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Getting engaged comes with a lot of excitement which at times might be unexplainable because every single lady wants to settle down with the man of her dream and getting engaged after several years of praying and hoping is enough reason for you to be happy.

However, you must not allow this excitement make you take some risk that can put your relationship in danger. Here are things you should not post on social media after you get engaged.

Things You Should Never Post On Social Media When You Get Engaged

Never announce your engagement on social media

 It has become a major tend for newly engaged to quickly take to social media to announce their engagement and show off pictures of their rings forgetting that it is just engagement and not marriage yet, meaning things could still go south between them thereby causing embarrassment.

It is better to avoid a show off on social media and conclude marital rites before announcing on social media. So that when unforeseen circumstances happen, the number of people who would have heard of the relationship will not be much.

Never post your relationship issues online

You must never post your relationship problems online whether you make it known that you are partly involved or not. People will assume, so avoid talking about heartbreak stories, domestic violence or a story about your past relationship, reduce the time you spend on social media and spend more time with preparing for your wedding. Talking about your relationship will give other people reasons to make suggestions which may not be favorable to you.

Avoid showing off pictures of your partner

Even though it has become a trend for engaged couples to show off pictures of their partners, it is still advisable not to show off their photographs until you both are married. Keep your partner’s photos off prying eyes on social media instead keep them protected. Some people may become envious and carry stories that may be false all around just to ensure that they distort your relationship.

Avoid posting your wedding plans online

You do not need to carry everyone along with your wedding plans, there is no need for you to post your wedding plans online, for example, posting about going cake testing, clothes shopping, meeting a caterer is unnecessary. Keep your ideas between yourself and close relations. Post only necessary contents and do not give people room to criticize your big day before the date approaches.

Never post pictures of your wedding dress

This is entirely unacceptable; never post photos of your dress before the day no matter how lovely you think it is. You must wait until your wedding day before showing it off. Likewise, you mustn’t post pictures of your wedding suits or rings before the wedding. Your dress is meant to be unveiled on your wedding day, give your friends something to look forward to, let them be enthusiastic about seeing what your dress will look like and make it a surprise to them.

Never talk about how stressed you are

Weddings come with tremendous pressure, and you might be tempted to talk about it online, but that is entirely uncalled for. Keep your complains off social media, people do not need to know what you go through and are not interested in what you go through, face the stress with smiles.

Don’t disclose your wedding budget

Avoid posting your budget online, you will spend plenty of money, there is no need trying to impress people by telling them how much you have spent or still spending, it is probably not their business.

Wrap Up!

In conclusion, getting engaged brings great joy, but you must try to keep a little distance from social media and have some privacy. Ensure that you treat as secret all information about your relationship while planning for your wedding, don’t give people room to provide you with unnecessary suggestions that may cause more harm than good to your relationship.

If you need advice on how to go about some things, you can ask your family members or your close friends, but in all, you must avoid posting your wedding details on social media if you want to have a good home.

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