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The day you get married is with a doubt the most important day of your life. You need everything right. The thought of anything going wrong gives you a panic attack. While preparing for your wedding, you can commit some mistakes. These small mistakes will make you a sad bride or groom.

Common Wedding Planning Questions Answered by Jamie Nicole Krause

Here are some errors previously committed by people. Just don’t try to make the same mistake as them

1. Creating a budget before planning

Make the planning according to your budget. But, some couple commits the error of planning before making the budget. Doing the later one will bring you nothing but disappointment. It is like picking up your desired wedding outfit without looking at the price tag.

The worst case scenario is that you will pick your wedding venue with all your heart and when you find out its price, your heart will break into a million pieces. So make the smart move and make a budget before doing anything else.

2. Listening to everyone’s advice

Your wedding is a big event, and you will be probably spending a lot of cash on it. Your near and dear ones will give you advice based on their perspectives. They will not give you the wrong information but the problem is that there is no practical way for you to follow everyone’s advice.

This is your wedding, and you need to be in charge of all the planning. Everything should be according to your visions and ideas. Listening to others will only make you confused. Just get an expert opinion from a few people and take the rest of the decisions yourself.

3. Not having a backup plan

There is no way Mother Nature is going to delay the rain just because it is your wedding day. No offense bud! This is the truth. Many couples plan an outdoor wedding and don’t have a rain plan. The only thing they do is pray that it doesn’t rain.

If you make a 50% budget and don’t add the rain plan, it will cost you more. For instance, if you plan an outdoor wedding and it starts raining, your 50% will go down the lane as well. Make sure you have a backup plan for any tragedy that can possible struck you on your wedding day.

4. Booking vendors

Each vendor that you will be hiring has a definite and vital part of the wedding. One wrong choice and your whole wedding could get ruined. Book your vendors at least six months in advance. Do your complete research and take a proper meeting with them. Check their previous reviews and ask all the questions you have concerning their work.

It is best to pay all your vendors in advance. Make sure you are debt-free when you are saying your wedding vows. You need to have a good time after your wedding, but you won’t be able to have that relaxing time if you haven’t paid for all the vendors yet.

5. Not giving enough info to your guests

Give clear and precise information to your guests. Some couple makes the wrong move of giving very little information to their guests like where the venue it, dress code, timing, and parking area. If you are having a destination wedding, give a complete wedding itinerary to them.

Tell them when to arrive where and what transport they should use. Many guests get late because they don’t know when the bus will come. Don’t make this mistake because it will ruin your entire wedding event.

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