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Every couple’s dream is to have a wedding that is unique and stands out from the norm. A wedding ceremony takes place once in a lifetime, therefore making your wedding stand out and memorable for you and your loved one is not an option. 

Five Steps to Make your Day Memorable

Five Steps to Make your Day Memorable

Choose a Unique Wedding Location

Over the years, we have seen people change from the norm of having a wedding ceremony in the church to different locations, examples include gardens, beachside, hotels and other choice locations around the world.

In cases where there are no financial constraints, couples even choose travel to choice locations in various parts of the world to have a wedding ceremony. Don’t forget that selecting a unique location for your wedding will not only add to the fun but also give pleasant memories.

Do Something Unexpected

Give your wedding guest something to be excited about or talk about even after the wedding is over, for instance, an unexpected dance contest, a unique wedding entrance, a drinking contest, or probably perform a dance or song for them.

It makes the excitement go wild, and you can see the happy grins on their faces, nobody wants to be at a boring wedding ceremony, it’s definitely not a burial. Also a unique dance entrance could also spice up the day for you and give you something to always remember.

Serve Something Different

Make different types of dishes to be served, possibly allow guest choose what they want to eat, give your guest an option as to what they would like to eat. Not everyone might like to eat what you make available as an only option, and your wedding may be marked a bad one if your guests do not get to eat.

Also, ensure to serve different varieties of drinks so that guests also get to choose what they want to drink. In cases where children are invited endeavor to make appropriate reservations for them.

Make Your Decorations Attractive

Dull colored decorations may serve for anything else but definitely not a wedding, make sure your decoration colors are appropriately balanced and can blend easily to provide a classy outlook, this will make your wedding memorable to everyone and probably set the standard for other people getting married too.

Your decorations should reflect the joy and happiness you feel inside. It cannot be disputed that decorations bring life to the wedding. Adequate attention must be paid to every little detail, the sitting arrangement, cake positioning, cutlery arrangement, flower positioning and every other minute detail; nothing must be left uncertain or undecided. This will give your wedding that classic look

Express your Heartfelt Gratitude

Ensure to express your sincere gratitude to everyone that came around, make it a point to smile at everyone at the event, don’t wear a frown as if their presence annoys you or you are unhappy to see them. It is a well-known fact that planning weddings can be very tedious and stressful but it doesn’t change the fact that a host should wear a smile, be a gracious host with a smile.

Let the guests feel that their presence is well appreciated and acknowledged; every guest wants to feel important, some of them probably traveled long distances just to be there, or left their very busy schedule to make out time for you. Create time for vote of thanks during your ceremony and thank everyone.

Wrap Up!

In conclusion, weddings are considered one of the most important days in our lives; it is, therefore, essential to make sure that it is a memory you can remember and smile, take time to plan your wedding uniquely and ensure that nothing is left out.

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