a drop off?  Are they hiring a set-up team or will one of their designers be there as well?  At Sisters, we make sure that a designer is on site for proper execution of the design as it was discussed at the meetings.  We also provide pin-on service at the ceremony.


    •   What is your best piece of advice for couples planning a wedding?

Hiring good, reputable vendors is key.  It can be the difference between a smooth, enjoyable wedding planning process and one that causes unneeded stress.


    •   What’s the most unusual wedding you’ve ever done?

We prefer to call them unique!  :)  We love a themed wedding!  We have been lucky enough to be a part of a couple of Star Wars themed weddings- one with full costumes and one with “hints” of the movie throughout.


    •   What was the most memorable wedding you ever worked, and why?

In the 20 years we have been doing business, there have been so many!  Any time we connect with a couple and their families is a memorable wedding.  We have had several clients whose siblings have come to us for their flowers.  We love when we get to see the family again and check in with our past married couples.  Any time we can make our clients’ day more special through flowers and our designs is memorable.


About Sisters Floral Design Studio:

On November 1, 2001, Sisters Flowers started as a small retail flower shop in downtown Kirkwood and quickly flourished into a wedding and special event florist, known today as Sisters Floral Design Studio. Today, they create uniquely designed floral arrangements for your midwest wedding, corporate, nonprofit, or special event.
You could easily reach out them by following information,

Phone: 314.821.0076

Special thanks to Emily for taking time for this interview. We, Abell DJ Company, really appreciate it.

If you’re planning a wedding with plenty of personal touches, think about personalizing your flowers, too. But instead of basing your choices on flower color and style alone, let each flower’s significance and meaning inform your decision as well. From your bouquet to your arrangements, there are so many ways to infuse your personality and signify something truly special.

Before you determine any floral plans, be sure to start with your wedding flower budget early on. This will give you a better idea of your must-haves, wants, and pieces of traditional floral design that you may want to skip. But how much do wedding flowers even cost? Where’s a couple to begin in building that budget?

Read on for a few tips and tricks from floral and wedding planning experts to help better understand the average cost of wedding flowers, how to save on flowers, and a few sample budgets to get you started

10 Money-Saving Wedding Flower Tips

Though wedding flower budgets can be expensive, there are ways you can keep your flower costs (relatively) low and maximize your overall wedding budget. Here are eight money-saving tips to save on costs when it comes to wedding flowers.

  1. Mix Expensive Flowers With Inexpensive Flowers
  2. Use Lighting and Other Décor Alongside Floral Arrangements
  3. Reuse Your Ceremony Flowers at the Reception
  4. Choose Wedding Flowers That Are in Season and Locally Grown
  5. Opt for Volume
  6. Stick to a Few Types of Flowers
  7. Consider Using Plants
  8. Be Open-Minded and Ask Your Florist for Advice
  9. Select a Venue That’s Naturally Beautiful
  10. Choose One or Two “Wow” Moments

Final Words:


In the end, whether you’re opting for a minimalistic wedding, or you’re going all out with a bright, bold palette, your wedding flowers can really be one of the most beautiful parts of the day. A wedding ceremony will traditionally incorporate the bridal bouquet, bouquets for the bridesmaids, corsages, and altar flowers, just to name a few. Moving into the reception, guests are greeted with stunning blooms used as centerpieces, garlands, and even on the cake. The possibilities are endless!

The process of selecting wedding vendors can be a bit overwhelming, as there are seemingly so many to line up. From your florist to your photographer to your entertainment and everything in between, not only are you making a ton of decisions, but you’re also committing to spending a great deal of money on these carefully selected vendors.
We’ve started a series of interviews with famous wedding vendors, today we’ve Jeffrey de Belle, OWNER & PHOTOGRAPHER at  Debelle Photography  with us. We hope you will enjoy this interview with him as much as we enjoyed interviewing him.

•    What common mistakes do you see couples making? 

Not taking the time to put together a great schedule for the day & to try to plan to that schedule.

A propper wedding day schedule can be prepared weeks if not months in advance & putting together a schedule where all the vendors know exactly what to expect from them will help couples so much in having a fluid non-stressful day.

It all starts with hair & make-up and to be sure that they are aware what time you need to be ready by. Often enough, we see hair and make-up being completed too late in the morning which does not allow the proper time and results in people rushing out the door to try to get to their ceremony on time.

    • What’s the best tip you have for a couple planning a wedding?

Call us :-) 

We will help put together the entire schedule for the day to help ensure that everything runs smoothly :-)

    • What don’t couples know about your business that they need to know?

We have photographed over 3000 weddings & our experience will help you to plan out a great day.

There are tons of great wedding photographers all over North America, but what sets us apart is our experience & our understanding that the wedding is about you, not us. 

Our role is to capture the day & help the flow of the day so that everything is super enjoyable.

Not only do we take great photos & videos, but we also help to make your day extra enjoyable.

    •    What questions should couples be asking that they don’t know to ask?

There are too many to list out, this article would turn into a novel……& this is where experience plays a major role.

Because for most couples, this is the first time they are doing this…getting married…so everything is new to them…without reading a book on “how to plan your wedding”, most couples sort their way through planning a wedding by reading articles, talking to friends that already got married, etc, etc…but the reality is that there are endless details when it comes to planning a wedding, literally, endless.

My advice is that when you deal with experienced professionals, they are aware of all these details and they know how to handle them throughout the day.

    •   What is your best piece of advice for couples planning a wedding?

Hire professionals, not your uncle or best friend that thinks they can do this.

    •  What’s the most unusual wedding you’ve ever had?

I don’t really have one particular one that comes to mind. When I think of something unusual, I’m thinking about things that are perhaps different to me and things that I have not seen before. 

This comes into play more with some of the intricate cultural differences that we get to see by photographing so many different religions & cultures. 

People often ask us “are you not bored after photographing so many weddings?” and the answer is No! :-) What makes our job so enjoyable is the different people we meet and the different cultures that we photograph.

For us, the decor or where you are getting married is truly secondary, as we have seen so many beautiful things over the years. Yes, the details are important, but for us,  it is about the people we meet and their differences, and our ability to capture them and their essence.

    •  What was the most memorable wedding you ever worked on, and why?

There are a lot of these, as we have been blessed to have photographed so many beautiful weddings all over the world over the years.

One that comes to mind is a wedding we photographed in Tuscany, Italy, in an old mansion at the top of a wine vineyard overlooking the valley.

The wedding took place during sunset, with Italian opera singers, amazing food & wine, and a setting that you could only dream about actually existing.

The couple was from Montreal & they flew in all of their friends and family, about 180 of them so that they could enjoy this experience with them. A very generous family that wanted to give an experience of a lifetime to everyone they cared about.

About  Debelle Photography:

de Belle Photography is a Montreal based company specializing in photojournalism and candid imagery coupled with a fashion flare. Jeffrey de Belle launched de Belle Photography in 1994 and within a few years had amassed a large local following.
Today, de Belle Photography has 6 main photographers, including Jeffrey, a team of assistant photographers, graphic artists, sales coordinator, management and administration. They are one of the largest and most reputable wedding photography companies in Montreal, photographing well over 2500 weddings.
You may contact them by using following information.
Phone:  514-887-4686

instagram :

The goal of wedding planning and coordination is all about making the day as easy and stress-free as possible for the happy couple. We have decided to be as helpful as possible and give you as many tips as we can, So we’ve started a vendor interview series! We will be interviewing different vendors from different areas of expertise and asking them the questions that all couples need to know.

Today we are interviewing Lindsey Parker from TOLMAN MEDIA! A photographer is absolutely crucial to your wedding since they are the ones that will capture the wedding in a snapshot forever, so asking the right questions and choosing the right photographer is a must. Here is our interview with Lindsey:


 •    What common mistakes do you see couples making? 

Hiring a photographer and videographer from 2 different companies.  When you hire a team, you get cohesiveness and consistency of style.  You also save money!

    •    What’s the best tip you have for a couple planning a wedding?

Knowing what is important to you on your wedding day is actually a task in itself!  Taking the time to list out what is most important to you, and then prioritizing your budget around that.  Then getting really detailed about what you want photos of and which moments you truly want to be captured on video.  Then working out a timeline to really know how many hours of photo and video you need. If you think these things through ahead of time, you can communicate that to your vendors and really create the day you are hoping for.

    •    What don’t couples know about your business that they need to know?

We love being a part of your day, and our goal is to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them!

    •    What questions should couples be asking that they don’t know to ask?

Do you have a backup plan for sickness or injury?  How fast is your turnaround time?  How do you maintain consistency in your final product?  Do I have the printing rights to my photos?

    •    What is your best piece of advice for couples planning a wedding?

Keep it genuine, keep it you, keep it fun, and capture all of that through photos and videos!

    •    What’s the most unusual wedding you’ve ever had?

We did a 3-day Pakistani wedding that was so much fun!  Then she referred her sister to us and we got to do another one 6 months later.  We love the diversity of weddings!

    •    What was the most memorable wedding you ever worked, and why?

We had a client contact us 2 weeks before her wedding day and let us know that her photographer and videographer backed out of her wedding.  We were able to jump in and fill that role.  The couple was so sweet and genuine and the bride was so grateful to have a nerve-wracking situation turn out so well.  They made it a joy to be a part of their special day.  A few weeks after the wedding, the father of the groom passed away, and we were able to pass on any and all footage we had of him to help them maintain his memory.  They were so appreciative, and we were grateful to be a part of that.


Final Words:


Thanks so much to Lindsey Parker! Hopefully this answered some of your questions about her services, and a photographer in general on your wedding day. If you would like to get in contact with their company, Contact information is as follows:





It’s a given that one of the biggest days in a man or woman’s life is when they get married. It’s also true that so much planning and time and emotion goes into something that, considering both the ceremony and reception, probably lasts less than three hours. And sometimes that planning starts, ideally, nine months before the actual wedding day. 

Apparently, finding the perfect venue for your reception (and ceremony, too, if that’s in your plans) is probably the most difficult part of wedding planning. In fact, states that finding a venue “can make or break your planning experience.” So, now it seems as if the venue dictates so much of what a wedding reception is all about: the food and drinks you’ll serve, the overall party atmosphere, and the total wedding experience your guests will have. 

One way to cut costs, save time, and reduce a lot of stress is to have your wedding and reception at your house. With some thought and a little extra planning, you can configure your house and backyard to stage a truly special, personal wedding and reception venue. 

If you haven’t checked music off your wedding to-do list yet, book award-winning Abell DJ Company for your special day! 314-266-2666

Decide How Big the You Want the Ceremony and Reception to Be

Not all homes are big enough to accommodate a total of 100 guests. At the same time, you don’t want to leave friends or family off your invitation list simply because you don’t think you have enough room. In either case, consider having a private ceremony, with only immediate family and close friends, then open the reception up to more people. That way, you don’t have to worry about having enough chairs or other seating arrangements; plus, the ceremony itself will be more intimate and personal. 

Prepare Your Backyard

If the ceremony and reception are going to be in your backyard, you’ll need to make sure that you cut and trim the lawn, cut back any foliage, and that you minimize the threat of any pests. You should consider using an arbor or pergola for your backdrop. In addition, consider renting a tent to keep the reception area dry if it rains or shielded from bright sunlight. Also, if you have a dog, you must make sure your yard is clean of any waste.

Prepare Your House to Stage the Wedding and Reception 

Take the time to really give your house a good clean before the big day. Don’t forget to clean the furniture, too! If you lack the time, hire some professionals to handle the cleaning for you. Search for top furniture cleaners near me on a database like Angi, and before hiring a service, look at the reviews they’ve earned from past clients. You should also ask what equipment they use to see if they’ll do an efficient job. 

Not only will you want to make sure your house is clean before the ceremony, but you’ll also want to consider what you need to do to stage the wedding and the reception, including rearranging furniture and removing and temporarily storing items that might make the space look cramped. You should also avoid decorating too heavily so that everyone at the wedding is comfortable being in a smaller space. You should also consider in which rooms guests will be greeted and where gifts will be stored. Those areas will need to be cleared of any furniture and other objects that would get in the way.

Make Room for Food (and Drink)

If you’re using a catering company for your reception, discuss with them the easiest way to keep the food and drinks ready for the reception — either in the kitchen or someplace outside. You can probably save money on your food budget if you have a potluck reception, where you ask friends or close family to provide a side dish (or beer or a bottle of liquor or some soft drinks) if you provide the meat, sturdy paper plates, and utensils. 

Throughout all of this, be considerate and inform your neighbors about your plans for a wedding at home, and how there will be parking on the street and, of course, sounds from the celebration in your yard. But, of course, you could invite them as well. 

Having a wedding at your home not only saves money, but it also provides an intimate memory of the big day. It’s your special day — enjoy it!

Photo Credit:

Little girls dream of their weddings from the time they’re old enough to realize that boys aren’t (always) that bad. But, while many of your classmates envisioned a fantasy land with a white dress, sparkly lights, and church bells ringing in the background, you have other ideas. Perhaps you’re not much for tradition or you want something that you will truly remember for a lifetime. Whatever the reason, you’re looking for something a little off-kilter. Here are five unique wedding venue ideas.


You don’t have to be Batman and Batwoman to get married underground. There are plenty of cavern venues in the United States and abroad that will cater to your every wedding whim and whimsy. If you can’t quite make it to a cave, bring the cave to you. With a few black backdrops and creative lighting enhancements provided by Abell DJ Company, you can make your wedding venue look and feel you desire.

Backyard Bash

Have a tight budget but want a wedding that’s as custom as possible? Throw a backyard bash. There’s no reason you can’t get crafty in the space you already own. You can even make your own church pews for about $60 each using these detailed instructions from the Momma From Scratch blog. Better yet, add a gazebo or covered patio to enhance your home’s value and give you a beautiful backdrop to say “I do.” A quick tip: keep receipts and itemize each improvement in case you plan to sell later. Your appraisal may increase if upgrades are justified.

Haunted Hotel

If you grew up being babysat by Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Michael Myers, a spooky wedding may be more your speed. There is no shortage of haunted hotels in the United States, including Thomas House in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee. If you choose here, make sure to reserve a room in the dark hallway and get yourself up to speed on the history and haunts lurking in these corridors. Jack Osborne dedicated an entire episode of Portals To Hell to this mysterious mansion.

Old West Wedding

Get your giddy-up ready for a Wild West wedding at Paramount Ranch in California. The ranch, which has been the site of many movies since 1923, is part of the National Park Service, so a permit is required. If you want something a little more country and a little less cowboy, you could also consider The Buie Barn in Brunswick, Georgia, or the many dude ranches available for private events throughout the US.

Museum of Natural History

If money is not a concern, you can get married within one of the exhibits at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. A minimum of $17,000 allows you to max out the museum’s 3500 guest capacity unless you plan to serve dinner, in which case you’re capped at 350 people.

A Vintage Theater

Do you long for the heyday of theater? Look no further than The Thaxton in downtown St. Louis. Venue Report explains that this quirky, colorful venue for up to 150 guests offers bar service as well as the use of audio equipment and tables and chairs. Abell DJ Company can give you a quote on music, photo booths, and special lighting, just call 314-266-2666.

When you’re ready to tie the knot, there’s no reason that it has to be a cookie-cutter occasion. Whether you want to go spelunking for your rings, wear a black cowboy hat, or have an intimate setting right at home in your own backyard, you’re not limited to tradition. The best part is that most of the above venues won’t cost much more than the average location, so you’ll have an event to remember without breaking the bank (unless you choose the Smithsonian).

The goal of wedding planning and coordination is all about making the day as easy and stress-free as possible for the happy couple. We have decided that to be as helpful as possible and give you as many tips as we can, we wanted to start a vendor interview series! We will be interviewing different vendors from different areas of expertise and asking them the questions that all couples need to know. Today,  We are jumping back into our interview segment with an amazing florist… Brandi Farrow, owner of Butterfields Florist!

Brandi has such an eye for design and we feel like sometimes she can read our mind to know exactly what we want. Florals are a huge portion of your decor, so check out this interview to learn more and get to know Brandi!”

What common mistakes do you see couples making?  

A common mistake for couples to make, especially during these uncertain times, is to not take out wedding insurance. I realize there is a cost there, however, it could save them thousands in the end if something would happen, like being canceled due to Covid.

    •    What’s the best tip you have for a couple planning a wedding? 

Make sure you get all of your vendors booked as soon as you possibly can. I know we have had to turn brides away this year because they waited until 6 months prior to their wedding and we are already booked. I hate doing that to brides when they have their hearts set on our bouquets.

    •    What don’t couples know about your business that they need to know? 

A lot of brides are unsure about how to go about ordering their flowers for their wedding. What some of our brides don’t know is that we offer free consultations to walk them through each and every wedding detail.  We make a detailed list of arrangements that they want and then we will come up with a first quote for them.  After this, they will prove it and we can make adjustments from there based on budget and need.

 •    What questions should couples be asking that they don’t know to ask?

 A question that most brides don’t ask is if there is a cheaper way to get the look that they want.  There are several similar flowers that vary vastly in price range. Most florists can offer great advice on how to get the same look with a less expensive flower choice.

    •    What is your best piece of advice for couples planning a wedding? 

Couples need to make sure that they spend their money where they will get the most bang for their buck, especially when it comes to flowers.  They need to think about focal points and the items that will be photographed the most. This is where they need to spend their money and save on centerpieces and extra details.

    •    What’s the most unusual wedding you’ve ever had? 

We just did a Harry Potter themed wedding that we had a lot of fun with. It was a great theme, but we had to make sure we still kept it classy. We incorporated golden snitches in the bouquets and house crest pins in the boutonnières. It turned out to be very special.

    •    What was the most memorable wedding you ever worked, and why? 

We really enjoy getting to be creative. One of the weddings we just completed had a floral installation that looked like it was raining flowers from the ceiling. This took a while to complete, but it looked fantastic as a backdrop to the head table. 


Thanks so much to Brandi Farrow! Hopefully, this answered some of your questions about her services, and a florist in general on your wedding day. If you would like to get in contact with Brandi,  her contact information is as follows:



Instagram: ButterField Florist 

Facebook: ButterField Florist 

Address:  302 W Columbia St Farmington, MO, 63640