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DJ Wedding Play list St Louis Disc Jockey

The majority of our couples are really concerned about avoiding “cheesy” songs and the annoying DJ telling jokes all night. Most of them want to include their favorite songs, so creating a playlist for the DJ makes a lot of sense to you.

We have included some resource tips on our blog site here:

In our opinion, there can be a limit reached when choosing the amount of “MUST PLAY” songs. We suggest you choose about 10 – 20 of your favorite “must play” songs for the night and maybe 5 (if any) “do not play” songs.

This will give us a good feel of your music tastes, likes, and of course what will get you out on the dance floor! With this method, it will leave room for us to be able and “read the crowd” and make sure everyone is having fun.

Some couples want to choose every song from start to finish with the fear that the DJ wont be able to read the crowd and do a good job. You must trust the DJ you hire! After all he if the professional.

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