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Photo booths are the new must-have at any type of party or celebration. You see them popping up everywhere, from wedding receptions to high school dances to small birthday parties in a loved one’s home. Photo booths are a great way to capture moments at special occasions. They are also a fun way for guests to interact at your event. You can have each guest take a photo at the photo booth and post it onto social media with a special tag, which allows you to track all of the photos taken at your event!

You can make photo booths as elaborate or as simple as you would like. While some are easier to build than others, it is a low-maintenance decoration to add to your party décor. Learn How To Set Up A DIY Photo Booth in just a few easy steps.


1. Choose A Space

Find a clear wall or corner that’s easily accessible and visible but not right in the thick of traffic. Make sure the area is free of any clutter. You want people to be able to move in and out the space comfortably without worrying about tripping over any furniture, toys, etc.

2. Set Up A Backdrop

You can use any number of backdrops, from professional seamless paper to a large sheet, to a nicely painted wall, just make sure that it’s at least 6 feet tall.

You want to cover at least waist high to a little over head. Keep in mind that you will have different sized guests. You can use a professional backdrop stand (available to rent at many camera stores for $5-20), or tape it to a wall.

3. Light IT Right

Set up a separate flash and bounce the light off a white umbrella to diffuse it. This will ensure that everyone is well-lit but also looks their best. You can put together that whole set-up for way cheap.

Test out your lighting functionality the day before, during the rehearsal. Then, on the day of the event, you can put your camera on a tripod, get your lights in place, mark where it’ll be, and start snapping.

4. Get Your Camera

A DSLR will take great pictures, but a simple point and shoot or even an IPAD can work as well. Whichever camera you choose, make sure you have a sturdy tripod or stand that extends high enough to capture your guests at eye-level.

Set the camera up before guests arrive and find someone to serve as a quick stand-in so you can make sure the shot is framed to your liking. Mark the floor using masking or painter’s tape to signify where the tripod should be and where guests should stand so there’s no confusion. You can use your camera’s built-in timer to take photos, but for greater control and ease, consider investing in a remote shutter release.

Make sure the memory card has enough space, and everything is charged up or plugged in, so there’s no danger of missing out on photos or losing power during the event. Keep some extra cards or batteries around just in case.

5. Props To Set The Tone

Photo props are an important addition to your booth because they give people something to do! They are easy to customize to your party’s theme, and they are simple to put together using a printer, tape, wooden dowels or party straws.


If you use a camera, memory card, or printer with WiFi capabilities (which are offered on many newer models), you can send photos to a printer straight from the camera or upload them as they’re taken so they can be shared online.

If you really want a photostrip look before printing or sharing, try using an app that can combine multiple photos into one strip. Of course, there’s always the option to just enjoy the event and share photos at a later date. Funny photo booth pictures tend to be welcome anytime.

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