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6 Reasons to Hold Your Ceremony & Reception

One of the first and most important decisions affianced couples have to make is picking the right venue for their wedding reception. Here are some tips to guide your “venue-hunt”.

The Importance of Communication 

When it comes to venue selection the importance of communication cannot be overemphasized. You’ll have to exchange ideas with your spouse-to-be about the type of ceremony you’d like to have.

Another issue to consider is your level of connection with the persons you’re working with, you should be able to answer the following questions without any doubts:

  • Do they motivate trust and confidence?
  • Do they seem like team players?
  • Are your personalities compatible?

You need to resolve any second-guesses before you go into business with them, if you can’t, then it would be wise to look for an alternative even if the facility seems perfect.

Location, Location, Location!

When looking for a wedding location, a list of prospective facilities should be put together and this should be based on some considerations ranging from type of wedding to the logistics of the guests. For example, if you’re having a church wedding, it would be advisable to find a venue that’s close to your church.

Your Preferred Wedding Style

You need to find a wedding location that’s in sync with your preferred wedding style. By identifying a geographical area that suits your style whether it’s a traditional event or a contemporary party, an indoor event or a pool party; you can narrow down your options.

Decide on a Budget

It is advisable to use your budget as a deciding factor when streamlining options for your venue. Identify those you can afford so as not to face disappointment later on.

Wedding Guest Numbers

It is recommended that you have a rough estimate of guest population before start your venue search so as to avoid the frustration of size inconvenience. Most facilities demand that you give an estimation of guest numbers prior to reservations.

This is because not all sites can accommodate a wide variety of wedding sizes. It is important that couples bear in mind that equipment take up a lot of space during the ceremony. Experts’ advise that you aim low in your guest estimation as this gives room for more flexibility.

The Calendar Factor

What a beautiful venue? It’s too bad it won’t be available for your wedding date because its already been booked. You should call to book up popular venues or at least make enquiries as to whether they’re reserved before you make your choice.

Seek Expert Advice

When it comes to your wedding you’d prefer to deal with professionals in all aspects stretching from photography to your wedding DJ selection. When searching for the ideal venue it is guided that you seek help from experts in the field.

You can search up professional blogs and websites for relevant guidance. Professionals could also assist you in looking for venues exclusive to the “inner-circle” if provided with your requirements.

Trust me when it comes to your wedding ceremony experience pays.

Know Mother Nature’s intentions

There’s nothing more beautiful than celebrating under sunny skies, but you may want to give it a little more thought. What you want to find out is the effect of the weather on your prospective venue choices; you may want to make provisions for a tent or canopies just in case the weather decides to go sultry during less reliable seasons. Whatever you do just be sure to consider mother-nature, she knows best after all.

File everything

Develop an efficient system where pamphlets descriptions and photos of prospective venues can be stored and identified without difficulty. You’ll be surprised at how you can mistake one venue for another if not properly sorted out.

Bring a checkbook or credit card

Some lucrative venues book a year or more in advance. In order to avoid losing a treasured setting, you may want to bring a credit card or checkbook along with you when you visit prospects. This way, you can make temporary reservations.

Venue specs

There are different qualities to look out for in an ideal venue. Your chosen venue should meet the following requirements:

  • A roomy fit: Your venue should be able to accommodate all guests invited with adequate space for free movement;
  • Eating, drinking and partying areas: Your chosen venue should have an easily assessable bar and a hall for dancing. The hall should have good acoustic properties so as to avoid reverberation;
  • Privacy: the chosen facility should meet your privacy standards in terms of privacy. If you want an open-to-all style wedding then a park would be ideal. However if your preferred wedding style is an invited-guests-only, you may want to consider a restaurant or a hotel with adequate security; and
  • Lighting conditions: The lighting condition of your venue should not be downplayed upon, as it affects the quality of photographs taken.

Food and drinks

Food and alcohol contribute quite a huge portion of the event’s budget; hence they should be considered a big deal. You should pay rapt attention to the type, quality and quantity of food and drinks to be served on the day. You should also find out if the venue offers in-house catering services, because if they don’t, you’ll to pay extra for these services.

It’s wise to have a taste of wines and beers on the menu in advance. You should be very specific about hard alcohol selections.

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