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Bridal hair and makeup is one of the big decisions a bride must make before her big day, there are different hairstyles and makeups to choose from, but the question is how do you choose the perfect hair and makeup for your big day. It will definitely be difficult for an intending bride to make up her mind on what to go for because there are a lot of styles on the internet.

Tips for Selecting the Best Hair and Makeup

Tips for Selecting the Best Hair and Makeup

Here are some tips that can help you choose the perfect wedding hair and makeup.

Try Different Looks

Before settling for a particular hair or makeup, there is a need for an experiment, try out different hairstyles and get different makeup styles done to help you choose which you are more comfortable with. Go online get different samples and show them to your makeup artist and hairstylist, then settle for a particular one that fits you perfectly well.

Make Sure It Suits Your Dress

Your wedding dress will play a huge role in deciding the kind of hairdo and makeup you settle for, think about your neckline, the length, and style of the dress. If you are using a ball gown, you may want to pack your hair in an upward motion and probably have a lighter make up, nothing too obvious or harsh.

Consider Your Venue

It is also important to consider your wedding venue before choosing your makeup or hairstyle. Ask yourself if you want to have an outdoor wedding, or get a hall? If you having an outdoor wedding you may consider the fact that the sun would be coming directly at you, you may want to roll your hair up and make your make up light to avoid sweating and general discomfort.

Hair Accessories

You may want to consider your hair accessories before choosing your hairstyles, make a hair do that would not make your hair accessories look totally off, there are certain hair styles that do not need any hair accessories to compliment them. Be sure that your hairstyle and your accessories are a total blend. Choose your accessories carefully, what works for someone else may not work for you, if possible go with your hair stylist to help you make excellent decisions.

Hire Professionals

It is very important to hire professionals to handle your hair and makeup, you do not want to have your big day ruined by someone who is not sure of what they are doing, or come out looking badly made up or your hair totally unappealing, ask questions, get referrals and ask to see sample of previous works before engaging their services, possibly ask for a pretest and be totally convinced you love it before settling for them.

Be Comfortable With Your Choice

Make sure you are comfortable with your decisions, make your choice and be at peace with it, do not allow friends or family to decide what makeup or hairstyle you wear, you could seek for their advice, but the major decision must come from you. Ensure you are blown away by your looks and totally in love with them.

Wrap Up!

Finally, try to look your best on your big day, it is your day ensure you love whatever hairdo or makeup you choose.

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