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It is quite a daunting task finding an imaginative wedding that reflects the couple’s personality. In person, I think it’s only rational to make sure that your wedding is different.

You’re probably wondering how you can achieve such a feat, but there’s no need to worry, here are a few tips from DJ St Louis that’ll engrave your wedding in the minds of all your guests.

Ways to Personalizing Your Wedding Ceremony


1. Think about what you love to do together and build that into your day

If you love to read, stack old hardback books on the tables to create mini-stands for your flowers if you love chocolate (and who doesn’t) how about sending out Willy Wonka inspired ‘gold Tickets’ as your wedding invites?

You are finally getting married to the love of your life; I honestly can’t find a reason why you don’t do what you both love. If you love singing you could play a prerecorded tape; it doesn’t matter if its dope. After all, it’s not a talent show it’s your wedding

2. Send custom-made Save the Date Cards

You should put your insignia on your “save the date” card because it is the first impression you make on your guests about the type of wedding ceremony you intend to have.

4. Choose invitations that suit your style

All aspects of your wedding should be reflections of you as a couple, and your wedding invitation shouldn’t be an exception. Whether it’s the logo, of your favourite football club or movie tickets style cards if you’re movie lovers, it should be elegant, simple and it should have a touch of you.

 4. Use a specially made wedding dress

With the help of a professional fashion designer, you could get a gown that is peculiar to you. It’s your special day; you deserve a special gown to go with it. Trust me it’s worth the try.

5.  Make incisions on your Wedding Rings

Be it your favourite romantic quote or each other’s names; throw in a little more sentiment by engraving those rings. Make sure they’re not just “some rings from the jewellery shop.”

6. Pick an eccentric Wedding Venue

If a magical rooftop or grand palace sound too extreme, then you should look for something you feel comfortable. It could be anywhere ranging from your favourite romantic hideout or an exotic hotel, just make sure it’s not all that conventional.

7. A remarkable Wedding Cake

There are some that say a wedding revolves around the cake. I’ve got to admit that this is not far from the truth. Hence in your attempt to personalise your wedding, your cake mustn’t be left out. There’re lots of designs to choose from, just pick the one that bests suit you.

8. Play music that set the right mood

Ask your wedding DJ and musicians to play your selected playlist to give the event an aesthetic touch. For example, a violin solo of John Legend’s “All of me” would be perfect for the groom’s speech. Your wedding music is a very important aspect so you may want to consider hiring professional musicians and DJs.

9. Have a group sing-along (marry-oke!):

There are very few better ways to personalise your wedding than by chipping in a sing-along of a few popular songs with all your friends and family. Singing together creates a feeling of camaraderie, and it keeps everyone in sync.

It is advisable to put simple and popular songs on your playlist so as to avoid confusion. Having the lyrics displayed on a screen is also advisable to make sure the guest are taken along.

10. Have friends and family make heartfelt toasts

Believe me there’s nothing more romantic than your love story being told by friends and family. Create windows on your event book where loved ones can tell your love story from their perspective.

Wrap Up!

So there you have it, ten tips on personalising your wedding. However, it should be noted that personalising your wedding is about taking your wedding as a personal project and making conscious effort to have a ceremony that’s like the first of its kind

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