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I completely agree, Yes you can, but is cheaper always better? I’m sure you’ve herd the phrase ” you get what you pay for” All DJs are not created equal. DJs are priced accordingly by reliability, knowledge, skill, experience, quality of equipment etc. The cheaper they are will always mean they are about how many weddings they can book in a day which means you will get 1 of 40 djs picked for you (who will be yours…?) and wont get that one on one personal attention, or they are inexperienced and trying to build exposure.

We are about quality not quantity! The DJ you choose can make or break your reception, so you want to make sure you choose a veteran of handling wedding receptions to run smoothly. I want you to have the best reception ever! If its with us or not, just consider this and hire professional, quality, experienced entertainment.

Do not go with the cheapest vendor you can find! You get exactly what you pay for! Look more for value than a price tag.

Christopher Abell

Premier Entertainment Wedding DJ Service
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