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Weddings originated thousands of years ago. With each passing century, people added something of their own. These small acts go a long way.

Many people even believe in these things to an extent where leaving it will sound a crazy idea. Here are some common myths about the wedding. Some are very deep and serious while the others are rather funny. Well, here you go. Enjoy!

Expert Wedding Tips

1. Get something old, something new, something borrowed and lastly, something blue

It is a tradition dated back to the Victorian age. Many people around the world follow this tradition wholeheartedly. Something old refers to the couple’s desire to last their bond for eternity.

Something new means the formation of their unique relationship as husband and wife. Something borrowed means family and friends and something blue means fidelity.

2. Rain on the wedding day

Nowadays, we all have a backup plan in case it starts raining on your wedding day. But in the past, there was no system like this. People had no means of predicting the weather. So if it starts raining on your wedding day, it means the cleansing of both souls, and it also symbolizes fertility.

3. Break a glass

Why would anyone want to break a glass on their wedding day and increase the bill? This is a tradition that first started in Italy. The couple breaks a glass or vase. The number of pieces the glass will shatter into will be the happy years of marriage they will have.

4. Not seeing each other before the big day

Back in the day, the couple was not allowed to see each other. People believed that if they meet each other before marriage, it will give them a chance to change their mind. In the modern age, the couple doesn’t see each other because of bad luck and also to create some excitement and anticipations.

5. Wedding DJ talks too much

A DJ is known to spice an event. A club DJ talks a lot to bring energy and excitement in people. Many people think that a DJ will do the same thing at the wedding.

The wedding is a formal event, and no one likes a talkative DJ. Time has changed and there are several experience wedding DJs out there who know when to talk and how to keep the guests engaged.

6. Either choose a DJ or a band

It is a very misguided fact. You have to either choose a DJ or a band to play on your wedding day. Both have their pros and cons. If you hire a professional, both will do a great job. You can even have them both if your time and budget allows.

7. Don’t pick the first thing while shopping for your wedding

My opinion to you is to follow your feelings. There are thousands of wedding dresses. Hundreds of venues and many DJs to choose from. If your gut tells you to go for it than have it. You should do your research and all other necessary things. But if you like something at first glance, it is OK to buy it.

8. Bridesmaid history

Nowadays, bridesmaid wears tacky dresses to make sure the brides shine. But they have a different origin. In the past, Bridesmaids wore similar dresses like the bride. It was done to confuse the bride’s ex and to ward off evil spirits.

9. People don’t come to destinations wedding

This is just another misconception. Once I had a client whose wedding was is in Bora Bora. Guests from all around the world arrived. Who wants to miss the opportunity of visiting such a beautiful place? In short, people do make an effort to come to your wedding.

10. Wedding planners are expensive

No! Wedding planners are not costly. They are experts who will arrange your wedding event most affordable and beautifully possible. It is OK to spend some money on getting a wedding planner because they are beneficial in the long run.

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