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Creating the perfect wedding is a priority for most brides as they have dreamt of that day all their lives. Perfection is person/couple dependent, and this should be taken into consideration when planning a wedding. Simple wedding, do not mean cheap weddings. Here are some tips for planning a simple wedding.


Wedding to-do-list

This might be a little orthodox, but it is important to write down even the tiniest detail in planning a wedding, especially a simple one. You do not want last minute run arounds. If you are planning your own wedding, it is best to draw this list with people who you know have experience in planning weddings.

On the other hand, if you are planning a simple wedding for someone, please consult the couple for specific details since it is all about what they want on their big day. One might ask that about the peculiarity of to-do lists for simple weddings. For simple weddings, the to-do-list is more precise, detailed and short.


It is always important to begin plans with a specific amount of money you are willing to expend in the course of preparing for the wedding. If you do not do this, chances are you will spend so much and still run into debts at the end of the day.

You start by declaring the total money you have for the wedding, then you make allocations to all the money-related preparations in the wedding to-do list. Remember, this is just to help you manage your expenses.


Most people who want simple weddings want small intimate gatherings of their close friends and family. The couple does not want to say their vows in front of strangers who are just there to have fun. Translation: the guest list has to be short, restricted to close family and friends.

Making and distributing limited number of invitation, and safeguarding them from social media is one way to restrict the number of guests in attendance. Guests will, therefore, be ushered into the wedding venue strictly by invitation.


Of course, if you want a simple wedding you will choose a location that suits the theme of your wedding as well as give you room to decorate to your taste. Depending on the number of guests, you can also choose a location that will be cozy for all present.


This group of people are crucial to the success of any wedding. They can make or break it; we so don’t want them spoiling our simple wedding. Have a sordid arrangement with your vendors. You should use recommended vendors and give them specifics about your wedding. You don’t want them offering services you don’t require at your wedding.

Bridal Party

In planning your simple wedding, you also have to consider reducing the number of people in the bridal party. Less is more in this case. Since we are going for sophisticated but simple, you can be a little flexible with the dresses and tuxedos for bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Menu, Decoration, and Attire

We have combined these points because you can easily stress yourself on either of them trying hard to keep them simple and classy. Keep your menu as simple as what you serve your friends when they come over for lunch; you are not trying to impress anybody.

Decorations are lovely, and they create an ambience at your wedding: keep them calm and affordable. You don’t want to break the bank for decorations. Every lady wants to wear a lovely dress on her wedding day, but you should wear something gorgeous and very comfortable.

Wrap Up!

Now you know you don’t need so many skills, expertise or money to make your big day turn out how you have always wanted if you are planning your wedding or planning a simple wedding for someone. Planning a simple wedding can be very easy. Just start planning right now, and you will be surprised at how much success you will achieve.

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