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The Death of the Phone Book – Finding Wedding Entertainment Online

Wedding planning in the digital age and how it changes how to book, plan, and find your entertainment. The old days of finding your wedding entertainment in a paper phone book are nearly extinct, and brides are going straight to the internet to do all their research of finding the right DJ, checking their reviews, and so much more.

Say Goodbye to the Old Ways: Planning Your Wedding Digitally

Old trends such and planning meetings, mailing contracts, mailing checks are all in the past. Finding the right entertainment company that offers these services and so much easier on your time & budget. They usually call this “wedding online planning tools”. They offer many benefits to you that will save you time from scheduling multiple meetings and money from possible time off work.

Wedding Online Planning Tools

Wedding online planning tools will compile all the vital information the DJ needs to know at your wedding reception in St louis such as: Wedding party names, special dance songs, how much you would like your DJ to interact with your guests, etc. You can even access an online music database where you can choose all the music you want and can list them in your “must play list” or even your “do not play list”.

Say Hello to Digital Communication

Meeting in person is coming to an online SKYPE conversation just to get a feel for your DJs personality and if he is a right fit for you because we all know not every DJ is created equal.

Sign on the Dotted Line, Digitally!

Signing contract is as easy and “digitally signing” or typing in your name at the bottom of the contract. This is legally binding because it records your IP address of both parties on the agreement. This means no more mailing for faxing back and forth to confirm your booking. Saving money on stamps!

All in the end, this is the new age in digitally technology which is our friend and making our lives easier.

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