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Music is an important part of a wedding. It creates the ambiance of the ceremony and keeps guest entertained. The music played during your wedding can determine the mood of your guests. Music at a wedding reception can be from DJs, live bands, and singers.

In selecting and hiring singers and live bands, it is necessary to ensure that they suit the need of the bride and groom. It is also necessary to ensure that the terms and conditions associated with the service are appropriate for the wedding reception.

Finding the Perfect Entertainment: Tips for Hiring Singers and Live Bands

Tips for Hiring SingersLive Bands

Here are some of our tips for hiring singers and live bands for wedding receptions. With these tips, you ensure that the music is coordinated to suit the guest, the venue, and the couple’s preferences.

Hire based on referrals

The best way to know if a band is a good fit for your wedding reception is to seek referrals, especially from people with similar tastes. You should also watch out for the music at occasions if you plan to get married soon. You never can tell when the band that will catch your fancy will be playing.

Referrals ensure the quality of the service you will be getting. Friends, families, and colleagues with similar tastes in music are great sources of referrals. You should also try to find out the quality of music a band offers personally after getting the referrals.

Request a demo if possible

Music is better experienced, and a demo is a great way to ensure the quality of service offered by a band. With a demo, you get a feel of how the band plays and organizes itself. Demos can be requested in several ways. Some bands put up demos on their websites or offer demo CDs.

Demos put up on websites, and demo CDs are great ways of assessing the quality of service offered by a band. You could also request to attend a live performance of a band you are considering if that can be arranged. When you experience a live performance of a band, you might be able to pick up vibes you couldn’t pick up from demos.

Discuss acoustics of your venue

The acoustics of the venue of your wedding reception may affect the quality of the music of the live band. When hiring a band, discuss the acoustics and find out if it will affect the music. If the acoustics of your venue has potential to affect the music, discuss measures that will be implemented to ensure that the effects are mitigated. Wedding receptions venues might also imply extra requirements.

For outdoor weddings, the band needs to provide an alternative source of power. Special arrangements also have to go be made for the instruments of a live band. The special arrangements that come with specific locations should be discussed with agreements reached.

Find out the level of experience of your preferred band

Bands with more experience with similar gigs will perform better than bands with little experience. Before hiring a particular band, be sure of its level of experience with ceremonies similar to yours. You should also verify the level of experience as much as you can. If possible, get feedback from clients who have ordered similar gigs from your chosen band.

Discuss terms and conditions

Before hiring a band, it is essential to discuss the terms and conditions of its service. How much does the band charge for overtime services? You can never tell, your reception could extend more than you expected. You should also discuss the selection of songs that will be played at your reception. You should be sure whether the band sticks to routine songs or sings specific songs according to the couple’s request.

You should also discuss the time you want the band to be active. Will they be singing all night? How many breaks does the band take? Discussing the terms and conditions will ensure that there are no surprises. You should also ask about the staff policy of your preferred band before hiring them. What if someone catches a cold?

Wrap Up!

Finally, before hiring a live band, be sure of the quality of the service you will be getting and the terms and conditions associated with the services. Ask as many questions as you need to be sure that a particular band is a good fit for your wedding reception.

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