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Planning an event could involve a rigorous process especially when it is not done by a professional event planning company. However for an event to be successful, it must be planned appropriately because an ill-planned event could end in a disaster.

To help you plan an event that would leave an impact on the life of the guest we have listed out a detailed step for you to follow.

The Ins and Outs of Wedding Planning

Begin Early

When planning for an event, it is necessary to start early as this would afford the event planner more time to work out and put everything into place. Starting late might lead to a rush or an eventual disaster if some complications are met.

For large events, planning should begin about four to six months in advance. Smaller events would require a minimum of one month to plan. To be on a safe side, it is advisable to finish planning and logistics a week before the event.

Think of How your Event will Look Like

This involves asking yourself and answering several questions such as; what type of event am I holding? Who is to attend the event? What is the purpose of the celebration and what is my aim? Having answered these questions, you would be able to know what you are expected to deliver.

Create a budget

A budget will provide a basis on which spending for the event is made. The budget should include income for the event and revenue opportunities (donations, sponsorship, and ticket sales, etc.) as well as provide a blueprint for spending such as food, drinks, security supplies, etc.

Don’t be too rigid

The budget should serve as a guideline for both income and expenses, but because things always change, it is essential to be flexible, adding the needed and removing that which might not be needed. By being flexible, one can meet up to the changing demands at different times and location.


In every event, there is always an unforeseen cost, hence the need to get things for the lowest price possible. Offer to pay less than the vendor is requiring and you may end up getting a big cut.

Assign Responsibilities

There should be an event planning team or committee with the critical elements of the event broken down and shared amongst them. Each of them would be responsible for a particular section such as registration, catering, transport, etc.

Book a Facility

Selecting a very large venue for a small event would make the event look scanty while selecting a very small venue for a large event would lead to total dissatisfaction. When choosing a location, there are some factors to consider; one is the number of people invited, the type of event (outdoor or indoor, formal or informal, etc.) and if there would be a need for special facilities such as a podium or stage.


Food is another important component of an event. This section requires a significant portion of your budget hence should be taken seriously to avoid wastage or insufficient food. Knowing the number of people expected at the event is very crucial. Other questions to be asked are; which kind of food will I serve? What kind of beverage will be available?

Plan Publicity and Marketing

An event won’t be successful if those it is intended for are unaware of the event or do not show up hence publicity is one of the keys to a successful event. There are different routes through which you can tell others about your program with social media platforms being one of them. Use of posters paid advertising on traditional media, email messages inexpensive graphic fliers and word of mouth are some other Chanel’s through which you can get the word out to the targeted people.

Create a Shared Document

When planning for event corporation and collaboration between the event planning team is very important. Creating a central manual or document that shows everything to do with the event. Each member of the team can easily refer back I’d unsure of a particular aspect.

Have a Backup Plan

Things might not always go to plan. Things like an important person not turning up or arriving late can lead to a bad or ill-organized program hence the need to have a backup plan. Each of the critical roles in the event should have a backup plan. In cases where future problems arises that has no alternate solution, then that part should be cut out completely from the event.

Wrap Up!

Finally, a thorough a rundown of the total event process should be carried out about two weeks before the event. The whole members of the team should be present, and you all would walk through the whole process. Problems noticed and issues highlighted would be corrected before the time of the event.

What most couples who are planning a wedding don’t know is that saving money by hiring an amateur DJ for your wedding comes with a high price tag.  Before you make a decision you regret, here are some things you need to know.

1. There’s a high probability that a cheap (or free) DJ won’t be in business by the time your wedding arrives

Many low-priced DJs aren’t charging enough to support their own businesses for the long term; you’re just financing their hobby.  Meanwhile, your wedding is 6-12 months away or more.

We’ve received those calls from desperate couples who had a “friend of a friend” DJ cancel on them last minute.  It’s not pretty.

Do you want to risk the possibility that the cheapie DJ is bankrupt and out of business before your big day?

2.  Amateurs are less invested in their performance than a wedding professional.

The amateur DJ is doing it “for fun,” and if something goes wrong, it’s not a big deal.  A wedding professional, on the other hand, risks his entire reputation and livelihood with every performance.  One bad review can destroy his business and he knows it.

At one wedding, the DJ brought along his wife and newborn.  Their table was littered with McDonald’s bags and his wife decided to breastfeed the baby during dinner.

Would you rather have an entertainer who is 100% invested in his business and performance on your wedding day or someone who does it as a hobby?

3.  A wedding is a unique event that require the skills and experience of a wedding specialist for a smooth, flawless ceremony and reception

It’s about more than just playing music.  Your wedding DJ is responsible for coordinating the timeline, orchestrating the introduction and flow of events, working with your other vendors, managing the guests, reading the crowd and making sure the right song is played at just the right time.

Even a DJ who is quite experienced in the club setting will be at a loss because she simply isn’t familiar with the flow of events and how to prevent disasters when something goes awry.

One inexperienced DJ mistakenly announced a special dance with the bride and her grandfather because he forgot to update his notes.  The entire family started crying because Grandpa had passed away two weeks earlier.

Are you willing to place the outcome of your wedding in the hands of someone who doesn’t “do” weddings for a living?

4.  Your guests won’t dance without an experienced entertainer who can read the crowd and keep the momentum going.

You have to play the right songs at the right time and in the right order to maintain dancing.  Oftentimes, the mood changes and your entertainer needs to change the program to maximize the dancing along the way.

If she can’t mix from one song to another, you’ll have gaps of “dead air” or awkward rhythms that will frustrate your guests and clear the floor.

Many couples think that providing an amateur with a set list of songs they love will be enough to make a fun wedding.  It’s not.  You need someone with experience to work with your requests and what your guests are responding to in order to avoid an empty dance floor.

One bride regrets hiring her DJ because he played “Unforgettable” five times during the wedding because he didn’t know any other slow songs.

Are you willing to sacrifice the fun at your wedding to save money on a cheaper DJ?

5.  The MC (the guy or girl on the microphone) has a huge impact on the mood and outcome of your party, for better or worse.

An obnoxious DJ with an abrasive voice will irritate your guests and dampen the mood of the entire party.  Professional DJs invest in vocal training and practice to optimize their performance.

I personally witnessed one DJ and embarrass everyone by making suggestive comments to the bride over the microphone.

Do you want just anyone acting as your wedding host or do you want a professional speaker you can trust?

6.  Your special events may not happen if you don’t hire a specialist who’s experienced in channeling the flow of events.

Who will direct your bridal party and guests at the ceremony?  Who’s going to line them up for introductions?  Who’s in charge of making sure the toasts, special dances and dedications go without a hitch?

Just having the equipment and knowing how to push play doesn’t guarantee the people wrangling skills you need for a fun, smooth reception.  In most cases, your entertainer is the one who makes sure your special events are executed as you’ve requested.

One inexperienced DJ forgot to bring the couple’s First Dance song; they were forced to dance to Barbra Streisand, who they can’t stand.

Will you risk leaving your special events to chance or do you want to ensure that everything is done according to plan?

7.  An amateur doesn’t have the experience to include your unique requests in a way that truly expresses your personality AND keeps people dancing.

You can’t make your guests dance to the songs you like if they don’t feel the same way.  Your DJ needs to read the crowd and have the experience to build sets of music around your preferences.

An amateur DJ can play the songs you request, but lacks the experience necessary to make it work.

One bride told us her DJ played the unedited version of Sexxy Back during dinner and had five minutes of dead air while he queued up the next song.

Do you want your guests on the dance floor all night or is it acceptable to have large chunks of time with no dancing?

8. An amateur DJ has inadequate or non-existent backup equipment, which means that if something fails you have no music at your wedding.

A fully functional backup system on the premises is essential to making sure you have music at your wedding no matter what.  Most amateur DJs won’t have a backup plan if a speaker blows or a laptop crashes.

We were approached at the end of one wedding by a DJ in the next room who asked if he could “borrow our speakers” because his were broken.

Are you willing to takes your chances without a backup on your wedding day?

9.  DJs who charge less invest less into their equipment, which means you have inferior sound and performance at your wedding.

A stereo system that sounds great in your living room doesn’t sound good in a spacious wedding venue.  Professional speakers and equipment are necessary for clear sound that has impact at low volumes, so your guests can speak at the tables even while the dance floor is thumping.

If you want your guests to actually hear your exchange of vows at the ceremony, you’ll need professional equipment and an onsite tech to make sure that happens.

One DJ showed up at a venue for the first time without ANY speakers or mixer because he’s been told that he could, “use the venue’s sound system” and he didn’t call ahead to verify.

Are sound issues like blasting music or impossible to understand audio acceptable on your wedding day?

If you’re not planning to have any formal events at your wedding, and you’d like a cocktail party more than a dance party, it may make sense to save money by hiring a non-professional. But if you’re investing thousands of dollars on creating the perfect day, please don’t jeopardize it by hiring someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Your wedding day only happens once; make sure you hire a DJ who gets it right.

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By opting for a traditional wedding theme, you should keep in mind that the proceedings of the ceremony will be held inside a church with the church bell ringers and an organ player. It can even be accompanied by a pianist who will be entertaining your guests. Any of these instruments will be able to create a perfect mood for everyone.

It is a fact that each and every wedding couple is different from one another and this is why every couple also has different tastes that will keep them away from traditional things.

While going ahead with your preparations to provide an excellent entertainment facility to your guests, you should have a suitable place ready for the Wedding DJs professional before their arrival. This place should be suitable enough for them where they can easily arrange their equipment so that they are able to perform more freely.

The music which is being played by the Wedding DJs should also not be too loud so as to disturb the older as well as the younger guests during your wedding party. The music which is being played should be soothing and enjoyable for all the guests.

You can also request your DJ to keep in handy a request list in order to play the music of their choice so that it will make the guests to get up and start dancing. Children are one of most exciting entrants to any party. You should also take steps to add music for the children so that they can enjoy as well.

Another way of entertaining your guest at your wedding is by having wedding Photo Booths which will be able to create the most memorable experiences for family and friends.

The wedding Photo Booths are places where people can get into a small space together which is hidden behind a curtain. It is here that your guests will be able to bring out a moment of craziness so as to create a visual memory which would be able to last a lifetime.

On hiring these wedding Photo Booths, you will be able to have them for a minimum of four to five hours duration. During this time frame your guests will be able to pop in at any time they wish. It will also be possible for more e than one person to be inside e the booth making the place to be great for excellent photo opportunities. The booth also has some excellent props which can also be used. These include amongst others funny wigs and silly looking hats.

Having all of these types of wedding entertainment in place for your yourself as well as for your guests will go a long way in working together to ensure that your wedding entertainment if full of fun and merriment for everyone.

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