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This article is aimed at helping students with the basic requirements needed for lasting success in the game of deejaying.

I strongly believe that anyone who is able to follow these guidelines religiously would be able to get to the very pinnacle of this occupation without much difficulty.

Perfect St Louis DJ

1. Get Some Work Experience

Psychologists say that it takes 7 years of constant practice for one to become a master in a particular occupation. This may seem like a long time, but the truth is that it’s still going to pass anyway.

If you are serious in your bid to becoming a DJ then you wouldn’t allow lack of equipment or gigs stand in your way. No one says you’ll get it right the first time – as a matter of fact very few people do, but the first try puts you in a position to make progress.

2. Be a Music Fan First

You shouldn’t be in much of a hurry in becoming a good DJ. It takes a lot of training, practice and overall determination to achieve this.

You should make sure to develop your music taste as you develop your DJ skills as well. Music is a really beautiful element of nature and you should enjoy learning about it. You should realize that the joy is in the journey and the journey is in the joy.

3. Build your personal collection

Building your distinctive music collection is a very cumbersome but important process when it comes to climbing the steps that lead to the apex of this luxurious occupation.

The finest DJs spend a whole deal of years building up their personal collection; this puts them in a class of their own. You should endeavor to do the same. Great music is the key to greatness in this business.

4. Work hard! Play hard!

In this game, hard work pays more dividends than natural talent. You should put in extra hours and make extra effort. You must realize that no one is indispensable in this game. You’ll stand out in any stage of their carrier.

5. Professionalism is Key

An age long adage goes, “dress the way you want to be addressed”. I totally agree, it is really important that people believe that they can rely on you so you should make sure that your dressing and overall outlook depicts this. However, a good outlook should be complemented with a splendid performance.Do well to show perceived value and actual value. Professionalism is key

6. Take out Time to Rest

All play and no rest wears out a DJ. You are going to do this for quite a while, there’s no point going at it like your life depends on it. You should set out a particular day of the week where you get to recuperate and rejuvenate. Resting is very important for your general health and besides health comes first.

Keeping Your Nerves in Check

Like any other performer, a DJ may get cold feet during a performance. This is totally normal and you’ll learn how to control this nerve as you become more professional.  An advantage of being a DJ is that you are never the main focus of the event. The only thing the audience cares about is the music. This makes hiding your nerves easier.

Wrap Up!

So there you have it, a few guidelines on becoming the best of the best in the world of deejaying. Follow these steps and you’ll make rapid progress in no time.

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