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Located in St. Louis, the Four Seas Banquet Facility is a delightful place to have an idyllic wedding. This beautiful facility features a 14 foot ceiling with black accented white drapes stretching from the exquisite terrazzo floor to the ceiling accentuated with soft, beautiful up lights.

This facility can seat up to 330 persons in a dinner setting. It also includes a large stage that can accommodate a 12-piece band or DJ, risers for head table with white linen skirting, along with skirted card and cake tables, white linen table cloths with cushioned banquet chairs and white linen chair covers.

The Delightful Four Seas Wedding Venue

Q&A with Four Seas Banquet

We got someone from Four Seas Banquet Facility to throw insight on some questions that were asked.

What Common Mistakes do you See Couples /making?

The most common mistake I see couples making is not having a solid guest list before starting the whole process. The guest count will drive the budget, it always does. Along with that, is unrealistic expectations of what things actually cost. I am asked this regularly, “I have 300 people and want a meal and open bar with a $2500 budget can you make that happen?” Yikes! you can’t feed that many people from McDonald’s for that budget let alone with a full bar and a two entree meal.

What’s the Best Iip you have for a Couple Planning a Wedding?

Manners. I see far to many clients that have lost all touch with basic manners. No call, no show for appointments. Demanding services. Not reading the contract and then mad because we won’t do something that is in the contract that they signed…… I had a set of clients that were pediatric oncologists, it completely poured on their outdoor wedding. They got married in the rain.

I was upset, the staff was upset and you know what they said… They said “It’s completely fine, because today we didn’t have to tell anyone that their child was going to die”. PERSPECTIVE. It’s just one day, and things are going to go wrong and it won’t be the end of the world. I tell all of my clients this story on the day before their wedding, and remind them to take a deep breath and keep perspective.

What your Best Piece of Advice for Couples Planning a Wedding?

Guest Count. Get your list together before doing anything else.

What don’t Couples /know about Wedding Venues that they need to Know?

We are people too. Human’s make mistakes, but how they are addressed is what sets us all apart. If you read the same complaint or compliment over and over again, pay attention to that.

What Questions Should  Couples be Asking that they don’t know to ask?

I don’t actually run into this all that often. Most people have done their homework and have a full list of questions for me.

What’s the Most Unusual Wedding you Ever did?

We work with all walks of life, so nothing shocks me or stands out any longer. However, if the Bride, Groom or crowd treats the staff terribly, that does stand out. You can usually tell everything you need to know about someone by how the treat the staff.

What was the Most Memorable Wedding you ever worked, and why?

When the client has appreciation for the work, real vision and taste that is usually what I remember. Along with that, if they are terrible to me or the staff, I usually remember them too.

If you are interested in having your wedding in this venue, and you want to make further inquiries, then feel free to send a message to their email or give them a call.


Photo Credit: https://www.fourseasbanquetfacility.com

Many couples choose to not hire a wedding DJ until they have found a reception hall. However, it might be better to do it the other way around – put the ceremony music at the top of the checklist. But why? Who would know best about the different reception halls in the area? The experienced Disk Jockey who do a lot of weddings and often go to the same place. Sometimes it might happen that they become regulars to a certain place due to the high demand that it has for receptions.

Since wedding DJs can be of great assistance by giving you suggestions for different reception halls that might have not come to your mind, it might be a good idea that you hire a wedding DJ St Louis before finding a venue. Here you can read some tips that you would learn from experienced St Louis DJ.


1. The Size of the Venue

One of the most important thing about a wedding is the size of the hall where you are going to hold it. Consider

  • How many people can comfortably seat?
  • How big is the dance floor?
  • Will there be enough space for the cake table?
  • Is there enough room for the StLouisDJ to set up?

2. Climate

If you go for an indoor reception hall, make sure that it has the proper climate control. After all, you don’t want your guests to be too hot or too cold during the ceremony. Ask about the heating/air condition before reserving the place.

On the other hand, if you plan on holding the wedding outdoors, make sure that you keep an eye out for the weather and that you have a backup plan in case Mother Nature decides something else. After all, your wedding DJ St Louis wouldn’t want to set up their expensive equipment if it seems like it’s going to rain.

3. Distance from the hall to the actual wedding ceremony

This is something that a couple should consider when looking for the ideal place to get married. Many couples decide to save up some money by having the ceremony in the same place as the reception. This is also more convenient for the guests who will drive to a single location.

If you find a reception hall that has a beautiful landscape, you might want to consider holding the ceremony there. However, if you want to have your wedding in a church and you can’t hold the reception there, you should consider the distance between the two.

4. The time between the ceremony and the reception

When you manage to find the perfect place for the reception and another one for the ceremony, consider the time between the end of the one and the start of the other. You should consider the time that your wedding DJ would require to set up their equipment and be ready so that when the guests arrive everything is going to be set and ready to begin.

You want your guests to not lose their mood even for a single second during the whole wedding because you want them to have as much good memories of the whole event as you will.

5. Smoking or non-smoking

Nowadays this is not such a big deal as it once was. Most of the public facilities and reception halls nowadays are non-smoking. You probably won’t have any problems with this, however you should still consider talking with the venue coordinator beforehand. The last thing that you would want at your own wedding is for someone to light up a smoke and catch something on fire.

Most of the people are considerate of their own smoking habits, especially when there are many non-smokers gathered in the same place as them. When you have your wedding reception outdoors, you should consider having a couple of smoking areas where the non-smokers won’t be disturbed.

Wrap Up!

If you happen to have hired a wedding planner to help you out with all of the preparations for your wedding day, it won’t be a bad idea to have your abelldjcompany to coordinate with the planner and go over some suggestions. Together they might be able to find an even better venue than the one that you had in mind.


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