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You’ll have to choose your maid of honor carefully; it’s a huge responsibility and there are quite a few qualities she needs to have to make her the perfect choice.

She’ll need to be a good listener and advisor; she’ll need to be organized and willing to help; she’ll need to be able to take charge; and, most importantly, you’ll have to trust her. She’s going to be there for you every step of the way.

Maid of Honor Duties


Here are roles and duties of the maid of honor.

1. Keep everyone on track

The maid of honor should receive a copy of the timeline and familiarize herself with the morning protocol, including hair and makeup appointments. That way, she can keep everyone on schedule and get them to the ceremony on time.

2. Food Provider

There’s nothing worse than a hungry bride, especially when the reception is hours away. Your MOH should check in periodically to see if you need something to nibble on before you leave the bridal suite. You may be too excited to think about food, but a protein-rich snack will help you get through your big moment and fend off hunger pains.

3. Lead the bridesmaid troupe

It’s the maid of honor’s (MOH) job to direct the other maids through their duties. Make sure everyone gets their bridesmaid dresses, go to dress fittings, and find the right jewelry. Also provide them with the 411 on all pre-wedding parties.

4. Social Media Maven

The bride should spend the morning of her wedding relaxing and stay as unplugged as possible, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be documented. Give your maid of honor your phone and your password so she can get behind-the-scenes shots of the champagne toasts, happy tears, and the moment you slip on your dress.

You may want her to take pics and keep them private, but if you’re all about Instagram, you could also tap your MOH to post to your accounts throughout the day. Don’t forget to give her your hashtag!

5. Act as the point person.

No wedding planner? No problem. The maid of honor should give out her phone number to all of the key vendors and family members in advance so she can help field any questions for the bride that morning. This will ensure that the bride remains relaxed and stress-free on her big day and that everything goes smoothly.

6. Lend an ear

Whether it’s about the planning, the marriage, or the registry china patterns, the MOH should assure the bride that she has someone with whom she can share her thoughts. Even if she seems to dwell on the same subjects repeatedly, the MOH keeps listening.

7. Act as a gatekeeper

If there are family members or friends that are known to seriously stress out the bride, it’s the MOH’s job to keep them away from her, as best she can.

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