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1) Set a budget and stick to it

 It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and get carried away with your spending. A planner’s less emotional approach leaves less room for letting extras chip away at your wedding fund, but planning your own wedding is a whirlwind of emotion. Your best weapon: set a realistic budget and hold yourself to it. Remember there are hundreds of ways (and at least as many websites and idea boards online) to achieve everything you envision if you’re willing to get creative and be a little flexible.


2)  Define your priorities. 

The truth is you’re going to encounter some curveballs while planning your big day. A venue will get booked out from under you or a photographer’s bid will come in significantly higher than you anticipated. Working with your fiance to define what matters most can help you make adjustments to overcome whatever obstacles you encounter. If the venue is your biggest priority, maybe another date will work. If the photography is the piece of your wedding day that you’ll treasure most, know that you’ll need to trim in other places.


3)  Make yourself accountable to deadlines. 

The timeline may just sound like a fancy way to say “to-do list,” and in some ways that’s true. But a timeline carries an important distinction: the recognition of when not just what must be done. Create your timeline with every major planning category (transportation, cake, etc.) and every step and corresponding deadline (research limo companies, secure bids from limo companies, book limo, confirm limo reservation, etc.)


4)  Expect exceptional service.

 Wedding planners have experience vetting and weeding out subpar vendors, and while you may not have the luxury of practice on your side, you can still set the bar high. A friendly but professional approach will take you far, as will an organized and decisive mindset. Avoid growing too chummy, but conversely, avoid bringing out bridezilla-like demands. Layout your expectations determine whether the vendor can adequately meet or exceed them, listen to your instincts, and solicit references to verify your impressions.



5 )  Set your inner OCD free. 

Planning a wedding is the perfect time to indulge any obsessive-compulsive tendencies. Create a binder to keep track of all your wedding planning. It’s a great place to store photos and magazine pages of looks you like so you can share them with vendors, but it’s also the spot where you can accumulate all of your contracts, receipts, contact information, and other documentation. When a guest or vendor calls with a question, you can put your hands on the information you need in mere minutes, keeping stress at a minimum all around.

Along with the many joys that come from planning a wedding are the inevitable worries. Paramount among these—particularly when planning an outdoor ceremony—is the fear of rain on your wedding day. While there are many things you can control about your big day, the weather will never be one of them, but that’s no reason to worry.

Instead of fearing the possibility of poor conditions, you can embrace what the world gives you and make the best of it. You might be surprised to find that dealing with rain on your wedding day could be a desirable mishap, thanks to gorgeous lighting for perfect photos, an excuse for you and your guests to get cozy, and an unexpected perspective to begin your marriage with.


To put your mind at ease, we asked brides to share what happened when it rained on their wedding day (and why they wouldn’t have had it any other way).

The Pictures Will Be Gorgeous

“Once we got our pictures back, the light was beautiful, and it was so fun walking around huddled under an umbrella together. Plus, our ceremony was outside, and everyone had blankets and cuddled together.”

It Can Cool Down a Summer Night

“Luckily we were already under a tent eating when the major downpour occurred. When dinner was over, the rain had ended, and the beautiful, foggy sunset was perfect for pictures and dancing. Considering our wedding was in July, I was happy that the rain brought a cooler night instead of scorching sunshine.”

The Perfect Ceremony Isn’t Always What You Had Planned

“It rained on my wedding day, and it ended up being a great surprise. I had an outdoor ceremony planned, and instead, we got married in front of our venue’s beautiful fireplace. Our planner and florist brought in the arch and still decorated. It ended up being so pretty, and the rain stopped just in time for us to take photos outside. It was the perfect ceremony for us, and our guests loved how cozy it was.”

Your Guests Will Get Cozy

“Aside from optimal lighting for outdoor photos (and making all the flowers and trees more vibrant), it got everyone a lot more cozy at our backyard reception. We were so happy to see both of our families and friends mixing it up, where they might have otherwise spread out into their separate cliques.”

You’ll Learn to Let Go

“There was a torrential downpour on my wedding day in July 2015. Our ceremony was scheduled to be outdoors, and we had to scrap everything last-minute and move the ceremony inside. At the time, I thought it was the worst thing that could happen, but what I didn’t know is how much the experience would change my perspective on things. I used to need control over every aspect of my life and couldn’t deal when things fell out of line. Since then, I am so much more laid-back, less rigid, and happier.”

Everybody Loves Dancing in the Rain

“My husband and I have been together for 22 years and married for 14. We were married at our 1915 farmhouse here in Colorado. The day before the wedding, I had my silk gown cut to tea length but left the train. I had a hunch it was going to rain. People were sitting around hot as sin not doing much. As soon as the skies opened up, and it rained, people began dancing like fools to our bluegrass band. My dress miraculously stayed clean, and people had a blast in the rain, and they say it was the most fun wedding.” —

It Makes for a Great Story

“It poured on my wedding day (along with the day we got engaged, and the day of our engagement pictures), but it was perfect. Our venue was an old factory, and the dark moodiness made the day-of pictures amazing. But mainly, we chose our venue so we didn’t have to worry about the weather, so it was almost meant to happen.”

The Day Will Feel Magical

“Our wedding was at Momofuku Daisho in Toronto. We did it all on the terrace that connects the restaurant to the Shangri-La Hotel. It was tented with string lights everywhere and potted herbs on the table, and when it started raining, it was so enchanting. And it made sure it wasn’t too hot for any of our guests. Not to mention, we got the most amazing photos before it started raining because of how cloudy it was. It worked out perfectly.”


Every bride and groom out there want to make their wedding as entertaining as they can for all the guests. The reception entertainment is a thing that couples approach differently – some use music and dancing, while others tend to go even further in order to help the people have a good time. Here you can see new and currently trending reception entertainment ideas.

Music has always been one of the most popular choices for receptions and it still holds its spot. If you manage to find the right wedding DJ that can really get the party going all of the guests will have a great time. However, if you find a non-experienced wedding DJ, you might just end up getting the mood down. This is why you should use a WeddingDJStLouis who specializes in these kind of events. After all, if you pick a Disk Jockey that usually goes to night clubs they would play the wrong kind of music for a wedding reception party. Making the right decision is important in order to make sure that your guests have a great time.

A good idea might be to ask the wedding DJ that you have hired to play more rhythmic songs and invite a dance instructor as well. This is a great opportunity if the bride and groom want to make all of the people get off their feet and straight to the dance floor. Hire a couple of professional instructors that will guide all of the guests through the steps of the dance, while in the background the wedding DJ St Louis is playing the appropriate music and you will end up with lots of fun and many laughs. Setting the right mood is critical for the entertainment of the gusts during the reception.

There are some couples that even decide to go further than simply music and dancing, and hire performers that set up a small show for the wedding reception. However, this will only work well if the show is in touch with the theme of the whole wedding. For instance, if you are having a luau reception, fire dancers would be a great addition for the show; for any Asian themed wedding you should have a Chinese dragon walking around; or maybe hire a group of Celtic dancers for your Irish wedding. The possibilities are endless, just make sure that the performance fits the whole theme because otherwise it would feel outlandish and strange. In addition, keep in mind that your main goal is to provide entertainment for the guests, and some of them might not enjoy certain types of performers. Make sure that you find ones which are suitable for all the guests, as you will probably have small children on the reception as well.

If your wedding reception is being held in the evening, a good idea for reception entertainment might be to end the whole thing with a great fireworks display. It could be a fantastic way for the bride and groom to make their way out. However, for really great effect this should be done during the evening because during the day the result won’t be the same. Of course, fireworks are also a bit of expensive so make sure that you have enough money left from the wedding budget before you decide on undertaking this endeavour. In addition, although you are trying to help the guests have a good time, you should not to all of it for them but rather for you. If you feel happy then they should feel happy as well.

This brings to the final tip – do not overdo it. There are many couples who fall for the trap that having more and more is always going to be better, however this is not always the case. Keep in mind that for many generations people did not do anything else than have dinner, a couple of drinks, and a few dances for their wedding reception entertainment. This is why sometimes keeping it simple might be your best approach to the whole thing. Hiring a good wedding DJ St Louis might be just enough to set the mood right and get everyone dancing. Finally, you should also be ready to dance as if the bride and groom do not step up on the dance floor first, nobody will do it. However, if you have the courage to go soon enough more and more couples will follow you.


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Nowadays, if you open up a magazine you are almost certainly going to come across some kind of pictures of a celebrity at some kind of a party. Well, as a matter of fact you do not have to be any kind of celebrity to have some pictures taken of you at a similar event. No matter whether the event that you are attending is hosted in a hotel, bar, social club, or even inside your own home, you can too have your own professional photographer to take picture of you during these times that you are enjoying yourself. There are some companies that can even offer you a combination of a DJ and photographer which can make your party really memorable.

If you are wondering why you would need a party photographer consider that you can later put these photos on your fridge magnets, presentation folders and even photo books. The can make a really excellent novelty gift for your friends or family, or you can send them to the party attenders afterwards in order to surprise them.

Having decided that you would like your party to be photographed and led by a professional StLouisDJ, then the next logical step is to find a company which offers these services. Of course, you are sure that you can always ask your friends for help with the bringing of the equipment, but the really good St Louis DJs and photographers are usually ones that bring these things on their own.

But, how exactly do you go about hiring a professional photo booth photographer and St Louis DJ. You might get some references from your friends and family if they have previously used such a company for their own parties, anniversary, or even wedding. Another option, which I think should be the one that you undertake, would be to turn on your laptop or personal computer and search for a photographer and dj St. Louis on the Internet. There you will find lots and lots of companies which are going to offer you these services. You should definitely look for ones with more reasonable prices but do not aim for the ones with the lowest, as probably the quality of their work is not so admirable.

By going on the Internet for a research on DJs and photo booth rental you will find not only ones that are available all over the country, but also ones that that operate only in your area. For example, you will easily find at least a dozen St Louis DJs which can all offer you their services right away. However, you should not go rushing into the first one that you see but rather check their portfolios thoroughly and see their past work. Look for photographers and party djs whose work you enjoy and would like to see live. If you find ones that you really like and you think that their prices are reasonable enough, then you should contact them immediately. After all you are not the only person who wants their services, and you should make sure that you book in advance for the date of your party or otherwise they might not be available.

Once you have acquired their services, make sure that you give them sufficient amount of information about the upcoming party. If you are going to have some kind of specific theme, you should let them know. I think that a good idea would be to hire a company which offers both photo booth rental as well as party djs at the same time. If you offer them in one go, you will most probably get some kind of a discount which would be great for your wallet. In the end, you should also ask them if they have some kind of ideas and listen to them, after all they are professionals and they might bring in some new life to the party that you have not even expected.

By finding and hiring professional photographer and DJ for your party or any other sort of event you will ensure that you and all of your guests will not only have a great time but will also be able to enjoy all of the memories which will be kept forever in photos.

There are a number of mistakes that people usually make when they are looking for wedding DJs. This is mainly because they do not know what things should be considered when looking for the right one. If you do not want to end up with a ruined night, do a little research on some of the factors that make a professional disk jockey stand apart from those who do not have the sufficient skill and knowledge to be good at what they do. Most of the people who are on tight budget look for professionals who have low fees. However, you should not be fooled by cheap prices as the quality of these DJs’ services are probably not as good. On the other hand, do not go rushing in for the first expensive wedding DJ that you see as not all of the pricey ones are good. Make a good and thorough research on the subject and consider some of the tips that I will now discuss if you want to have a really memorable wedding.

You should never get a party DJ that does all trades. You might think that you are lucky for coming across a DJ that does all types of services, but the first thing that you have to look for is a wedding DJ who has made this their specialty. This is quite important factor as there are some DJs who are really great but can perform well only at birthday parties and not on wedding events. When you are looking for a wedding DJ, make sure that this is the main thing that they do for a living. Just because they are good at being a DJ does not mean they are a good wedding DJ.

It is also very important that you know for how long your disk jockey has been performing on such events. You should ask them about how much their experience is. Most of the professional St Louis DJs have their own websites which you can visit and see more information about them. This information usually includes how much experience they might have, but if they have not included it always ask them. You have to look for one that is more experienced in the area of weddings as they will know how to entertain the people there.

Most of the better St Louis DJs have a testimonial page on their websites. Go there and check out some of the feedback that their previous customers have left so that you can see what the general opinion about this person is. If you see that there are just too many negative comments, then you should just let it go and look for another wedding DJ who you can hire for your event. Do not waste any more of your time.

Depending on the country or state that you are living in, most of the DJs are required to have some sort of public liability insurance. Remember to always ask them for a copy and check it. You can either ask them to send it to your email or on paper, it does not matter. However, if the wedding DJ that you have liked is not able to provide you with a copy of this insurance, this means that the company they are working for is not insured and are not working with any professionalism in mind. This does not mean that they are not good but it sure is a thing that you should consider.

Take a look at what the working schedule of the DJ is. A big part of DJs work only during weekdays, and since a wedding can only be held during the weekends find a DJ which offers their services during these days. You might find this a bit of a daunting challenge, but in the end it will surely be worth all the effort that you put in. If you are not sure whether the wedding DJ would be available for the weekend, the best way to find out is to personally ask them.

The pricing of the St Louis DJs should be the least of your concerns, but is nevertheless an important factor. You might have to spend some additional amount of money in order to hire a DJ. However, given the fact that this will help you make your day truly memorable you should be ready to do it.

Start your search for wedding DJ St Louis in advance in order to ensure that you come across one that you like and is free during the weekend that you are going to hold this special event.

Christopher Abell
DJ Chris Abell

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Wedding is the most awaited moment of one’s life and that is why we want everything to be perfect. Whether it is the decoration or the catering, special emphasis is given so that the guests can have a great time and enjoy the wedding. Apart from the above arrangements, there is one more thing which requires equal focus as well as attention. It is the DJ services which need to be just excellent as well as incredible. A wedding is incomplete without music and so hiring a DJ will be a good option. With the help of the DJ, you can not only set the mood of the wedding but entertain the guests in a better way. This is the reason that such services have become very popular and the first preference of the people.

Best St Louis DJs

Organizing a wedding requires lot of efforts as well as planning. The same is the case while hiring the DJ services for your wedding. As there are numerous companies offering such services, therefore it sometimes becomes difficult to take the right decision. St Louis is known for its best DJ companies that offer brilliant services keeping in mind the needs of an individual. No matter whether your wedding affair is a small or a grand one, the DJ will be installed as per the requirement. The professionals will visit the venue, decide the place and make all the arrangements accordingly. So there is nothing on the part of the host but you can just relax and see the arrangements being done in a good way. There are several companies providing similar Best St Louis DJs, so it will be better to compare the services and its cost. This will help you to take a smart decision and save a few bucks as well.

Tips to consider while hiring wedding DJ’s

There are different types of Dj for wedding, so ensure that you choose the one which suits your pocket. Nowadays the mobile DJ’s are very much in fashion but are a little expensive. So if your pocket allows you to spend more, you can go for this option too. Next you must carry out a complete research before availing the services. There are chances that you may end up getting a better deal and that too at a low price. One needs to be smart so that you can hire wedding DJ that is best suited for the occasion.

Entertainment is an active mood set by the activities and events at a place where people gather. The events could be for fun and laughter, an occasion of family members like wedding ceremony, birthday party, anniversary, etc. Audience mood is an important aspect as it turns a private or public leisure activity into entertainment. Media is also a medium for amusement like movie, play audio files, and click photos with friends in a gathering and many more.

Family occasions are the best thing to happen where you have maximum crowd and unlimited fun. And it’s nothing like if the event is a wedding reception. Two people from different backgrounds take vows to support each other at all times and stay together for the rest of their lives. A wedding is a blissful time for a couple. The event brings exuberance for family, relatives, friends, and pals who gather at the venue. It involves fun filled activities like music, dance, photo shoot, dinner/lunch with drinks, few more that add pep to the moment. People at the venue have entertainment as they get involved in all these activities. The theme for the occasion just becomes icing on the cake.

St. Louis of Missouri State, USA, is one of the perfect places to celebrate the memorable event of life. The city has many venue options for the wedding reception. Some of the venues also assist with package that includes different themes, costumes for bride and bridegroom, caterer, floral decoration, disc jockey (DJ) or live band, and other amusement activities. The venues provide attractive quotations for these packages to close the deal.

The ceremony kicks off with the procession where the audience walk-in and takes seat to enjoy the proceedings. This follows with entry of both bride and bridegroom. Then, the Father in the church introduces the couple to the audience. The couple recites their vows and exchange wedding rings, kiss each other. They are then announced as husband and wife by the Father of the church. A relative or closest pal from both sides give closing remarks and immediately everybody head off to join the most enthralling part of the occasion, the wedding party!

Its party time folks! Let loose your hair ladies and shake a leg with gentlemen! Sing and dance! Eat and drink!

A toast raised for the couple indicates that the party has begun. The marriage party has preferences for music as a live band or a DJ. A live band may be the best thing over a DJ who plays ready audio files however; each has its pros and cons. The occasion turns lively with a group of musicians playing different tunes using the music instruments. The difficult part is instantly to shift the mood on the dance floor like; light music to jazz or salsa based on the preference of audience. The live musicians would also prefer a break for refreshment after a long session. The break at times could be a party crasher as none would want to lower the tempo that was set. It could be a diversion for the audience. Another disappointment for the wedding party could be unavailability of requested songs with the live musicians. The party has to restrict itself with the songs available with a live band.

Alternately, the concept of DJ in a wedding ceremony doesn’t break the mood. It could be a pricey affair however; it is worth the money. The jockey has record of thousands of songs that she/he can play. They can instantly shift the song genre as requested by the audience. Mixing the songs is their forte and does it pretty well to pump the atmosphere. A break is never on the cards for DJ till the party is over. Friends can request favourite tracks for their loved ones or dedicate to the couple. Ultimately, the DJ truly sets the dance floor on fire.

Photography has its importance for all events as it keeps a track and remains as a memory for a lifetime. The photo albums also create a nostalgic feeling when revisited.

A wedding album of photos is just the right example. It hunts down the memory lane to recollect the sequence of events of the day. Hiring a photographer for main occasions is always advised. The admiring part of the photo session is when the couple poses romantically for each snap. A wedding theme adds life to the photos and the album. The party dresses according to the theme and make the event a grand success.

Self is the current trend at all events. Self is the term used when people pose and click the photo for themselves with a handheld or a digital camera. Selfie of the wedded couple would simply light up the album.

It actually excites everyone to talk or write about an important event in life that brings cheer to family and friends, and end up being an Entertainment.

Thanks for reading,

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A wedding is a lifetime event that brings two people and their families together. Planning a perfect wedding requires time as well as proper execution. As there are lots of elements in a wedding, it is very important that all of them are put together so that it turns out to be a grand celebration. Decoration, catering, music and entertainment are few aspects that require planning. Nowadays entertainment has become an essential part of the wedding without which the wedding is incomplete. There are plenty of ways to entertain the guests and keep them busy. Music is the best source of entertainment and you can enlighten your wedding with the right selection of songs that force you to tap your foot. DJ is a great choice when it comes to entertainment as you can have lots of fun and even the guests will have a great time.

Wedding Djs

There is no doubt about the fact that Wedding Djs are highly popular in today’s time. It is not only an excellent source of entertainment but a fun way to bring all people together. A wedding without dance is just like a train without an engine. Without dance, wedding will be boring and even the guests will not like it. The DJ not only brings fun in your wedding but there are many people who are very enthusiastic about dance. Such people can cheer up the people and create a lively atmosphere which is a necessity. Thus, you can say that hiring a DJ for your wedding can add a new dimension to your preparations and prove beneficial as well.

Why hire St Louis Djs?

Though there are many companies and agencies that provide DJ facilities but hiring St Louis Djs is good. It is because of the simple reason that their DJ’s are spacious enough to accommodate many people. Also the music tracks played by them are very right keeping in mind the occasion. Their selection is just awesome with fine quality music that attracts the people. When you hire them, you can look forward to a music wedding and all the arrangements will be done by the professionals. Therefore there are no chances that your wedding will be spoiled but there will be lots of fun and enjoyment.

The charges of hiring the Dj are affordable; therefore you won’t have any problem. Book the DJ now and enjoy the wedding to the extreme.

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