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Planning a wedding is a whole lot of work. Even if you have contracted a wedding planner, details of the wedding can also create a lot of stress for everyone. Weddings involve immediate and extended families, friends and sometimes work colleagues. Stress is inevitable when planning a wedding. It is thus important to adopt a personal de-stressing plan. Stress can take away fun and intimacy from a wedding, and no one wants that to happen.

In the midst of all the activities, couples should find ways of staying above the stress and creating cherished moments before and during the wedding. Here are some ways of destressing while planning a wedding.

Reconnect with your fiancé: Different parties are involved in the planning of a wedding. Siblings, parent’s friends and extended family pop up and try to help as required. The influx of third parties may drive a wedge between the bride and groom. They may become engrossed in dealing with the external parties that they forget that wedding was meant to celebrate the love they found. In the midst of planning a wedding, finding time to stay away from the rush and reconnect with your fiancé is essential. Stress can escalate when it is not properly managed. One way to manage wedding planning stress is by sending quality time with your fiance. The time spent reminds you of the reasons for the wedding and provides strength to deal with further stress. Take a walk, go out for a date; whatever works for you and your fiance, find time to do it and watch the stress disappear.

Spend time with your boys or girls: Spending time with close friends is a great way to handle the stress that comes with planning a wedding. Especially within few hours of your big day, time spent with close friends can be highly therapeutic. Talk about everything but the wedding, enjoy some good time and gather strength for the rest of the planning. Your friends are most likely to be around few days to your days, and one of their jobs is to help you de-stress. A night out with the boys or a manicure date with the girls is a great way of putting a lid on wedding stress.

Get as much help as you can: No one is an island, and during your wedding planning is one time when you need all the help you can get. Don’t be afraid to ask a friend to handle some aspect of the wedding. If you contracted a wedding planner, allow them to do their job without micromanaging them. Micromanaging your vendors and wedding planner is one definite way of building up stress. Wedding planning activities can turn anyone into a bridezilla. Get as much help as you can and avoid bridezilla tendencies which will compound your stress. It will also be helpful to assign someone to handle all the unforeseen needs that may arise few hours before the wedding. The groom and bride could assign close friends that will handle issues such as accommodation or directions for a visiting guest that may arise few hours before the wedding.

Acknowledge the nerves: Everyone gets nervous before taking a big step. Marriage is one of the biggest steps anyone takes, and wedding jitters are normal. You may find yourself questioning your decision to marry your fiance. You might even begin to re-evaluate the relationship in your head. Seeing his/her entire family may make you question whether you want to go on with your decision. Remember what brought you to this place, engage in your favorite de-stressing activity and stay calm. The nervous will fade away. Talking to someone about your nerves might also be helpful.

Plan an exercise and meditation routine: Exercise is an essential de-stressing activity. Exercise and meditation produce chemicals that neutralize stress. Establishing an exercise and meditation routine during the wedding planning helps in maintaining the energy and calmness of the couple. Exercise will also help to keep the body in top shape for the wedding pictures.

Finally, stress is inevitable when planning a wedding. De-stressing activities are essential for both the bride and the groom. Stress can thwart one’s plan to have fun and enjoy one’s wedding. Hence conscious efforts must be made to fight the stress.

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