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Ever desired to have a glamorous wedding? One way to make your wedding stand out and add color to it is by incorporating red carpet to it. Red carpets are synonymous with glamorous occasions; they add a special glow to the ceremony. Red carpets fit into a lot of occasions, from beachside weddings to grand church wedding. Here are some unique red carpet wedding decoration ideas for different types of weddings.

Red carpet beach wedding: The serenity of a beach wedding is the reason why most couples go for a beach wedding. What better way to say one’s vows than in the midst of all the natural goodness a beach offers? Beach weddings are usually simple with minimal decoration to accentuate the natural environment. For a red carpet beach wedding, a simple long red carpet that runs along the entire length of the aisle is a great idea. The contrast of the red carpet with the flowers and natural surrounding will be a sight to behold. You could also spice up the carpet with flowers or other pieces of decorations.

Red carpet garden wedding: Green, red and white make a powerful combination, especially in a garden wedding. For a garden wedding, a simple red carpet along the aisle is enough spice. Flowers can also be decorated along the red carpet to add to unique appeal to it. The chairs of the guests could also be decorated in a similar fashion to incorporate the glamorous appeal a red carpet brings. Switch regular chairs with chairs with drapes. The chairs close to the aisle could also be decorated with flowers similar to those on the red carpet. Lights and other artifacts will also add spice to the red carpet.

Red carpet church wedding: If you’re planning a big church wedding as a bride, what better way to spice up your cathedral than to a red carpet? As a groom, wouldn’t you love to watch your bride walk down the aisle like the queen she is? Churches also allow decoration of red carpets so you could spice up the red carpet with flowers and lights of your preferred color.

Red carpet hall wedding: A red carpet adds glow to a special glow to hall weddings and gives a lot of room for decorations. Lights, drapes, flowers, emblems of the couple and even pieces that signify special moments for the couple can be incorporated into a red carpet hall wedding. The flowers and light fixtures could also be incorporated into different styles to suit the couple’s preference. One thing is for sure. A red carpet in a hall wedding adds a cozy and romantic appeal that is unique to red carpets.

Red carpet wedding party: You’ve had a church ceremony and want to throw a wild reception party with friends, families, and colleagues. A carpet at the entrance of the reception venue is one way to add glamour to your wedding. Everyone gets to enjoy paparazzi moments and have your fun. You could also incorporate a backdrop where friends can sign. That would make relieving the party even more memorable. Everyone loves a red carpet and with a red carpet at your wedding reception, your guests will catch the fun vibe you hope to spread. Moreover, your wedding will be fun for everyone with a red carpet. Movie lovers could also incorporate a premiere-like setting with a backdrop of the couple as characters of a blockbuster. You could also go all the way with a gala-like red carpet. Guests could be given a special memo about the special red carpet and guided to dress appropriately. That way, everyone catches the glamour fever and enjoys your wedding to the maximum. That is, of course, if the couple does not mind sharing the center of attention with their guests.

Finally, whatever way you choose to incorporate a red carpet into your wedding, you are sure of the glamour and unique appeal which make red carpets synonymous with glamorous events.

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