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Rings are an indispensable part of any wedding. So, it is paramount that you put a lot of things into consideration when deciding on the rings to go for. Here are some tips to guide you on your search for a perfect ring:

How Much Does a Custom Wedding Ring Cost

Narrow Down Your Choices

This is probably one out of many or even the only piece of jewelry you’ll shop for together before your wedding and wear every day for the rest of your lives, it is advisable to make some preliminary choices before even hitting the stores.

You should streamline your choices to things like: Do you want the rings to match? Do you want yours to match the metal on your necklace? Do you want your band to be the same metal as your engagement ring? Would you love for your bands to include gemstones or diamonds? These are the sort of questions you should consider so you can easily reach a decision on what you want before you start shopping.

Shop for Your Rings Early

Some wedding rings need to be ordered or made bespoke. Plan to shop for your wedding rings around 6 months before your big day, just to ensure you have enough time ahead of your wedding.

You’ve gone through the list of questions with your spouse-to-be, you have a basic idea of what you like and now is the fun part, shopping for the ring.  Some wedding rings need to be ordered or custom made. So, you’ll need time to research prices, browse and revisit rings that catch your fancy. Plan to shop for your wedding rings at least 3 to 6 months before the wedding day, just to ensure that you have enough time to get the perfect ring.

Mix It Up

If you partner likes platinum and you on the other hand likes gold, this shouldn’t give you much worry. There is no general rule that says you must both like the same metal or even style. You go for braided bands that combine the metals or can just be plain different.

The important thing here is finding something you both like that reflects your individual styles. But whatever the final decision is, some aspect of your rings should match to make it feel like a true pair.

Set a Budget

When planning your wedding budget fit in wedding rings somewhere. You should keep in mind that this is something you’d probably be wearing forever, and it will be worth it to spend a bit more on it as compared to other jewelry.

A 14-karat gold band usually starts at about $330, while a simple platinum band can cost upward of $600 apiece. Adding embellishments like diamonds or engraving on the band will add to the cost, so factor this in when planning for the rings.

Think Long Term

You might be in the class that is not too interested in flashy things, but make sure the style you settle for is something you’ll want to wear for the next couple of years of your life. This ring will be worn to various events, so pick the one you can picture yourself wearing for a long time. You can always upgrade to a higher and better one.

Take Your Time Trying

You might like the idea of some elegantly designed ring, but once you get to the store, make sure to try some rings that are not in your checklist. Talk with the jeweler, then allow them make suggestions based on what you like and make sure to keep an open mind. Just like choosing a wedding dj, you may end up loving something you never thought you would.

As you try out the various styles, don’t forget about how comfortable it fit in your finger. Some rings are just too pretty, but end up being a nightmare at the end. Do not let looks deceive you. Wear it around the store for some few minutes to check how comfortable it lies in your fingers.

Check for Quality

Make sure the rings are up to quality. Make sure to check for two marks inside the band: the manufacturer’s trademark and the quality mark. This proves the manufacturer stands behind their work and the quality mark simply proves the metal quality is what the retailer say it is.

Consider Shape and Size

Wedding rings come in different shapes and sizes. Our fingers can swell and contract due to cold, heat, water retention or weight gain. To find the appropriate size that can adapt to all conditions, schedule your ring fitting at a time when you’re calm and your body temperature is normal.

Consider the Maintenance

Some wedding bands especially the ones with stones are usually difficult to maintain. They require you to pass through some tedious process to just maintain them. If you are the lazy type, simply go the one that will not require you to go through a hard process just to keep it shiny.


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