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When planning your wedding, one thing that will make your big day stand out and add color to your event is a good and attractive wedding cake, having a bad wedding cake can leave unpleasant memories in your minds. Therefore, it is vital that you do all you can to ensure that you have the best wedding cake.

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Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake

Choose a Cake the is Compatible with the Outlook of your Wedding Color, Venue, and Decorations

 One major tip to consider is to look for a wedding cake that’s compatible with the outlook of your wedding venue, decorations, and wedding colors. Choosing a cake should come after you have decided what you want your venue to look like, and the colour of the day so that there will be a perfect blend of colors.

Write Your Budget

Wedding cakes usually have a price range and the cost varies, for instance the more the flavors the more the cost, if the cake looks complicated and designed, the higher its cost, it is important to have a budget of the cake you want and make sure you can afford it. Don’t go for a cake that is very expensive and makes you exceed your wedding budget. Instead, ensure that all you do falls in line with your budget.

Choose Your Flavour

You also have the right to choose how you want your cake to taste, do not leave the decisions to anybody to make. It is very important that your cake taste nicely, there are different flavors to spice your cake such as banana flavor, strawberry, vanilla, etc. Choose your favorite flavor that will you with a sweet flavored cake.

Meet Your Baker

This is a very important tip in choosing your wedding cake, carefully choose a baker, possibly use a referral, go online, source for the bakers with unique taste and contact them, ask for a taste of their previous works or probably a sample of the cake you have ordered. This is very important to help you get a first experience of what to expect when your cake arrives.

Get Facts On Frosting

Choose what kind of frosting you want your cake to have, butter or fondant, whatever type of icing you choose, sticks to colors of your wedding and make sure there is a blend, consider why you are choosing either the fondant or the butter icing and ensure everything attains a perfect balance.

Have A Coordinated Delivery Plan

Make plans to have your cake delivered, where do you want it to be delivered, straight to your reception venue or at home a day before the wedding. You might want to avoid any form of disappointment by ordering for the cake to be delivered before your wedding day, but if your caterers can be trusted, then you can have it delivered to you at the reception venue instead.

Consider The Weather

You may want to consider the weather before choosing the kind of frosting you want, if the weather is hot, you may avoid using butter icing because it would melt easily, instead opt for the fondant icing instead.

Eat Your Cake

This is one important thing couples forget to do, it is seriously important that you taste your cake before it is served, ask the baker to reserve a little portion for you and your partner to taste before it is served to ensure that you are pleased with what is being served. Also, it adds to the fun and delight that comes with having a beautiful wedding cake.

Wrap Up!

In conclusion, ensure that you take into consideration the above-discussed tips before choosing your wedding cake.

Selecting a nice cake for your wedding is another crucial thing you need to take into consideration. There is a saying that ‘information is power’. The more information you have, the better you will be when a decision for your wedding cake. Below are some tips you need to follow for making the right decision on time.

Look for a Professional Cake Designer

Getting a professional cake designer might not be as easy as it sounds. So, the best thing to do is to search for a cake designer about three to six months before the wedding. To begin your search ask around, first from people who’ve been married and then from friends and family members for their recommendations. You can also go online to search for cake designers within your area.

Some of them even have displays of their previous work on their websites; so, you can get an idea of what you will be getting if you hire them.

Taste the Cake

Looks can be deceiving, and that applies to cakes. A cake might look all nice and beautiful on the outside and have a horrible taste on the inside. So it is important you know how the cake taste on the inside. You and your partner should select flavors that you like.

There are many delicious and unique wedding cakes with wonderful flavors out there, it is advisable that you get more than one flavor so your guest can have an option at the reception.

Choose a style

It is more convenient to choose the style of the cake after you’ve made major decisions about things such as the dress style and reception décor. Let them help serve as a blueprint to choosing the style of the cake. Choose a cake that is compatible with the season, the flower arrangements, the dress or even the season.

Figure out the size

Selecting the size of the cake is dependent on the number of guest you are expecting at the wedding. Keep in mind that a three tier cake will serve 50 to 100 guests. And you’ll likely need additional layers for more guests. Find the size that is suitable for the number of guest that are expected to be in your wedding.

Decide on a budget

Note down the amount of money you are willing to spend on a wedding cake and make sure to communicate this to your designer. The more complicated the cake, the higher the price tag. Select different cakes based on their style, size and design and then compare their prices, to get a general idea of what you will settle for.

If the type of cake you want is out of your budget, then you should make adjustments to reduce the price. Also, ask the designer for suggestions to make the process less stressful and quicker.

Consider your venue

Another thing to consider when selecting a wedding cake is the venue. Make sure that the size and style of the cake fits the space available for it. Also, keep the temperature in mind. When choosing the frosting on the cake, consider if the wedding will be indoors or outdoors. For example, Buttercream frosting can hold its shape if it starts out cold, while Fondant can survive in heat temperature.

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