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Good music is one of the essential elements you need to make a memorable party, be it a college party a sweet sixteen or a holiday wedding ceremony.

With adequate guidance, getting the right DJ for your party is not as daunting as it is perceived to be (knowing the right questions to ask is quite a good start). So here are a few questions you should ask your prospects before making your decision.

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1. How Many Years Have You Been in the Business – and How Often Do you DJ?

There’s hardly any other aspect of life where experience pays more dividends than DEEJAYING. This is one of the most important questions you should ask your prospective DJ. In looking out for experience, you should however, consider the fact that not everyone has 25 years’ worth of experience like StarPower DJ Jeff Haber. Just make sure that your choice DJ meets up with the five-year standard.

You shouldn’t forget to check the frequency of your prospect works, this is quite important so you don’t employ some guy who only gets to work once a year. There’s a name for such people around here and it’s called AMATEUR; trust me you don’t want to be working with them.

Another point to be noted is the kind of experience involved. Your DJ’s experience should be in sync with the nature of wedding you intend on having.

2. Can I Give you a Custom Playlist? 

Experts have suggested that it is quite helpful to agree upon the playlist before signing off of any contracts. If you want a playlist of your own, you should do well to discuss it with your DJ prior to the wedding. Most DJs are usually delighted in a client who requests a custom playlist as this gives them an inkling of what the client wants.

Another point worthy of consideration when it comes to choosing a playlist is the type of wedding reception you intend to have. If you want your guests to dance then you should consider playing songs that the guests like and not songs you favor.  In such a case scenario, you may want to choose a professional DJ who is able to read the crowd and play the right songs at the right moments.

Experts also suggest that you should give your DJ a list of songs that you totally detest so they can be duly avoided. It is the most important day of your life, you should get what you want.

Is Your Equipment Tested and Trusted?

If you pay close attention to your budget, you’ll realize that you’re spending quite a chunk of cash for a disco service. It is only fair that your prospective DJ run a supervised test so as to give you an assurance of the integrity of his/her equipment. Your DJ should have a public liability insurance or else they’re breaking the law and all his equipment should come PAT certified.

Eclectic or Restricted

Depending on your budget, you may want to know if your DJ is an all-rounder or restricted to the music. There are many professionals who offer either of the two options. Some couples/wedding planners may choose to employ an all-rounder as this reduces the cost of running the wedding. In this issue, there are no right or wrongs only preferences.

Any Backup Plans?

A professional is measured by his backup plan. You should make sure that you discuss this issue at length before making a decision. Make sure the DJ has backup for his equipment and make room for any indisposition/absence.

Wrap UP!

So there you have it, a few basic questions you should ask your prospects during an interview. You should note that there are various professional DJ for different types of events. Just do well to find the one that suits you best.

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