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A wedding party is the group of trusted and dedicated people who will be with you at each step of your wedding. From shopping to venue selection to reception, these people will be by your side.

Now it is a bit hard to choose a wedding party. You want to select the best but also not upset anyone. Here is how you choose your wedding party.

Dream Wedding Party with These Simple Tips!

Dream Wedding Party

1. Choose the ones that are nearest and dearest to you

First, ask your siblings from both the groom and bride side. They are the closest to you and know you better than anyone else. After choosing from your siblings, next comes family and friends.

And honestly speaking, it is really up to you to decide. Sometimes, close friends hold more importance than family and vice versa. Pick those who you can trust and who knows you and your fiancé the longest.

2. Think twice before asking

Take as much as you want to think. Once you have officially asked the person, don’t turn back. This is against moral laws to first ask someone and then remove him/her from the party.

It is a bit overwhelming process. You might want to include all your best friends in your wedding party. But, think before making the decision. You can even take as long as a month to decide. But once the decision is taken, stick with it as one man.

3. Set realistic expectations

If you pick a friend or family member who lives far from your place, he/she won’t be able to make it at all your wedding events. Think of the role you want that person to make in your wedding.

Is the person the right fit? If yes then what will be your expectations. Don’t select a person with a hectic schedule and then expect him/her at every event. Be realistic and be ready to face any sort of situation.

4. Maid of honor and Best man

Now this one is really tricky. You need to have a maid of honor and a best man. If you are not clear about the people you want to choose, then don’t have any or maybe have more than one. It is up to you.

Not everyone follows tradition these days. You can have multiple maids of honors and best men. Don’t worry about getting equal members. There are many creative ways to take group pictures with odd numbers of wedding party members.

5. Do you wish to have a no-kid wedding?

Kids can be a great source of joy. But kids can sometimes create a lot of disturbance in public gatherings especially if it is a wedding. It is OK to have a No-kid wedding if that is more your style.

It is even OK not to have a flower girl or ring bearer. But, if you think these cute members will brighten up your event, then, by all means, add them. If the kids are sweet and don’t cause any disturbance, then you can add them to your no-kid wedding.

6. Bridal party according to the number of guests.

The members of your bridal party should be proportional to the number of guests invited to your wedding. If you are planning to have a wedding with less than 150 guests, keep your wedding party minimum. Five or Six members will be sufficient. But if it is a huge wedding, it is up to you to decide. You can have as many members you want as long as they fit the criteria and can stand beside you at the altar.

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