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Having a perfect wedding venue is very important when planning for your big day. When planning an event, choosing the right venue is crucial to ensure its success. To ensure that you select the best possible venue, it is essential to ask the right questions before making your booking.

In this article, we will go through some of the most important and crucial questions that you should ask your venue before booking your event. However, securing a beautiful venue, does not just come easy, there a lot of things that must be considered before booking for a wedding venue and some of these things include the following.

Transforming Your Home into a Wedding Venue

1. Pricing and Availability

First, you will need to check if the venue will be available on the date that has been fixed for your wedding. To have a better chance of securing a good wedding venue, it is important that you visit your proposed venue before choosing a wedding date. Do not fix a wedding date or print invitation card without ensuring that the venue of your choice is free for use on your said date unless you would love to end up being disappointed.

2. Think About your Budget

Another question to be asked is how much does the venue cost? Can I afford it? Or is it worth the amount to be paid there? Many people do not go through budget considerations before choosing a venue.

Cost for catering, event planner, invitation, photography, flowers, lightning would help you determine the total amount that would be available for booking a venue. Ensure that you go to a venue that is within your budget and do not choose a venue that will make you spend more

3. Can I use my Caterer

Many wedding venues would require that you use their caterer and staff? If this is not an issue with you, then there is no problem. However, some people take food very important and would want to bring in their caterer and workers hence knowing if such is allowed in that venue is of paramount importance.

Another thing to consider is if they have restrictions on certain foods or not. Some venues permit the individual to bring his/ her liquor while others do not permit such. This makes this question a very important one when considering a venue to be booked.

4. What is the Venue’s Capacity

The number of audiences that is expected, should determine the venue that should be chosen. If the predicted guest is about 300, a venue of capacity greater than 300 should be chosen.

It is best that you find out the size of the venue before booking the venue. Don’t book a venue that will make almost half of your guest remain outside while the wedding is going on.

5. Is there on-site Parking?

Before booking a venue, you must also consider if there is a parking site since most of your guest may be coming with their cars and would need a place to park them.

Try to find out if parking on site is allowed, how many spaces are available and whether there is a price attached to it. If this is not done, you might rack up enormous bills on packing if it is not offered for free

5. What type of wedding am I having?

It is necessary to determine the kind of wedding that you are organizing before choosing a venue. If a large venue is chosen for a small wedding, it makes the wedding looks scanty and dull.

6. How many hours do I have for my wedding party?

What time would be given to my crew and me before the actual time for setting up the venue? Is there a chance of a different wedding taking place at the same venue a night before mine?

If there is how will I decorate the venue on time? These are critical questions you must ask at the venue before booking for it. Ensure that you are satisfied with the answers provided before paying.

Wrap Up!

Finally, it is also important that you ask about the venues cancellation policy. Try to find out how long you would have to cancel before you can get your money back in case there is a change of plan in future.

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