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No wedding is complete without a photo booth. They are as important as good food and bar. There is hardly a wedding these days that doesn’t have a photo booth. These are not very new. You will be surprised to know that the photo booth is a century old. They are evolved from Photomaton. Back in 1925, photomaton printed eight pictures for 25 cents. Photo booths were used as an accessory in many commercial areas.

Now they are the central element of modern weddings. The business of Photobooth is flourishing. According to Sam Eitzen, co-owner of Seattle-based photo booths business, its net worth is about $100 million. People now prefer having a photo booth instead of a DJ at their wedding.  But like every other technology.

Photo Booth Abell DJ

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Latest Trends

Photobooth is also developing, and new features are being added day by day. It is not even called a photo booth now. People refer to a photo booth as “Photo experience” or “Photo engagement.” You can get instantly printed copies of your picture or directly send it to your mobile device. Some companies will send a member of their companies to aid in taking photos. Whereas, others are self-taken.

The price of photo booth ranges from $300 to a thousand dollar. Snapbar is a leading company of Photobooths. Their package starts from $1,000. Their package includes the booth and a staff member to aid in the process.


Here some Latest Trends of a Photo booth

1. Boomerang Gifs

Boomerang GIFs are everywhere, and now they are a part of photo booth as well. It is an exciting thing, and many companies have added the boomerang GIF option as well.

The booth takes a few photos and transforms them into animated looping videos. You can make a GIF on the photo booth and then immediately share it on social media through the booth. It is very convenient and reliable.

2. Projection Videos

Next up are the projection videos. It got popular after it was used in the Met Gala Event. This is a bit different than the way we take traditional pictures on a photo booth.

Light is projected through it and makes the objects around you seem like they are moving. If you are looking for a fun filled wedding than a projection video taking photo booth is for you to choose. Don’t forget it is new. It may be a little expensive.

3. Green Screen Prop

Who doesn’t like to add an interesting graphic element in their picture? The green screen used in the background will give an extra element of fun.

The green screen helps the designer to add prints, colors, designs and graphics in the background of the picture. Your wedding event will become more enjoyable. You can get dragons or fairies in your background. There will be many options to choose from.

4. Creative filters

You might have seen some very cool filters on Instagram. Now they are available in a photo booth as well. By using creative filters, you will make your photos more exciting.

They will surely stand out in the crowd. This is a new thing, and many people don’t know about it yet. Be the first one in your family to use it and impress everyone.

5. Glam Filters

Be a bit more glamorous while taking pictures from the photo booth. The vintage filter makes you feel like you are in the Emmys. Its distinguished style and look have impressed many people around the globe. You can shoot a magazine ready picture from the photo booth.

You probably have some things planned out for your wedding, such as catering, venue, disk jockey, etc., but what you haven’t considered yet is a photo booth.

Nowadays, where everybody is taking a selfie on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media websites just for fun, a photo booth is a way for you to gather fun pictures of your guests at your wedding.

Gone are the days were photo booths were these cramped little boxes that took unflattering pictures. Modern photo booths are sleek, open, and hi-tech. Here are some great reasons why you should incorporate a photo booth at your wedding:

Why a Photo Booth is a Must-Have for Your Wedding!


Capture Unique Memories

Your wedding photographer will surely capture the special moments from your wedding, such as your first kiss and dance. But nothing beats the photos taken when you and your good friends just jump into a photo booth and take photos with funny poses.

These moments are when you are genuinely happy and free, and it will be nice to have a way to remember them. Most photo booths can print out multiple copies of photos, and this ensures the guests get their copy right away, as well as the couple. Some photo booth companies even went the extra mile to allow the option of making a photo guestbook from the photos taken at the booth.

They Serve as Great Entertainment

Photo booths can serve as a source of entertainment for your guest. Weddings, just like any other event, have times, and you want to keep your guest entertained during this time.

For example, at most weddings, the formal wedding photos are taken a right after the ceremony, which leads to the cocktail period. Sometimes guests can become restless just by waiting for the cocktail hour to pass and for the reception to start. Photo booths are a perfect tool to keep your guest occupied and entertained during this part of your wedding.

Photo booths are FUN!

Photo booths are a great way to have fun. They are also suitable for all ages, from children to older adults attending your wedding who will enjoy a photo booth.

Bring people together

You might structure some aspects of your wedding reception to allow guests to socialize with people they haven’t met yet. But there is something about photo booths that brings people together. People who have never met before might just become friends, and it also serves as a sort of reunion for your friends and family.

Your Aunties might get a chance to meet their nephews, and old friends who haven’t seen themselves for years might just use it to create new bounds. The smile photo booths bring to people’s faces is just priceless.

Serve as perfect wedding favors

Why give the traditional gift when you could have a fun photo from your special day that guests can look back on for years? A photo booth can serve as a great wedding favor that includes a personalized photo that captures how much fun guests had at your wedding.

Pictures from a photo booth can be customized to include your wedding date, wedding colors, and theme, making the perfect keepsake for yourself and your guests.

Wedding Photo Booth St. Louis

Premier Entertainment is proud to announce that we now include a photo booth option into our DJ services. After watching all these wedding shows on TLC with Kelly, 4 weddings, say yes to the dress, etc., I found these were at nearly every wedding reception and were becoming very popular & fun! I made the leap of faith and purchased one of the best quality booths I could find.

  • Unlimited Color and Black and White Photo Strips
  • Prints 2 individual photo strips (2″ x 6″) within 10 seconds (Other companies print one 4×6 and you must separate the strips by hand with a razor blade or scissors.)
  • Fits up to 10 guests in a Private Fully Enclosed Booth
  • Top of the Line 18 mega pixel Canon Digital SLR Cameras
  • 22 inch Touch Screen Interface (Check out how you look!)
  • Studio Professional Lighting (No Flashes or Red Eye)
  • Beautiful studio back drop
  • Lots of Fun Props
  • Beautiful Photo Album

I’ve seen the bargain photo booths around that have red-eye & dark photos printed on inkjet printers (these smear) and this is not what I was looking for.

I am offering an introductory special pricing rate and you can inquire here by checking availability:

You can find out photo booth gallery here:

And for more information on the photo booth and its features:

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