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There are a lot of questions on the Internet asking how to get the best out of wedding photography. Here is the answer.

1. Get assistance from the best

No matter how old you are in the photography industry, it is best to spend some time with a pro. Learn the tips and tricks of wedding photography. You can first attend a wedding with an experienced photographer before starting your solo journey.

2. Create a list of shots before the wedding

This is a small act, but it will surely protect you from future problems. Ask the couple to think about the pictures they want and send a “shot list” to you. This way you will know the type of images they want and the important people they want to take pictures with.

3. the location a day before

It will be an excellent thing to scout the area where you will be taking photographs. There are so many benefits to it. You will get the idea of where to make the perfect shots. You will also know about the perfect angle where the light will come and many other things. You can even go with the couple and take some sample shots.

4. Turn off your camera’s sound

Trust me! No one like beep sound while taking their wedding vows. Switch off all the unnecessary sounds before the wedding day. It will help provide better service to your clients.

5. Have a second photographer

Whether you are the wedding photographer or the couple getting married always has a backup. If you are a wedding photographer, you should bring an extra person with you. You can take the formal pictures while the other person can take candids of the couple and guests. And if you are the one getting married then get in contact with a backup photographer in case of an emergency.

6. Shoot in raw

It can be a little challenging for you to take a hard shot but is definitely worth the try. Many photographers skip it because of the extra processing. Raw shots will give you the ability and flexibility to manipulate the pictures after taking them. Many wedding venues don’t have the ideal light systems to make the perfect shots. And some churches have dim lights. This is why it is a good idea to shoot in raw. Your client will surely be happy with your work.

7. Display previously took shots at the reception

Here is another fun thing you can do to make the event more interesting. Due to digital photography, the photographs taken in the morning or a day before can be displayed with the help of a projector or on a computer. You can make your computer and put the photographs in the display. People will surely be pleased, and you might get some new clients as well.

8. Change the setting to continuous shooting mode

There will be a lot of things going around on the wedding day. There will be moments that need to be captured by your camera. To ensure you take those photos, change your camera settings to continuous mode. Some photos were made after the official shots are sometimes more appealing.

9. Capture the firsts

The first kiss, first dance, first look are the most beautiful and precious moments of the wedding ceremony. You need to be highly attentive because they happen so fast. Plan the time for these moments and capture the best shots.

10. Search for smiles

There will be a lot of sweet faces with bright smiles at the wedding. Your goal is to find these gems and capture them through the lens of your camera.

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