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Now keep in mind that you won’t like all these ideas, but if you/use one or two, you can save A LOT of money! Please keep an open mind.

Also after you reserve our service, we can instantly email you all our FREE Reports filled with many more ideas to save you money and help plan a better event!

How to plan a Wedding on Budget?

1. Trim Your Guest List


I. After 100,000 events in 22 years and 90% of new brides say that they could have trimmed their guest list by 10%!! Trim your guest list by 10 people or 10% whichever is greater. Food, drinks, etc add up to $50-$100 per person. 10 peoplex$50=$500, 25peoplex$100=$2500.

Also this makes for a much better party! Those 10 or 10% just show up to make an appearance and then leave early. This can cause others to leave early and hurt the mood of the party. Only invite guests who really want to be there! You SAVE $500 to $2500!!!

And get a BETTER PARTY! Yes you haven’t seen your best friend from grade school in 10 years but you can meet her for lunch some time. Is it really worth the $200 that her, her husband and 2 kids will cost you? Trim that list! Set it down for a week, come back and trim it again! This is your ONE BIG CHANCE to save money. .A lot of money!


2. Ask Vendors for Discounts and Freebies

Ask every vendor what you get if you pay in full up front. Freebies and discounts on a $10,000 wedding can add up to $500. Just like we offer free stuff that you’d otherwise have to pay for, so do other vendors. ASK! And you can SAVE $500-$1000!

3. Use a Cash-Back Credit Card

Use a credit card that pays cash back to charge wedding purchases. American Express offers up to 3%, Discover up to 1.5%. This can be another $500. And use it to get those freebies and discounts by paying up front. Get a low interest rate and pay it off or interest will eat up those savings!

4. Get Help with Honeymoon Planning

Do not plan your honeymoon without the help of a very net savvy friend who travels a lot! Save another $300 or more. Going with a travel agent because. you “aren’t good with computers” can cost you a lot of money!

5. Skip Open Bar for Last Hour of Reception


No open bar the last hour of the reception. Just coffee, soft drinks and water. This can save you $300-$400 and may save a life!

6. Beware of Debit Cards


Beware of Debit Cards. Many people still think they work like credit cards. They don’t! If the money isn’t in there, you get charged return fees by the vendors and the banks (except us, we don’t charge return fees). One mistake can quickly add up to $100 in charges.

7. Become a Referral Machine


Become a Referral Machine BEFORE your wedding. 2 Reasons: 1. Most vendors will pay you a referral fee (Ours is $20 per person who books us) and 2. You get better service.

Vendors know that your friends who also booked them will be at the event so they send the best food servers, limo drivers, DJ’s, Videographers, Florists, Photographers, etc. You get the best of the best because they know your friends will be there watching too, and you can save a few hundred dollars or get freebies.

Wrap Up!


Put these ideas to work for you and you’ll save $2000 dollars or more AND have a better event! This amount of money will more than pay for booking our service! Good Luck with all your plans!

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