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So you’re done with the venue selection and catering, it’s time for the really exciting stuff; finding the perfect outfit for your wedding. Personally I think it’s funny how brides tend to fantasize about that moment when they finally find “the dress” the birds singing, angels weeping, etc. wake up!

Its time to snap out of it and accept the reality that finding the right outfit for your wedding can get really stressful and overwhelming without adequate guidance. After much consultation we have garnered a few tips to ease your “quest for the dress”.

Start early

When it comes to “the dress”, you should start the search early and if possible place the order 8-9 months in advance. Apart from the fact that wedding dresses take quite a while to be delivered, ordering your dress in advance also gives you the ability to make necessary adjustments to your dress. It can be really frustrating to find that the dress you ordered a month ago doesn’t fit properly anymore.

It’s okay to order your dress in advance, as long as you keep the roaches away from them.

Keep an open mind

So you found a gown that you really love on Instagram, or a boutique. Even though it’s advisable to go for what you want, you shouldn’t close your eyes to other opportunities that lie in front of you. What if the pictures lied after all and the gown doesn’t fit perfectly?

Experts advise that you check for lots of alternatives select your favorites (at least 3) and put them on a Pinterest board before you take your pick. By doing this, you’ll begin to notice some similarities between these dresses and may start to envision the dress that’s really perfect for you.

Another thing you should take note of is the fact that bringing lots of people to your dress hunt may cause more harm than good if you eventually decide to bring some friends along they should give constructive criticism. It’s quite difficult to make a choice when the opinions get too numerous. You shouldn’t return a dress just because your fiancé’s aunt doesn’t favor polyester – it’s your wedding, not hers.

Comfort is key

After spending so much time standing in front of the mirror, and walking all around wearing that gown, most brides forget one very important detail “sitting”. Your wedding dress shouldn’t cause you any inconveniences on the day. You should try walking, sitting, bending, dancing and if possible running in your wedding gown before placing an order. To most brides, it may seem like choosing between trend and comfort but this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

Just bear in mind the fact that being comfortable is one of the qualities your dream dress should possess.

photos tell it all

It’s funny how we overestimate our memories most of the time. If you’ve ever been on a dress search you would be conversant with the phrase “I wonder what I liked about this dress”. A simple photograph can come in really handy when evaluating dresses. While trying on the dresses, you should have a friend or relative take detailed pictures (from all angles) that would later serve as reminders when it’s time to make your decision.

Photographs also act as fortunetellers in that they give you a glimpse of how your wedding photos will look.

Study a little

With a little hindsight every bride is a genius. You should indulge yourself in a little study of how silhouette and figures go prior to going shopping. This helps to keep you more enlightened and makes it easier to find those dresses that best suit your figure hence making it easier to find the “dream-dress”. Also, having this knowledge gives you more time to decide on the secondary criteria like neckline, sleeves, beads, etc.

To avoid the tragedy of “your gown” being sold to someone else, you should make monetary provisions for the gown. A realistic budget is necessary when it comes to purchasing your wedding gown. You have to make room for alterations, shipping and the tax factor when shopping for your bridal gown.

Here are a few tips to consider if you intend to cut the cost of your wedding outfit:

  • Attend lots of bridal runway shows as designers usually give price discounts during their fashion shows.
  • Do due diligence in conducting research so as to ascertain the market price
  • Make alterations on your dress: You can make your gown more stylish by adding a little touch here-and-there.
  • You should make down payments as some boutiques offer pay-up-front discounts.

You should consider cash-at-hand before you go shopping. It’s really important.

Consider scheduling your appointment on a weekday

A boutique is much like a highway. The amount of traffic you encounter varies with the day of the week. With this in mind, you should make conscious effort to visit the shop or boutique on days when there’s less traffic (such as a weekday) as this gives you more time to shop as well as more attention from the salespersons.

Your Wedding Style

“It is said that the wedding revolves around the dress. You should bear this in mind when selecting your wedding dress. If you’ve already made up your mind on the type of wedding you intend to have your prospective wedding dresses should be in sync with this style. However, if you haven’t decided you should have a nice chat with your spouse-to-be to agree about a preferred wedding type. You shouldn’t buy a dress that depicts Halloween when you’re having a Christmas wedding.

Contract signing

So you’ve found the right dress. Don’t be in such a rush to sign the papers that you fail to go through them. Some vendors are specific on details like date of delivery, terms of purchase, etc. This is why you should take your time to carefully go through the contract presented to you by your vendor.

Experts advise that you give the contract a cursory gaze before signing so as to stop you from making avoidable mistakes.

Wrap Up!

No one knows your body better than you. In selecting a dress you should pick the one that best highlights those qualities that make you beautiful. Even though it’s necessary to take expert advice before picking your dress, you should be the one to pick the dress that feels right for you in the end.

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