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Why You Should Hire a Professional Wedding Vendor with Great Reviews

Your investing a lot of  time, effort, and money into your wedding reception, there is not one reason why you shouldn’t hire a professional wedding vendors with excellent reviews from other brides and grooms.

After getting all the details of a couples wedding reception they will sometimes pop the question “can we come see you perform?” Great question but the answer you will get is “NO”.

We understand you want to see your professional wedding DJ in action but viewing him in action at another wedding reception won’t justify how he will perform at yours.


If we have a couple that had a destination wedding in Hawaii on the beach, and planned their entire reception around having a beach style theme with beach music played for dinner, this may not be your style and you will turn you head saying to yourself  “why would a DJ play this for dinner”. Then cross us off the list of your possible DJs for hire.

Next, (this ones pretty simple) we won’t invite anyone to your wedding, so we won’t invite any potential clients to anyone else’s wedding. That’s just rude, don’t you think?

And lastly those companies that give you a dvd or video sample of their work. Obviously these are edited to capture only the best highlights of the evening with a packed dance floor and not 100% accurate to a full nights performance.

So what do you go from to make the right decision on your entertainer you ask… REVIEWS!!!

There are many sites that show reviews from actual clients where a particular DJ has performed.

You can find reviews of my DJ business on these sites as well, please visit:

You can also find our reviews posted on our site as well https://abelldjcompany.com/reviews, where you will find direct links to my company’s page on each of these online review sites.)

Congratulations on your recent engagement and upcoming wedding!

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