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Tragedy strikes without telling anyone. You don’t want to be the unlucky bride that has a disaster on her wedding day. Your dress can get torn, or your shoe heel may break.

Anything can happen and to make sure you don’t get affected by these sorts of situations, you need to have a wedding day emergency kit. Here are some of the most important things you need in this kit.

1. Sewing kit

It is the most important item and can help you in the most desperate times. Imagine being halfway from the hall and your dress get a little torn. Now there is no turning back. Having a sewing needle and some thread will save the day.

2. Baby powder

You will need baby powder if you have a summer wedding. Your beaded dress can be very itchy and irritating around the chest and underarm areas. Applying some baby powder will remove all the itchiness and absorb all the extra sweat.

3. Bobby pins

What if an annoying strand of hair decides to unleash itself from the grudges of your hairstyle and pop in the right in front of your face? Good thing you have some bobby pins in your survival kit to capture that devil. Too dramatic I think, but you get the point.

4. Deodorant

Make sure you smell as good as you look on your wedding day. Deodorant is very useful for you and your bridal party. The wedding ceremony usually is very long, and you will need a reapplication of your favorite deodorant. You can even get the small mini bottles of deodorants that will fit in your kit.

5. Water bottle

In between the preparation and excitement of your wedding, you will hardly have time to drink water. Having a water bottle with you will help to keep you hydrated, and you will less likely get tired and dizzy.

6. Makeup

Keep your makeup fresh as possible. This is the key to looking perfect and photogenic on your wedding day. Make a mini makeup box that includes lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, and foundation. All these items are gone in a few hours and often smudge. Therefore, it is very crucial for you to keep these items in your emergency kit.

7. Pain killer medicine

Headache or backache is a regular thing, and every bride can be affected by it. It is all due to the hectic schedule. You can start feeling the pain amid the ceremony. Make sure to have some pain killer medicine like ibuprofen and some band-aids in case you get a scrape or small cut.

8. Snacks

Have some snacks to fill your tummy. There won’t be time to have any proper meal so might as well have some snacks on the go. A hungry bride is a sad bride, and no one wants to look sad on the happiest day of their life. Have some healthier options like a granola bar or a salad. This will keep your sugar level up, and you won’t feel down at all.

9. Cell phone and cash

Keep your cell phone with you throughout the event. You may feel the need to call your friend to bring some emergency thing or call the wedding planner to make sure everything is OK. Keep your cell phone fully charged and keep it close to you during the event.

10. Tampons and Sanitary pads

You’re a girl, and this girly problem comes unexpectedly. Be ready to deal with it in the best way possible. Keep tampons and sanitary pads in your kit. These things are real lifesavers.

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