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You probably have some things planned out for your wedding such as catering, venue, disk jockey, etc. but what you haven’t put into consideration yet, is a photo booth. In this day and age where everybody is taking a selfie for Instagram, Facebook and other social media websites just for fun, a photo booth is a way for you to gather those fun pictures of your guests at your wedding. Gone are the days were photo booths were these cramped little boxes that took unflattering pictures. Modern photo booths are sleek, open and hi-tech. Here are some great reasons why you should incorporate a photo booth at your wedding:

Capture Unique Memories

Your wedding photographer will surely capture the special moments from your wedding such as your first kiss and first dance. But nothing beats the photos taken of when you and your good friends just jump into a photo booth and take photos with funny poses. These moments are when you are genuinely happy and free and it will be nice to have a way to remember them. Most photo booths have the ability to print out multiple copies of photos, and this ensures the guests get their copy right away, as well as the couple. Some photo booth companies even went the extra mile to allow for the option of making a photo guestbook from the photos taken at the booth.

They Serve as Great Entertainment

Photo booths can serve as a source of entertainment for your guest. Weddings just like any other event has its down times, and during this time you want to keep your guest entertained. For example, at most weddings, the formal wedding photos are taken right after the ceremony, which leads to the cocktail period, and sometimes guest can become restless just by waiting for the cocktail hour to pass and for the reception to start. Photo booths are a perfect tool to keep your guest occupied and entertained during this part of your wedding.

Photo booths are FUN!

Photo booths are a great way to have fun. They are also suitable for all ages, from the children right up to the old people attending your wedding will enjoy a photo booth.

Bring people together

You might structure some aspects of your wedding reception to great the opportunity for guests to socialize with people they haven’t met yet. But there is something about photo booths that brings people together. People who have never met before might just become friends and it also serves as a sort of reunion for your friends and family. Your Aunties might just get a chance to meet their nephews, old friends that haven’t seen themselves for years might just use it as an avenue to create new bounds. The smile photo booths bring to peoples face is just priceless.

Serve as perfect wedding favors

Why give the traditional gift when you could have a fun photo from your special day that guests can look back on for years to come? A photo booth can serve as a great wedding favor that includes a personalized photo that captures how much fun guests had at your wedding. Pictures from a photo booth can be customized to include your wedding date, wedding colors and theme, making the perfect keepsake for both yourself and your guests.

Its your decision. It’s your event. Make an impression!

Your planning a wedding, party, or in charge of the company party and what will get your guests engaged and having a great time? What comes to mind? A PHOTO BOOTH! Everyone can agree that photo booths are a blast and make you feel like a kid again.

Now its time to find a photo booth and start a google search.

The results come in a are now overwhelmed with page after page of services.  $199, $399, $999. How can there be such a huge differences in prices? A photo booth is just a photo booth, right? WRONG. A photo booth is a generic term just like a car or tv. Prices vary depending on quality, customer service, demand, etc.

Sometimes business will have hidden additional fees for travel, props, X amount of prints, etc. You should take this into consideration when comparing the service.

I’ve seen a “photo booth” consist of a laptop, webcam, and a standard printer. Depending on your event, this may work for you but anyone looking for quality, this is not for you. Quality booths will have a professional high megapixel camera from brands like Canon. They will also have a high quality printer (you won’t find these at wal-mart for sale). These types of portable printers will cost upwards to $2000 and give that quality from a OfficeMax or Fedex Office printing service.

Most quality serves will even include a full-time attendant. They even play a role to the camera focus, zoom, contract, everything to give you the best picture possible. You have to make sure they are experienced in photography.

In closing, lower price doesn’t necessarily mean best value. Make sure to do the research and ask the right questions like:

  • Is it unlimited photos
  • Are props included
  • What kind of camera are used (quality use Canon)
  • What is the quality of the printer
  • How many guests can fit into the booth
  • What color is the backdrop (red gives the best images)
  • Is a custom graphic included on the photo strip
  • How are the digital delivered (online or dvd)
  • Will an attendant be on site
  • Does it use flash or studio lighting (studio lighting will give best images)
  • Can I choose back/ white or color photos
  • Is there a monitor so we can check out how we look before the picture is taken

There are many questions to ask when finding the right photo booth for you. Every booth is built differently.

You can see the difference yourself:

   Bargin Booth        Our Booth

bad photo booth best photo booth

red booth                       green booth



photo booth for rent

Premier Entertainment is proud to announce that we now include a photo booth option into our DJ services. After watching all these wedding shows on TLC with Kelly, 4 weddings, say yes to the dress, etc., I found these were at nearly every wedding reception and were becoming very popular & fun! I made the leap of faith and purchased one of the best quality booths I could find.

  • Unlimited Color and Black and White Photo Strips
  • Prints 2 individual photo strips (2″ x 6″) within 10 seconds (Other companies print one 4×6 and you must separate the strips by hand with a razor blade or scissors.)
  • Fits up to 10 guests in a Private Fully Enclosed Booth
  • Top of the Line 18 mega pixel Canon Digital SLR Cameras
  • 22 inch Touch Screen Interface (Check out how you look!)
  • Studio Professional Lighting (No Flashes or Red Eye)
  • Beautiful studio back drop
  • Lots of Fun Props
  • Beautiful Photo Album

I’ve seen the bargain photo booths around that have red-eye & dark photos printed on inkjet printers (these smear) and this is not what I was looking for.

I am offering an introductory special pricing rate and you can inquire here by checking availibility:

You can find out photo booth gallery here:

And for more information on the photo booth and its features:

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