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Today we will talk about the item that is often neglected or assembled last minute. Yes! I am talking about the guest welcome bag. Your guests make an effort and travel long distances to be a part of your wedding. The best you can do is giving them a guest welcome bag filled with goodies that will show the love and gratitude you have for your guests.

Assign the duty to a person for distributing the bags. If your guests are staying in two different hotels, divide the duty into two persons. Here are some suggestions you can use to make the bag as delightful as possible.

What to include in guest welcome bags

1. Customized Tote

A tote is an easy carrier for the goodies for your guests. You can get customized tote with your name on it. It looks cute and gives a homely feeling. You can buy them Amazon or a local store. They cost a dollar each. You can give these bags to guests on the rehearsal dinner or leave them in their hotel room before they arrive.

2. Wedding schedule and Map

Not everyone keeps the wedding invitation with them. Therefore, you need to add a map of the venue and parking lot into the guest welcome bag. If your wedding is going to be comprised of a few days, it means there will be some activities. It will be a good gesture to give your guests a wedding schedule. They will know when and where to come.

3. Water bottle and coffee

Water is the most critical element of the bag. The hotel where they will be staying has water as well, but it will be a very polite gesture to add it. You can get a customized label on the water bottle as well. The other thing you can add is a coffee packet. Local coffee from the place they will be staying in is a preference.

4. A handy kit

In this bag will be the small things your guests might need. Instead of letting them go out to buy those things, it will be better if you provide them on their arrival. In the kit will be some sewing material, band-aids, sniffle tissue packs, toiletries, and Hangover remedies.

5. Fresh Fruits

Guests appreciate receiving fresh fruits. It is affordable, and it looks good in the welcome bag. You can buy fruit in bulk from a local purveyor. They will even make individual bags for each of your guests. Buy the kind of fruit that stays fresh in the bag for a couple of days. Don’t buy delicate fruit like banana or strawberries. These types of fruit will make a mushy mess. The best choice will be either apples or oranges. They stay fresh for a more extended amount of time.

6. Something sweet

Who can forget sweets? Everyone wants something sweet after lunch or dinner to satisfy their craving. Place flavored candies in their bags. You can get bulk candy from any nearby store. The candy is good in terms of flavor and is also not very expensive.

Some of the examples are champagne-flavored gummies, gummy-bears and vegan truffles with the flavors: blueberry almond, ginger green tea, pure cocoa bliss, walnut flaxseed, sunflower butter banana, or lime basil.

7. Snacks

Last but certainly not least is snacks. Your guests will probably be exhausted from the long travel they had or maybe after partying way too hard and waking up with a hangover. They will like some light and savory snacks to eat. The items you can include are potato chips, microwave popcorn, cracker, pretzels, and pastries.

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