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We all want to look good in pictures. Whether it is your wedding or you are attending a wedding, getting nice photos is everyone’s dreams. Everyone wants the perfect shot for their Instagram account. But how do you get such beautiful pictures?

Here are Some Tips to Follow:

Tips to look good in your pictures


  1. The best way to hide your double chin is by raising your head a bit higher by elongating your neck. Move your forehead slightly down. There you go! Your double chin is hidden. And NO! It does not look awkward.
  2. You are not a model, but you can practice some of their moves at home. Models are trained to stand or walk in a way that shows them in the slimiest way possible. Some people are not fat. They don’t know how to stand in a posture that beautifully shows their body shape. For this, you need to practice some postures in front of the mirror. Practice makes a man perfect.
  3. Smile as much as you can. The world needs it. I honestly don’t get the whole severe impression in photos. In some places, you need to have a neutral face. But, have a bright smile on your face in other events like a wedding or party. A smile gives a whole new look and makes you highly attractive.
  4. Take your pictures in the perfect lighting. It matters a lot. Shooing a picture in the perfect lighting is the trick of getting the perfect shot. Don’t look directly at the light. It will be too bright, and your face will be hidden from the light. Try to balance the light in a way that gives a natural look. And if you are scared of the red-eye, look directly into the flash before taking the picture. It shrinks your pupil, and you prevent the red-eye effect.
  5. If you feel like your eyes are caught close in the photos, blink your eyes before taking the shot and then open your eyes a few seconds before the camera clicks.
  6. Everyone has a favorite angle. Taking a picture from this pose will give you some excellent shots. It is up to you to find your preferred angle.
  7. A restaurant is an excellent place to take pictures. These kinds of places have a perfect background and lighting system for taking pictures. You can even make some amazing group shots there. Remember to have your face towards the light source and a have a big smile.
  8. I have mentioned before that everyone has a favorite angle. But, according to some studies, the left side of a human face is more appealing and photogenic. The left cheek showcases greater emotions than the right cheek. Maybe your right side gives a better look. We are not judging here.
  9. Having the right makeup perfectly blended on your face is the key to a fantastic picture. Buy a foundation that doesn’t form patches or is lighter than your skin tone. This difference is clearly shown in a picture. Avoid wearing makeup that is too shimmery. Do a good contour on your face. A good contour makes your face look appealing.
  10. Study your favorite picture and try to find the secret if there is an old picture of you where you look nice than the secret somewhere hidden in it. Is it the lighting or is it a certain angle? Look closely in it and find out.
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