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So, I haven’t wrote on this topic in a while but is definitely one that comes to mind DAILY!

I just did some research on  www.Craigslist.org and found post after post listing DJ services for $100 – $200/ 4 hours. This just completely blows me away! You can easily do the math for a 4 hour reception, 2 hrs goes into setup/ tear down, 2 hrs travel round trip, minimum 4 hours in prep ( music prep, meetings, equipment load, etc. ). THAT’S 12 HOURS invested in your 4 hour wedding reception. $100 / 12 hours is $8/hr…..REALLY?? You want a professional for your once in a lifetime event at a McDonald’s rate or minimum wage? Your entire event depends on the DJ to do a great job and make sure everyone has fun. This is after all a party!

We get phone calls every day that start out with the same question before anything else “How much is a DJ?” Yes, everyone has an overall wedding budget on what they can afford, but how you should divide that budget up is key to a successful, fun, and smooth wedding reception.

Hiring a DJ service is not like buying an apple at the grocery store and the apple costs $.69. Just like any other service there are many factors that can roll into the end price and it will all depend on exactly what YOU want. Is this day or night? 2 hours or 8 hours? In-town or Out-Town? Holiday? Every detail can alter the final price.

Now, that we have the details of your wedding and have checked our availability, you need to tell us what YOUR looking for in a DJ because we may not even be what your looking for! Are you looking for a simple cookie cutter DJ or someone that has years of experience? Are you looking for professional, high quality, & reliable equipment? Do you want to choose all your music or leave it to the professional to “read” the crowd and cater to all your guests to ensure everyone FUN night!

I tell many future brides & grooms I talk to “you get one chance to do this right. There’s no do-overs.”

If you want to have a stress free wedding. Take the time to hire a professional. There are many ways to save costs and apply more to the entertainment because we all know everyone will remember how much fun they had rather then what kind of cake they ate. Some example to shave costs would be:

  • Take 10 people off the guests list that you know will just show, eat, then leave that may possibly only be a friend of a friend that you barley know anyways.
  • Bake cupcakes instead of a ginormous cake where you’ll be stuck with most of it at the end of the night anyways.
  • Send electronic invitations when possible or get them FREE from us!

Click the link below to get started and receive our FREE gift to you.

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Thanks for considering us and i look forward to hearing from you soon!

Thanks for reading,

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