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Planning an event could involve a rigorous process especially when it is not done by a professional event planning company. However for an event to be successful, it must be planned appropriately because an ill-planned event could end in a disaster.

To help you plan an event that would leave an impact on the life of the guest we have listed out a detailed step for you to follow.

The Ins and Outs of Wedding Planning

Begin Early

When planning for an event, it is necessary to start early as this would afford the event planner more time to work out and put everything into place. Starting late might lead to a rush or an eventual disaster if some complications are met.

For large events, planning should begin about four to six months in advance. Smaller events would require a minimum of one month to plan. To be on a safe side, it is advisable to finish planning and logistics a week before the event.

Think of How your Event will Look Like

This involves asking yourself and answering several questions such as; what type of event am I holding? Who is to attend the event? What is the purpose of the celebration and what is my aim? Having answered these questions, you would be able to know what you are expected to deliver.

Create a budget

A budget will provide a basis on which spending for the event is made. The budget should include income for the event and revenue opportunities (donations, sponsorship, and ticket sales, etc.) as well as provide a blueprint for spending such as food, drinks, security supplies, etc.

Don’t be too rigid

The budget should serve as a guideline for both income and expenses, but because things always change, it is essential to be flexible, adding the needed and removing that which might not be needed. By being flexible, one can meet up to the changing demands at different times and location.


In every event, there is always an unforeseen cost, hence the need to get things for the lowest price possible. Offer to pay less than the vendor is requiring and you may end up getting a big cut.

Assign Responsibilities

There should be an event planning team or committee with the critical elements of the event broken down and shared amongst them. Each of them would be responsible for a particular section such as registration, catering, transport, etc.

Book a Facility

Selecting a very large venue for a small event would make the event look scanty while selecting a very small venue for a large event would lead to total dissatisfaction. When choosing a location, there are some factors to consider; one is the number of people invited, the type of event (outdoor or indoor, formal or informal, etc.) and if there would be a need for special facilities such as a podium or stage.


Food is another important component of an event. This section requires a significant portion of your budget hence should be taken seriously to avoid wastage or insufficient food. Knowing the number of people expected at the event is very crucial. Other questions to be asked are; which kind of food will I serve? What kind of beverage will be available?

Plan Publicity and Marketing

An event won’t be successful if those it is intended for are unaware of the event or do not show up hence publicity is one of the keys to a successful event. There are different routes through which you can tell others about your program with social media platforms being one of them. Use of posters paid advertising on traditional media, email messages inexpensive graphic fliers and word of mouth are some other Chanel’s through which you can get the word out to the targeted people.

Create a Shared Document

When planning for event corporation and collaboration between the event planning team is very important. Creating a central manual or document that shows everything to do with the event. Each member of the team can easily refer back I’d unsure of a particular aspect.

Have a Backup Plan

Things might not always go to plan. Things like an important person not turning up or arriving late can lead to a bad or ill-organized program hence the need to have a backup plan. Each of the critical roles in the event should have a backup plan. In cases where future problems arises that has no alternate solution, then that part should be cut out completely from the event.

Wrap Up!

Finally, a thorough a rundown of the total event process should be carried out about two weeks before the event. The whole members of the team should be present, and you all would walk through the whole process. Problems noticed and issues highlighted would be corrected before the time of the event.

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