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Have you tried hosting an event where you anticipated that a large number of people would attend and at the end, you get disappointed? Most times people spend a lot of money to host events, and at the end of the day, the turn out becomes very low.

Probably due to improper planning or because most event organizers fail to recognize the main aim of the event and the actual people that would benefit from it. Hence they waste their resources on untargeted marketing leading to the inability of the event organizers to target the right audience.

To attract the right audience to your event, you must promote it with great contents and create sign up pages that are highly optimized. Also, follow the steps listed below to increase the number of people who participate in your event.

How to Get More People to Attend Your Event

Content Creation

Creating unique contents are also essential if you want to increase the number of people that would be in attendance. Make use of press releases, also let your intending audience know the name of your speaker and give them a video preview of his or her presentation. Use of creative images that possess the capability to grab one’s attention and direct people to view more information about the event.

Promoting your event

When planning out the content that would be used for the promotion of your event, the organizer needs to know the mind of the people that would be in attendance. Some questions that should be asked include; what are their key challenges, what do they want to learn about, how would they like to take in the content.

Promoting Your Content: After creating good content for your event, you should go further to ensure you promote your event and get it to many people as possible. You can promote your content through the following ways.

  • Social Media: The use of social media is one way to reach a large number of people when promoting an event and trying to create awareness. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are excellent ways of passing your contents to the people within a short time. A lot of people gets more involved on the social media and messages get to the people very fast because the world is gradually becoming a global village. Therefore it is advisable to use the social media in promoting your event.

  • Email: When appropriately done, emails are very useful for creating awareness needed for a specific event. The subject line should be highly relevant, and the action intended for the recipient to take should be made clear

  • CTAs: At the end of a blog post and email signatures, CTAs can be added to direct people to your events page. Other places where CTA’s are added include in videos description, on multiple pages of a website.

  • Influencers: When trying to get people to come to your event, reaching out to influential people in relevant areas is a great way to make your event known.

Optimizing Your Event Signup Page

Once a good content is in place and a lot of traffic has been driven to your sign up page, it is important to convert as much traffic as possible into registration. In other to be able to do this, consider the following

  • Make it stand out: Making your page unique by incorporating striking images, and great designs can help optimize your events page. Also, ensure that the graphics are small enough to be loaded quickly. Keep the design simple, and halfway to conversions.

  • Make use of contrasting colors: Contrasting colors have a unique way of drawing peoples attention to the main issue. This will enable the people to see precisely what they are signing up for.

  • Go straight to the point: On the event page, the ideas and values should be quickly communicated to those that visit the page as quickly as possible so as not to lose their interest. Using relevant headers, bold or italics can be used to emphasize a point.

  • Provide enough information: Information on areas that are likely to confuse should be communicated and settled. The FAQ page should include things like items that can be brought to the event, dress code, etc. Additional information should also be provided.

  • Provide contact information: Providing detailed contact information puts the attendees at ease when they are buying tickets.

Optimize registration follow-ups

Follow-ups of registered participants is a great way to persuade people to come, sending reminder emails and staying on their defense in the email box where they can access it anytime can help improve overall attendance.

Finally, it is quite disappointing that you would spend a huge amount of money to organize an event and have a low turnout. However, if you follow the step listed above, you should have an award-winning event.

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