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If you’re planning a wedding with plenty of personal touches, think about personalizing your flowers, too. But instead of basing your choices on flower color and style alone, let each flower’s significance and meaning inform your decision as well. From your bouquet to your arrangements, there are so many ways to infuse your personality and signify something truly special.

Before you determine any floral plans, be sure to start with your wedding flower budget early on. This will give you a better idea of your must-haves, wants, and pieces of traditional floral design that you may want to skip. But how much do wedding flowers even cost? Where’s a couple to begin in building that budget?

Read on for a few tips and tricks from floral and wedding planning experts to help better understand the average cost of wedding flowers, how to save on flowers, and a few sample budgets to get you started

10 Money-Saving Wedding Flower Tips

Though wedding flower budgets can be expensive, there are ways you can keep your flower costs (relatively) low and maximize your overall wedding budget. Here are eight money-saving tips to save on costs when it comes to wedding flowers.

  1. Mix Expensive Flowers With Inexpensive Flowers
  2. Use Lighting and Other Décor Alongside Floral Arrangements
  3. Reuse Your Ceremony Flowers at the Reception
  4. Choose Wedding Flowers That Are in Season and Locally Grown
  5. Opt for Volume
  6. Stick to a Few Types of Flowers
  7. Consider Using Plants
  8. Be Open-Minded and Ask Your Florist for Advice
  9. Select a Venue That’s Naturally Beautiful
  10. Choose One or Two “Wow” Moments

Final Words:


In the end, whether you’re opting for a minimalistic wedding, or you’re going all out with a bright, bold palette, your wedding flowers can really be one of the most beautiful parts of the day. A wedding ceremony will traditionally incorporate the bridal bouquet, bouquets for the bridesmaids, corsages, and altar flowers, just to name a few. Moving into the reception, guests are greeted with stunning blooms used as centerpieces, garlands, and even on the cake. The possibilities are endless!

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