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Are you planning to host a wedding party, bridal shower, birthday or any occasion and do not know how to attract people to attend your event? Do you know that the social media is not just a tool for chatting and getting the latest news update, but it is also the best tool for promoting an event?

A lot of people make use of Facebook to create awareness about their events and get people to attend. Others use the social media for other frivolous purposes. However, Facebook remains the best tool for promoting an event to attract the right set of people. Here are few ways through which you can use Facebook to promote your weddings, birthdays and other types of events.

  • Update your cover photo: It is very important to have a graphic image that promotes the event, for a wedding, it could be your pre-wedding shots or your invitation card. Using a visual image that promotes the event as your cover photo is a great way to let people know of your event. Anyone who visits your profile would be able to spot the event banner easily.

  • Create a Facebook event page: The second step would be to add an event to your Facebook page. This is accessed by visiting www.Facebook.com/event and clicking creates events. You would be required to fill out necessary information about the event, make sure you make your description very catchy to be able to attract people, after that you can now invite your friends to the event. Facebook makes it possible for people to indicate interest in attending your events or decline, this will also give you an idea of the number of people to expect.

  • Write a post on your wall: Writing a post about the upcoming event is also a great way of letting friends and followers know about your event. This is because Facebook shows your post to your friends by putting it on their news feed. On this post, you can include a registration link with a little sense of urgency such as “register now while the ticket is still available.”

  • Boost your post: To increase the number of people that would be able to see your post outside your current fan base, you will have to pay a very small fee. Facebook will require this fee to boost your post and make it reach a wider population. To boost your event posted on Facebook, follow this step: Go to the post that has been created, click the boost post icon located at the bottom of your post, click on more options to select targeting option and budget, click ok and you done. You can check back after some time to see the people it has reached.

  • Give away free tickets: Giving away free tickets is a great way to build excitement and get more people talking about your event. You can organize series of contests on your Facebook event page and select a winner; the winner may be awarded a free ticket to attend your event.

  • Post Videos: To boost future attendance, displaying clips from previous events hosted by you and your organization can also help do the trick. Showing people how fun the past events were can help convince them to attend future events. A lot of people now make videos with their pre-wedding shots, and this could be interesting to watch by their friends on Facebook

  • Add registration app to your page: Adding a registration app to your page would enable people to see more detail about your event and register easily. You should also create a cover photo that includes an arrow which would point to the registration app. This is not for a wedding or bridal parties; it is only applicable to other types of events.

Finally, if you are having a wedding, a birthday or any event and do not know how to attract the right people or event connect to friends you have lost for years, then you only need to follow the steps above to ensure that the right people attend your event.

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