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So you’ve planned your wedding successfully, what comes next? Your honeymoon of course! As a matter of fact you should plan your honeymoon alongside your wedding event. Most couples fail to realize the fact that planning a honeymoon goes way beyond booking flights, hotels and hoping that everything else falls in place.

Honeymoons are enchanting in themselves. However, if you intend on having a truly remarkable “time away” then you need to put in some extra efforts in planning and initiative. Here are some simple ways you could spice up your honeymoon.

honeymoon ideas

Start off with Couple’s Massage

If your wedding is like the majority, then this should be the first item on your honey moon list. If your hotel doesn’t offer spa services, you should book an appointment with a spa before heading to your hotel. A couple massage is a really great romantic and memorable experience for your special other as it rejuvenates your mind and body. Many spas around the country now offer packages that help set your minds in the mood of love and adventure which is essential for having a memorable honeymoon.

Pre-book an airport lounge

Avoid all the rowdiness experienced at terminals by pre-booking an airport lounge where you can be more comfortable. You should check out airlines that offer these services and patronize them.

Choose the perfect room

Picking the right hotel is the most important decision you’ll be faced with making when it comes to your honeymoon as this is where you’ll be spending most of your time. Most top notch hotels offer honeymoon packages where couples may be treated to a romantic environment with wonderful view. You should tip the hotel manager on your marital status and ask them for the most romantic treat they can arrange for you.

Go for an adventure

In your honeymoon to-do list you should do well to include an adventure. You may like go for a hike, climb a mountain, visit a waterfall or do those things that are most intriguing to you; and your partner of course. This goes way beyond just helping your bodies’ release more endorphins but these activities also create memories that will last forever.

Do silly things

It’s your honeymoon; you should loosen up a bit. You shouldn’t be too serious about the sex. Spice things up by having a pillow or tickle fight, ordering each other’s food, chasing each other around the room, etc. Trust me these bedroom games are quite necessary as they not only create an atmosphere of comfort and fun but also help strengthen your bond as a couple.

Make it musical

Music is an extremely important tool in creating a romantic atmosphere which is essential for your honeymoon. You should identify songs that appeal to the both of you and put them in playlist. An easy way to get this done is by going through your phones and musical collections. However, a more effective way to achieve this is by taking note of those songs playing whenever you’re having a really great time together at a club or a restaurant.

You could hand this playlist over to your hotel operator and ask them to be played throughout your stay (mostly at night). Do this and you’ll have a wonderful honeymoon filled with romance fun and music.

Surprise your loved one

We’ve all had one fantasy or the other, what better time to make your spouse’s fantasies come true than your honeymoon. You should surprise your partner by doing something that they only thought would be possible in their dreams. Book a tango lesson, a favorite artiste, just make sure you give your partner an experience they won’t forget in a hurry.

Hit the club

Relive your college days, find a club and go dancing with your spouse. This will tune things up a bit. However, you should do this with proper recommendation from your hotel- just to be safe.

Dress to impress

It’s your first few weeks as a couple and the whole world should know about it. You should wear matching outfits whenever you leave your hotel room. This doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems, just keep an out for matching jeans and shirts for yourselves next time you go shopping and you’ll be amazed at what you find.

Do something unforgettable

Visit a resort center. Immortalize your honeymoon experience by having a once in a lifetime experience. If your budget supports you may do something extraordinary like taking a trip on Virgin Galactic. Yeah I’m talking about something like that.

Intimacy intimacy intimacy!!!

Funny as it may seem, most couples fill their honeymoons with so much activities that they don’t even have enough time for sex. Your wedding should be filled with moments of intimacy and passion. Take out time to cuddle and explore each other. This is the foundation for a beautiful marriage.

Enjoy Mother Nature

This is one of the factors to be considered before choosing your hotel/facility. Go for a facility that has a beautiful view/setting. Sometimes what we really need is to appreciate the things around us like a sunset or a waterfall. These have proven to be real stimulators of romance.

The romantic dinner

This is the icing on the cake, wherever you go on honeymoon make sure you book a really lovely restaurant for the last night. Order a bottle of expensive wine and something exotic; make it a more romantic evening by asking the restaurant to play beautiful tracks. This will not only complete the honeymoon experience but will keep you hoping for something exciting during your honeymoon.

Don’t overdo it

A perfect honeymoon shouldn’t be filled with must-dos and rules. Don’t make the mistake of planning too much for this once-in -a-lifetime trip. Couples may get bored or exhausted keeping up with a plethora of activities not to forget the built-up stress from your wedding. You should pick a handful of events that you and your other half find really interesting. As a matter of fact you should build in extra days for leisure to help you recover fully from all the stress.

So there you have it a few tips on having the perfect honeymoon you deserve.

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