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Planning a Holiday Wedding Here's What You Need to Know

Your big day is coming up. Nervous? That’s OK. Everyone feels a bit anxious before their big day. You need to do all the necessary research before the day comes. Here are the five most important things you need to know about weddings today.

  1. Not everything will go according to plan.

You can plan your wedding. You can do all the rehearsals. But remember one thing. Everything will not go the way you have expected. There will be a lot of stuff going around. The guests might come late. The catering can do something wrong. This is all normal and happens to everyone. What you can do best is not panic. Try to get professional help to minimize the problems. And lastly, chill!

  1. Assign seats to guest

Although you will have enough chairs for all the guests to sit, it will be best if you assign the seats. You can do it by either making a seating chart or an escort card. It is the best way to ensure your wedding runs smoothly. You can do it in alphabetical order. Plus there won’t be an argument of who gets to sit where. The guests from both the groom and bride side will be appropriately seated with no fuss. You will also know which guest came and which didn’t.

  1. Give yourself enough time to get ready.

If you’re the bride, give yourself plenty of time to get ready. If your hair styling takes 2 hours then, plan it 3 to 4 hours earlier. It is better to be early than late. There might be a chance of you getting your hair and makeup done from two different and distant places.

In that case, you need to have a significant margin of time. There can be traffic, or maybe the makeup will take longer than you thought. You should schedule your wedding photographer before the wedding to get some adorable shots solo and with your bridesmaid as well. None of these things will go well if you are rushing from one place to another.

  1. Always have some spare cash

By spare cash, I don’t mean having $20 in your pocket. It means having enough money if anything goes wrong. In term of budgeting your wedding, follow this rule. Allocate 50% for the reception. 10% is for flowers and décor. 10% is for entertainment like DJ and band. 10% for your wedding dress. 2% is spared for invites and 2% or 3% for gifts. Another 10% is for additional stuff that you might need before or during your wedding.

Now the remaining 10% will be kept aside for emergency needs. You might need to print some extra cards or maybe purchase some umbrellas in case it starts raining. This is the reason why you need some extra cash.

  1. Manage everything one by one

Make a wedding planner. Add all the important stuff like when to pick up the rings or when to meet the caterers. You will feel lost during all this chaos. A wedding is no joke and requires a lot of time and dedication. You need to all the chores one by one.

Don’t rush stuff. Start as early as possible. Don’t go shopping for hiring vendors in one day. Complete all your tasks in an orderly way. Take some time to gather ideas like the design of your cake or the kind of band you want. Once you have enough ideas, execute them in order.

Weddings aren’t cheap and catering services usually make up to 70% of a wedding budget, any wedding planner should be careful when it comes to this aspect. What you want to look out for is the best quality at minimal cost. Here are some tips to help you achieve this.

Tips for Affordable Wedding Catering Services

Find the Right Man for the Job

Finding the perfect caterer for your wedding can be quite a daunting task. You should interview different vendors before making up your mind. In doing this, you shouldn’t restrict your choices to conventional catering services; try to explore all options including food trucks, cafes and restaurants. You’ll be amazed at the discrepancies that exist in prices for similar services.

In hiring a cost-effective caterer you should look for the form and not the package. For example, you should not be cajoled to employ the services of a caterer because he had a remarkable product description (you’re not employing his writing skills).Here are some questions you should ask prospects:

  • How long have you been handling weddings?
  • Have you ever worked at my location?
  • Will you be responsible for a banquet manager to coordinate the meal-service or an all-time event manager to run the entire event?
  • Will you assist other aspects of the event?
  • What type of food do you make use (organic or inorganic)?
  • What food choices do you recommend for my wedding style, budget and guest population?
  • What do you charge for children’s meal?
  • Do you charge per person or per consumption?
  • How will the servers be dressed?
  • What’s your clean-up policy?
  • What’s your refund policy?
  • May I see a list of recent reviews?

You need to be clear on all this issues before you make your choice. The catering service you employ should be in sync with your budget and other aspects of the events.

Go simple

Giving your guests the memorable ceremony you desire does not depend solely on giving them much food. It’s advisable to give your guests something to nibble on (perhaps a cheese square, a fruit or some crackers) before dinner as some of them may be hungry.

Provide your own appetizers

You can save up to 50% of catering costs by making your own provisions for appetizers. This doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems all it takes is finding the right recipe and adequate guidance perhaps from a friend or relative and you can have a decent appetizer.

Optimize staff contributions

Before you choose a particular vendor you should take a closer look at their waiting cost, look for ways to reduce the number of staff to the least possible. What you really need is a few dedicated waiters not some stand-by servers. You could also use a family-style dinner as this saves more money. Besides your guests care more about what they eat than how it is presented to them. Thinking small is the new big.

Cut the cost per guest

If your caterer uses the per person system you should make effort to reduce the food and alcohol consumed by each person. There’s no need to not invite your friends and family just because of the cost. A simple way to achieve this is by making use of cupcakes instead of the traditional cake tins.

Venue terms

Some facilities are very stringent on their policy on catering. You should look for a venue which allows external catering services so as to give you more options.

Style of service

There are those who think a buffet dinner is cheaper a formal plated meal. Personally, I think it depends on the management: as a buffet can prove to be expensive and clumsy when lines become long and guests don’t handle the plates and glass wares without adequate care.

A family-style dinner is more cost effective as the cost of waiting staff is reduced while orderliness is maintained. However, you need to identify your preferred style and try to make it work for you. For example, if you love a self-service meal you should employ dedicated staff to maintain law and order.

Take care of frivolities

If you give the invoice handed to you a cursory gaze. You’ll find that tablecloths and china have taken up large chunks of cash. You can reduce the cost of your wedding by providing these items yourself.

Limit your selections of alcohol

Alcohol can prove to be quite expensive especially when you’re on a tight budget. You should do your possible best to limit the alcohol consumed at your event. You may serve only wine and beer so as give your guests alternatives.

Serve Soft drinks

Fruit drinks and other non-alcoholic beverages can prove to be really economical as they fun and inexpensive. If served properly, they can make your guests forget all about alcohol.

Request for custom-made bar

If your caterer offers bar services, you should request for custom-made menu. This way you can cut cost by choosing your own favourite drinks. After all, it’s your wedding.

So there you have it, a few tips on how to make cost-effective choices for your wedding catering. However, you should note that when it comes to wedding catering, there are no hard and fast rules.

Wrap Up!

In creating the right experience for your guests, what you should know is that it’s not how much money you spend, it depends more on the way you present the event.

Organizing any event in a successful way requires a lot of planning. It is because there are lots of aspects which need to be considered so that the plans can be executed properly. Though there are lots of things to ponder over but the music is the most important one.

An event is incomplete without entertainment and what could be a better option than to hire a DJ for it. Nowadays DJ’s have evolved as the biggest sources of entertainment turning your boring party into a fun frolic one. A variety of DJ’s are available to choose from, so you can go through the options and hire the best for your event.

Best Mobile DJ Services in St. Louis

St. Louis Mobile DJ

If you are looking forward to a great event, hiring the St. Louis mobile dj will be a perfect option. It is because the mobile DJ’s are very much in trend and offer a wonderful experience. There is no doubt about the fact that these moving DJ’s create a vibrant atmosphere in the event thereby attracting a lot of audience towards it.

So with such types of DJ’s you can easily make your event rocking and exciting. As a host, you will definitely want your guests to enjoy and the mobile Dj will surely accomplish your purpose. These are some of the reason why people go for professional DJ services which are not only superior but cheap to. According to the type of event, the music will be played so that the guests can have a gala time with one another.

How to hire DJ services?

Hiring the DJ services in St. Louis is very easy because there are lots of companies that provide this service. With the help of the internet you can browse a few companies and explore the kind of services they offer. Carrying out a little research will prove beneficial as you will be able to compare the service and book the right one for your event.

Some of the companies even offer additional services along with the Event disc jockey, so make sure that you get familiar with them while taking the decision. Decide your budget first so that you can search the suitable DJ services meeting your budget.

So you can say that there are ample choices when it comes to selecting the finest Event disc jockey  services for your event. You just have to plan your budget and explore various options to choose the right one.

Entertainment is one of the biggest needs in today’s time. There are various sources of entertainment that you will come across but DJ’s are considered to be the best. These are not only perfect for the weddings but other occasions as well like birthdays, events etc.

Hiring the DJ for various events is definitely a good idea because it adds a new charm to the entire festivities and makes it special as well. Also the people are able to enjoy a lot because they can dance and spend a great evening. So if you want to make your parties and events rocking, installing a DJ will definitely be a superb option.

Best Mobile DJ Services in St. Louis

Benefits of Hiring DJ Services

There is no doubt about the fact that DJ’s have brought about a huge revolution in the way the parties and events are organized nowadays. With the help of the Dj you can easily transform the mood of the party and seek the attention of the people.

The increasing popularity of the DJ’s have brought a big change and today it has become the necessity of every event. Whether you are hosting a small birthday party or a grand wedding, DJ is must. Without a DJ, it is difficult to engage the attention of the people and set their mood. Here are some of the advantages of hiring the best St Louis wedding Djs.

Set the Party Mood

One of the biggest advantages of the DJ is that it can change the mood of the party and create an enthusiasm among the people. A party can only be successful if the guests enjoy it. This is only possible if you make the right kind of arrangements for the entertainment.

Hiring the DJ is surely a decent idea because it will bring all the people together and at the same time they will enjoy as well. So this can be a fun experience for the guests and they can dance to different tunes as well.

Create a Lively Atmosphere

A good DJ can easily change the mood of the event and make it livelier. No one wants to be a part of the boring party so with the help of the DJ you can make a huge difference to the weddings as well as parties.

There are a variety of DJ’s available so as per your taste, need and budget you can opt for any of them. Mobile Dj’s are very much in trend so you can integrate them for the best party mood and entertain the guests in the best possible way.

Bring Enthusiasm Among the People

Having a Dj in your party is surely something that you must have. Without the DJ, a party or an event is incomplete and that is why it is one of the important elements. DJ’s were initially used in the weddings but today every event has it. It has become a great source of entertainment and loved by the people too.

Loud sound of music and he lighting creates a perfect atmosphere to tap your feet on the top songs. It brings a feeling of zeal and people dance with one another thus spending a good evening in the company of their friends or colleagues.

Big Source of Entertainment

Dj is not only a necessity of all the events but very much appreciated by the people. It is because the DJ sets the mood and people dance with one another. It is a different experience that people enjoy and that is why DJ’s are most loved by the people.

Today event or party has DJ because without it the party is not complete. So if you wish to entertain your guests, DJ is surely a good option which is budgeted as well as cheap.

How to Hire Best Wedding DJs?

Top-Rated St. Louis DJ!

As DJ’s have become the first preference of the events, it is important to hire the DJ by analyzing the different factors. A wrong decision can spoil your party so needs to be very careful to take the decision in the right direction. Here are some of the tips that you can always remember or keep in mind.

Explore the Options

There are lots of companies offering the top class and Best wedding DJs, so it is good to have a look at the various options before taking the final decision. Explore the services offered by the different companies and the cost; this will help you to decide which services are in accordance with your planning and budget.

Once you are satisfied, you can book them for the event and stay relaxed. A research is very important as it will help you in taking a good decision which will surely turn your event into a successful one.

Get Familiar with Your Needs

Before exploring the choices, it is necessary to be well versed with your needs. It is because every event has a unique requirement and accordingly you have to plan everything. When you know your needs, you will be able to discuss the same with the company and get good results.

Also the company will have an idea about the type of services you are looking for and provide the same. Do plan your budget in advance as cost is a big factor. Some of the companies may offer a huge price for their service while a few of them may charge a low price. So accordingly, you can make your selection as per your budget.

Type of DJ’s

The traditional types of Dj are now replaced with the new ones. These are excellent in design and movable too. So if you are ready to spend some more money then you can go for the mobile Dj for wedding reception which is far better than the traditional ones.

It not only looks good but at the same time catches the attention of the people as well. Owing to the above reasons only, the mobile Dj’s are very much in demand and loved by the people as well. Depending on your choice, you can consider both the options and book any one of them.

Purpose of the DJ

DJ’s are not only meant for the weddings but for other events like birthday parties, festivals and other occasions. The companies provide DJ for various events so it is essential to make them clear as what your purpose is.

This will prove beneficial as the company will understand your requirements and will be able to provide similar solutions. This will result in customer satisfaction and repeated business which is important in today’s time.

Consult your friends or get feedback

While relying on any company for the Dj services, it is essential that you consult your friends and get the feedback. It is because some of the companies do not provide excellent services due to which the host has to suffer a lot.

So to create the right atmosphere, you must get the feedback as it will help you to take the right decision. People who have availed their services previously will be able to provide a better idea. In this way you will be able to decide whether you must rely on their services or not.

Wrap Up!

These are some of the points which you should look into. Though hiring the DJ services is not a big task but still one needs to be smart so that their event is a successful one. No one wants their money to go waste and that is why everyone looks for the best DJ services that can entertain the guests.

So do not hurry but have patience to explore the services offered by different companies. This will help you to get associated with a reputed company whose services are genuine as well as cheap. Therefore make your events successful by hiring the brilliant as well as budgeted DJ services.

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