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Pre-Wedding Photo Shoots are memories for life time. Memories which make you fall in love all over again whenever you see those captured moments.

So let’s take a look at the sweet yet spicy, crazy yet graceful, madness filled yet love symbolizing, pre-wedding photo shoot ideas.


1. Monumental Memories

Historical sites offer a unique setting for a pre-wedding photo shoot, what with the interesting architecture and the stunning juxtaposition of the old and the new.

To give your pictures an edge, you could even opt for a regal attire to complement the setting, or be your casual self and let your personality shine.

2. Sunsets

Sunset photos never get old. Perfect shots of you and your sweetheart cuddling, kissing or dancing as the sun baths you with orange lights are bound to look romantic.

3. Captions

Ideas for funny captions are quite in trend. For this, some messages are printed on cue cards or hand-written on small chalkboards. These captions are then flaunted in different creative ways to create fun and memorable events together.

4. Romance in the City

If you want to portray intimacy amidst a crowd, then a street shoot in the city during the dark hours would be a great idea. Shots near restaurants, in front of malls or nightclubs also work well.

The contrast of the shimmering lights of the traffic, nightlife in the city, and the obliviously in-love couple in the foreground can really make the images pop.

5. Love in the Hills

If you’d rather prefer to be away from the cacophony of the busy city and capture lovable moments quietly, then a pre-wedding shoot in big, open spaces is a wonderful idea. Many couples prefer hills and valleys to city streets.

6. Flowers

What can symbolize love better than flowers? Beautiful flowers or flower props can be used in creative manner to give a romantic and charming effect to your surroundings. Another good thing about flowers is that they are available in varied sizes, colors and textures.

7. Kitchen Cuddle

This is as easy and as sincere as romantic ideas come. You do not need to get out of the house, and it does not even require you to get dressy.

8. Casual Clicks

Sometimes, doing nothing gives great clicks. Candid photographers try this often. They will ask the couple to roam and chat around casually. They will hide and click innocent and casual pictures which are incredibly nice. You yourself won’t believe on them.

9. Furry Friends

Looking to make your pre-wedding photographs super cute? Then include your pups and kitties in the shoot. A personal quote on their collar will make the moment even more special and set your pictures apart from the crowd.

10. Playing Around with Engagement Rings

Engagement rings were the first things which bought two of you together. So, flaunting these beautiful rings in different ways is also a favorable idea in pre-wedding shoot these days. This will make you fall in love all over again.

11. Food and Infatuation

If your love story began at a cafe, restaurant or even your run-of-the-mill food stall, you can pay tribute to the place where it all began by incorporating it in your pre-wedding photographs.

Food can portray your emotions, your love, your interests, your similarities as a couple and much more and the best part – you get to munch on goodies while being photographed.

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