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Your wedding DJ shouldn’t “just play music” he should be in charge of running the show, taking care of all your program needs, as well as keeping the party going all night long. Below are some great things to keep in mind when you are hunting for the perfect wedding DJ.

How to Hire a DJ

DJ’s Set The Wedding Mood

Wedding DJs do a lot more than just play music. A good wedding dj should offer an amazing music library of popular and traditional music. They should pride themselves on doing your wedding music your way. These guys keep your wedding running smoothly and the wedding program on track, so your reception is party central.

From announcing the entrance of the newlyweds, to the first dances, and choreographed dances, to the cutting of the cake, and timing of the toasts–a premier DJ can help you design your perfect reception and take care of all the little details. That way, you and your guests can enjoy your big day one special moment at a time.

The All-Inclusive Wedding DJ

When it comes to hiring a DJ, they should have some sweet all-inclusive add on options for your reception like lighting, photo booths, and more. The reason Premier Entertainment is the most amazing DJ service you can choose all comes down to the variety of services they offer! Plus, they have packages that you can customize to fit your wedding needs.

Premier Entertainment DJ Packages include:

  • One Professional DJ/MC
  • Professional intelligent dance floor lighting and sound
  • 24/7 personal online planning tools
  • Wireless microphone
  • Complete digital music library
  • Unlimited advice to help plan your big day
  • One on one meetings to personalize everything to your needs
  • Full-time office staff and thorough event planning

When it comes to your wedding reception you want every detail just right. Premier Entertainment DJs aren’t just entertainment specialists, we’ll make your big day one to remember for a lifetime! We create the best party atmospheres ever. With our state of the art equipment, photography, mixing skills, lighting and photo booths your wedding reception will almost be better than the moment you said “I do”.

When it comes to the big day, allow yourself to be in the moment. All you need to do is enjoy the process, leave behind what you don’t need, can’t control and aren’t able to change – just be there and celebrate your special day! Allow yourself to be in the moment, to enjoy the process, to leave behind the things you don’t need, to accept the things you cannot control or change, and to have fun!

Realistic Self-Care Strategies for Couples Planning Their Wedding

Booking Premier Entertainment for your wedding reception means all of the stresses are handled. All you need to decide is if we show up with a killer photo booth with boatloads of fun props or not! You also have the option to have us take professional party pictures to capture memories of spontaneous moments you’ll cherish for years to come.

What To Do Before Your wedding

Premier Entertainment will totally coordinate your wedding reception instead of “just playing some tunes”. We will even give you super-sweet suggestions and insight on how your wedding bash can be totally unique, totally you and your husband, all while using your big ideas as the main focus.

Why Choose Premier Entertainment for Your Wedding

You want a DJ who is going to craft a soundtrack for your wedding that is based on you as a couple, and your overall creative vision for your party. If you want a monster mosh pit at your wedding, then a mosh pit you get. From cheesy 80s tunes, the perfect song for your first dance, or that cool groomsmen line dance–we deliver those too!

Our professional DJs will gladly cater to your must haves on any playlist and avoid things like the ‘Chicken Dance’ if that’s how you roll. With Premier Entertainment you are in total control of the music that will be played on your wedding day.

Wrap UP!

Not only are we the 2014/2015 Pick The Knot Best of Weddings DJ We also nabbed Wedding Wire’s Couples Choice Awards for both years, too! So we’ll make sure your special day really is the best day ever.

Christopher Abell

Premier Entertainment Wedding DJ Service
10805 Sunset Office Dr Suite 300
St Louis MO 63127


When it comes to special events such as wedding, anniversary, parties, engagement, and more there are not many better than the StLouisDJ. If you are looking for a great professional with plenty of experience, you can be certain that the AbellDjCompany is the right choice for you.

Perfect St Louis DJ

Discover Your Dream DJ in St. Louis with Ease

Top quality services

The Wedding DJ StLouis is based in St Louis and has been providing only top quality services to all of the people who have decided to trust him and hire him for their wedding or other special occasion. So far all of his clients have been very happy with the services he has provided them with and have expressed how satisfied they are with the decision to choose him among all of the St Louis DJs out there.


When it comes to selecting the right wedding DJ, you have to be certain that he can manage to cope with the task you provide him with. This means that the more experienced one you find, the better the chances are that he will manage to provide top quality reception entertainment for the whole night. A professional such as StLouisDJ has plenty of experience and has played on a number of weddings before.

Easy to manage

After all, a wedding and reception are not all about the food. There are plenty of other things that you have to take care of as well. When it comes to keeping your guests happy, you have to make sure that they are well fed and drank, that they are comfortable, and that there is a good music playing.

As far as the music, you can be sure that you will find it hard to find a better one than the WeddingDJStLouis. Even though in the past many people seemed to prefer going for bands rather than a wedding DJ, this seems to have changed and there are a number of reasons why.

Wider variety of songs

First of all, caring for a single wedding DJ is far easier than caring for a band. You have to think about less people when it comes to choosing foods and drinks. Additionally, a professional wedding DJ would never ask for a break other than a quick bathroom visit. Finally, the thing that puts all St Louis DJs in front of any wedding bands is that they can play a much wider variety of songs.

A band is only limited to the ones that they can play and by the instruments they have. A wedding DJ has thousands of songs at his disposal thanks to his equipment. This is great because at a wedding there are people of all age groups and surely their music preferences will differ. A StLouisDJ can make certain that everyone gets the song that they want to hear and so people will not get bored or disappointed.

Online information

You can easily find more information about the WeddingDJStLouis by going online. Thanks to the Internet now all it takes is just a few clicks of a button to find a highly professional and experienced wedding DJ to play at your wedding. You can be certain that this will be one of the best decisions that you make when it comes to reception entertainment.

However, you should make sure that you hire the DJ at an early stage and give them a heads up about the theme of the wedding if there is any. This will give them the necessary time to prepare with the right tracks and other important things such as an outfit.

Early booking

When you are looking for a wedding DJ, you have to be sure that they are good. Experience sure helps, but you also need to know if you can rely on them to provide reception entertainment of top quality. Ask around for the StLouisDJ on various forums and see what feedback you get.

You can also ask the DJ himself to provide you with a reference from some of his previous clients. If he has managed to make them happy then he probably knows what he has to do to keep the guests satisfied.

Wrap Up!

It does not take much of an effort to find a really good and professional StLouisDJ to play at your wedding but in the end it’s far better than using a band.

dj pricing

Price is often relative, especially when you factor in experience, reputation and expert skill. Generally, the most talented professionals have a higher price tag because they are worth it.

Christopher Abell
Premier Entertainment Wedding DJ Service
10805 Sunset Office Dr Suite 300
St Louis MO 63127


(PRLEAP.COM) Abell DJ Company has been a single operation for many years but this year had a spotlight shown on them. Owner, Christopher Abell claims they had a successful year in 2012 and 2013 looks even better and ready to provide a great DJ service brides deserve.

“They need to have that connection with their DJ so they feel comfortable and not have to worry about that cheesy DJ they never met. I’ve learned 10x more in the past year then I have in my entire carrer and have changed the role of the DJ and not “just play music” we cater to the bride and groom to their specific wants and needs.” Christopher says.

“I worked a wedding reception this past weekend and told the bride and groom,”if you need absolutly anything just let me know.” I asked if they were ready for the toasts speech and they responded in shock “we forgot the champagne” I ran to the kitchen, told the caterers, we found a bottle of champaign and I poured their glasses for the entire wedding party.” Christopher said.

“After the speaches were made, dinner began. I asked the caterers if they would be releasing tables and responded “NO”. I mentoned this to the bride and groom and said. “not to worry, me and my assisant will release each table one by one.” Christopher said.

Abell DJ Company in St Louis will keep the party going all night long. We do our best to ensure you and your guests are having the most fun possible. Along with our spectacular sound and lighting, we’re ready to treat you and your guests to a very fun and memorable night!

When you choose Abell DJ Company, we can assure that you will get more than “Just a DJ”. We become your DJ, host, MC, facilitator, event planner/ coordinator, entertainer, sound/ lighting technician, and your go-to guy to make sure everything runs smoothly and according to plan so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your first day as husband and wife.

“Every DJ is customized to you!” Our intense focus is on customer service as well as having the most talented, entertaining, and best professional DJs in the St Louis area.

Abell DJ Company can provide disc jockeys for any type of event including: Wedding receptions, corporate events, school dances, birthday parties, and even reunions by providing your event music, lighting, and special effects. You can ensure your event is exactly the way you want it.

You can check out Abell DJ Company on their website www.abelldjcompany.com or www.Facebook.com/abelldjcompany

See all their reviews at www.abelldjcompany.com/Reviews

Christopher Abell
10805 Sunset Office Dr Suite 300
St Louis MO 63127


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