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Along with the many joys that come from planning a wedding are the inevitable worries. Paramount among these—particularly when planning an outdoor ceremony—is the fear of rain on your wedding day. While there are many things you can control about your big day, the weather will never be one of them, but that’s no reason to worry.

Instead of fearing the possibility of poor conditions, you can embrace what the world gives you and make the best of it. You might be surprised to find that dealing with rain on your wedding day could be a desirable mishap, thanks to gorgeous lighting for perfect photos, an excuse for you and your guests to get cozy, and an unexpected perspective to begin your marriage with.


To put your mind at ease, we asked brides to share what happened when it rained on their wedding day (and why they wouldn’t have had it any other way).

The Pictures Will Be Gorgeous

“Once we got our pictures back, the light was beautiful, and it was so fun walking around huddled under an umbrella together. Plus, our ceremony was outside, and everyone had blankets and cuddled together.”

It Can Cool Down a Summer Night

“Luckily we were already under a tent eating when the major downpour occurred. When dinner was over, the rain had ended, and the beautiful, foggy sunset was perfect for pictures and dancing. Considering our wedding was in July, I was happy that the rain brought a cooler night instead of scorching sunshine.”

The Perfect Ceremony Isn’t Always What You Had Planned

“It rained on my wedding day, and it ended up being a great surprise. I had an outdoor ceremony planned, and instead, we got married in front of our venue’s beautiful fireplace. Our planner and florist brought in the arch and still decorated. It ended up being so pretty, and the rain stopped just in time for us to take photos outside. It was the perfect ceremony for us, and our guests loved how cozy it was.”

Your Guests Will Get Cozy

“Aside from optimal lighting for outdoor photos (and making all the flowers and trees more vibrant), it got everyone a lot more cozy at our backyard reception. We were so happy to see both of our families and friends mixing it up, where they might have otherwise spread out into their separate cliques.”

You’ll Learn to Let Go

“There was a torrential downpour on my wedding day in July 2015. Our ceremony was scheduled to be outdoors, and we had to scrap everything last-minute and move the ceremony inside. At the time, I thought it was the worst thing that could happen, but what I didn’t know is how much the experience would change my perspective on things. I used to need control over every aspect of my life and couldn’t deal when things fell out of line. Since then, I am so much more laid-back, less rigid, and happier.”

Everybody Loves Dancing in the Rain

“My husband and I have been together for 22 years and married for 14. We were married at our 1915 farmhouse here in Colorado. The day before the wedding, I had my silk gown cut to tea length but left the train. I had a hunch it was going to rain. People were sitting around hot as sin not doing much. As soon as the skies opened up, and it rained, people began dancing like fools to our bluegrass band. My dress miraculously stayed clean, and people had a blast in the rain, and they say it was the most fun wedding.” —

It Makes for a Great Story

“It poured on my wedding day (along with the day we got engaged, and the day of our engagement pictures), but it was perfect. Our venue was an old factory, and the dark moodiness made the day-of pictures amazing. But mainly, we chose our venue so we didn’t have to worry about the weather, so it was almost meant to happen.”

The Day Will Feel Magical

“Our wedding was at Momofuku Daisho in Toronto. We did it all on the terrace that connects the restaurant to the Shangri-La Hotel. It was tented with string lights everywhere and potted herbs on the table, and when it started raining, it was so enchanting. And it made sure it wasn’t too hot for any of our guests. Not to mention, we got the most amazing photos before it started raining because of how cloudy it was. It worked out perfectly.”


Creating the perfect wedding is a priority for most brides as they have dreamt of that day all their lives. Perfection is person/couple dependent, and this should be taken into consideration when planning a wedding. Simple wedding, do not mean cheap weddings. Here are some tips for planning a simple wedding.


Wedding to-do-list

This might be a little orthodox, but it is important to write down even the tiniest detail in planning a wedding, especially a simple one. You do not want last minute run arounds. If you are planning your own wedding, it is best to draw this list with people who you know have experience in planning weddings.

On the other hand, if you are planning a simple wedding for someone, please consult the couple for specific details since it is all about what they want on their big day. One might ask that about the peculiarity of to-do lists for simple weddings. For simple weddings, the to-do-list is more precise, detailed and short.


It is always important to begin plans with a specific amount of money you are willing to expend in the course of preparing for the wedding. If you do not do this, chances are you will spend so much and still run into debts at the end of the day.

You start by declaring the total money you have for the wedding, then you make allocations to all the money-related preparations in the wedding to-do list. Remember, this is just to help you manage your expenses.


Most people who want simple weddings want small intimate gatherings of their close friends and family. The couple does not want to say their vows in front of strangers who are just there to have fun. Translation: the guest list has to be short, restricted to close family and friends.

Making and distributing limited number of invitation, and safeguarding them from social media is one way to restrict the number of guests in attendance. Guests will, therefore, be ushered into the wedding venue strictly by invitation.


Of course, if you want a simple wedding you will choose a location that suits the theme of your wedding as well as give you room to decorate to your taste. Depending on the number of guests, you can also choose a location that will be cozy for all present.


This group of people are crucial to the success of any wedding. They can make or break it; we so don’t want them spoiling our simple wedding. Have a sordid arrangement with your vendors. You should use recommended vendors and give them specifics about your wedding. You don’t want them offering services you don’t require at your wedding.

Bridal Party

In planning your simple wedding, you also have to consider reducing the number of people in the bridal party. Less is more in this case. Since we are going for sophisticated but simple, you can be a little flexible with the dresses and tuxedos for bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Menu, Decoration, and Attire

We have combined these points because you can easily stress yourself on either of them trying hard to keep them simple and classy. Keep your menu as simple as what you serve your friends when they come over for lunch; you are not trying to impress anybody.

Decorations are lovely, and they create an ambience at your wedding: keep them calm and affordable. You don’t want to break the bank for decorations. Every lady wants to wear a lovely dress on her wedding day, but you should wear something gorgeous and very comfortable.

Wrap Up!

Now you know you don’t need so many skills, expertise or money to make your big day turn out how you have always wanted if you are planning your wedding or planning a simple wedding for someone. Planning a simple wedding can be very easy. Just start planning right now, and you will be surprised at how much success you will achieve.

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life, and you want it to reflect your unique personality and style. Whether you’re on a tight budget or simply looking for creative ways to personalize your celebration, there are plenty of easy, cheap, or even free ways to make your wedding yours. From DIY decor and handmade favors to personalized vows and unique entertainment, there are countless opportunities to add your own personal touch to your wedding day.

In this article, we’ve gathered 37 ideas to help you make your wedding truly one-of-a-kind. Whether you’re planning a rustic outdoor wedding or a chic city celebration, these ideas can suit any style or budget. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and get ready to be inspired!


Your Guide to Personalizing Your Wedding: Creating a Memorable and Meaningful Celebration

When I was planning my wedding, I didn’t need the most expensive dress or huge, elaborate floral centrepieces. I really just wanted a fun day surrounded by my closest family and friends in a beautiful location that was totally me and left my guests saying, “Wow! That was the best wedding EVER.”

At first, I didn’t think that was possible on my budget. I thought it took lots of money to create something unique and memorable. Fortunately for me…I was wrong. What you don’t know…and what the wedding industry doesn’t tell you…is that you can have a day filled with personal, unique touches that really say something about you. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

The secret is what I call the Wow Effect.

Have you ever walked into a beautiful, historic building.. or climbed to the top of a hill with a gorgeous view…or heard such powerful music that you just lost your words for a minute? It’s like you were so absolutely overwhelmed by what you saw, heard or felt that it blew you away. That’s the Wow Effect. “Wow” is that overwhelming moment of appreciation when you’re so moved that you can’t even express it.

When your guests experience the Wow Effect .at your wedding, they won’t just be impressed.. they’ll really “get” who you are and why you chose this wedding day, this location, and this man. The Wow Effect is like a magic trick that casts a spell over your guests, transporting them to another world…your world…and making them a part of it. Your guests are wowed when your wedding is a totally unique expression of you.

One of my brides explained it like this:

She and her fiancé poured tremendous energy into remodeling and decorating their new house. They spent hours painting and picking out just the right furniture, lights and accessories. It was a labor of love. When her parents finally came to visit, they took an extended tour of the house and said, “Wow! This house is just totally you.” After all the time, money and energy she’d spent planning the wedding of her dreams…that’s what she wanted her guests to say. 

“This wedding is unique…totally you.” That’s the experience your guests get when you “wow” them. It’s vitally essential to wow your guests so that they experience your wedding as unique and unforgettable. The bonus is that when they “get” who you are, they become connected and involved…which means they have more FUN. If you don’t wow your guests, they won’t understand that your wedding is totally you. 

Your wedding will be just like every other cookie-cutter wedding they’ve attended. But when you wow your guests, they’ll be impressed. You’ll see it on their faces, and they’ll say things like, “This is the best wedding I’ve ever been to!” On the other hand, if you don’t wow your guests, they might leave your reception early and tell people they had just an “okay” time.

Wowing your guests gives you the power to create a wedding that really represents who you are. You can literally influence your guests to have a good time. If you don’t wow your guests, not only does your wedding not represent you…you’re powerless to get your guests to have a good time. Engagement, The Wow Effect, happens in a group when you have people involved, connected and engaged in what’s going on. The key to the Wow Effect is something called engagement. 

I’m not talking about the kind of engagement that happened to you when your guy got down on one knee, popped the question, and you said yes. Engage means “to occupy the attention of someone” or “to attract and please.” It’s what happens when you’re really into what you’re doing. This is the real secret of life – to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it to work, realize it is played. — Alan Watts

You’ve probably experienced this type of engagement…or the lack of it… many times. For example, can you remember when you were given a group assignment in school but weren’t into it? Your teacher probably assigned a topic and forced you to follow the rules.

Your group likely struggled through the work because you didn’t want to get a bad grade…but nobody enjoyed it. It sucked because you were NOT engaged. The group wasn’t involved or interested because the assignment had nothing to do with them.

Now if your teacher had engaged your group, it could have looked like this: You get assigned to the same group. You’re still not into it at first. But instead of telling you what to do, your teacher engages you by asking what you think. He asks you to come up with your own topic. Suddenly the whole group is interested and actively participating. And you even end up having fun.

So what happened? Engagement. The same thing will happen at your wedding. When your guests are engaged and involved in your wedding events, they get active and interested. They have FUN…and so do you. The more you apply your guests, the more it works, and the more unique and fun your wedding becomes.

You can engage your guests on three levels: PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, and EMOTIONALLY. And guess what? None of them are expensive.

  1. Engage them in ACTION. You can invite them to participate in a reading, performance, or group activity.
  2. Engage them in THOUGHT. Challenge their minds with a quiz or a game. Get them to remember and imagine.
  3. Engage them in EMOTION. Get your guests involved and invested in your wedding events by touching their feelings. When they really “get” the love between you and your fiancé, they are emotionally engaged when they laugh or cry.

These three levels for engaging your guests can be combined for the greatest Wow Effect. But by far, emotional engagement is the most powerful and best-suited technique for a romantic, unforgettable event like your wedding.

Who Are You?

The best way to wow your guests and engage them at your wedding is to give them the emotional experience of a marriage that is totally you. The secret to having a wedding that really feels like “you” is weaving your personality into your wedding day as much as possible. To create a dream wedding filled with fresh, unique ideas that represent you…you need to know who you are.

No, you won’t need to provide your ID for this one. You need to think about your personality, interests and hobbies of yourself and your fiancé to find the inspiration for dozens of ways to make your wedding unique. These are your “Wow Factors.” Once you’ve created your unique Wow Factors, it’s easy to work them into your wedding.

For example… If you and your fiancé share a love of travel, that might be your Wow Factor. So you might name your tables after the places you have visited together. You might create a scrapbook of your travels or have your DJ play songs from countries that are special to you.

One of our couples’ Wow Factor was their shared obsession with the New York Yankees. They named each table after a player, had the NY Yankees logo on their wedding cake and the bride’s garter, and were introduced
to “The Yankee Mambo.”

Maybe you don’t want to get that extreme, but I think you get my point. Sharing your Wow Factor with your guests gets them engaged. Once they are engaged, they start actively participating in your wedding…which translates to FUN, FUN, FUN!

Engaging your guests isn’t complicated or expensive but involves little time and thought. Do this exercise to discover the Wow Factor that will make your wedding totally you.

Dream Wedding Exercise

  1. Print out this worksheet. Fill in the checklist about your interests and hobbies.
  2.  Pick out two interests, hobbies, or activities (paying extra attention to the ones you drew a star or circle around) as Wow Factors to work into your wedding day. 

Keep them in mind as you explore the ideas in this chapter.

Telling Your Story

My all-time favorite way to engage wedding guests is to tell them your love story. People are suckers for a good story. When your guests hear your story, they will get emotionally engaged. They may laugh; tears might come to their eyes. It cues them into the meaning and uniqueness of your special day. How did you meet your fiancé? What was your first impression of him? Where was your first date? How did you get engaged?

Many of your wedding guests won’t know your story. They certainly don’t know all the juicy details. Working these unique details into your special day makes a lasting memory by involving them in your story. On the other hand, if you choose NOT to share your story, you risk having disconnected, disinterested wedding guests.

To tell your story, you don’t have to be a writer or a great speaker. Here are some easy ways to have someone else do it for you:

  •  Have your officiant create a ceremony just for you. This may include vows you have written yourselves or the details of how you met and what you mean to each other. If your officiant is open to the idea, she might share your love story with your guests as a part of the ceremony.
  • Ask your Master of Ceremonies (either the band leader or DJ) to tell your story at your wedding reception. It can be something you have written for each other or something they write for you based on what you tell them.

My husband and I invite couples to write a short love letter to each other before the wedding…and NOT share it. Then on the wedding day, I read their letters just before their First Dance.

The response is always excellent. Your words can be romantic, funny, or quirky…whatever fits your personality. Your guests will be drawn in and engaged emotionally. They’ll feel connected and primed for an unforgettable, fun time.

More Ways to Tell Your Story

If you feel comfortable making a speech, take the microphone and share your story at reception. Ask a parent or a talkative member of your bridal party to do it for you. If you are shy or prefer a low-key way to tell your story, consider printing a brief love story in your ceremony program.

A photo slide show playing during cocktail or dinner hour can also subtly tell your story. The object is to touch your guests emotionally. And that doesn’t mean you have to be sappy and romantic…getting them laughing works really well, too. The more your guests feel, the more involved they will be in your wedding day and the more fun everyone will have.

Dream Wedding Exercise

  1. Print out this worksheet. Answer the questions about your story.
  2. Select your favorite story and make a plan with your fiancé to share it on your wedding day in a way that fits your personality. Involve Your Talented Guests

This idea engages your guests both emotionally and physically. Have your family and friends participate directly in your wedding day. This goes way beyond just inviting them to do a reading at your ceremony.

For example, if you have a professional singer or musician attending, ask them to perform for your ceremony or during the reception.

Our couples have included performances by guests who were jazz singers, guitarists, actors, comedians…even Irish step dancers who did Lord of the Dance.

In every case, the guests ate it up. They were engaged, and it made a fun party inevitable. Of course, don’t guilt your guests into performing if they aren’t comfortable with it. You don’t want any drama queens.

But if your talented guests would like to share, it adds something special for you and your guests. Music Makes the Memories Have you ever heard a song and immediately started laughing as you relived a funny memory? Or a song that brings you back to when you fell in love? Music is a compelling way to engage your guests. It engages both emotionally and physically: your guests feel the music as they dance to it.

If you don’t take advantage of music’s powerful effect on engaging your guests, you miss out on an easy way to make your wedding totally you. But if you do use music to involve your guests, it will make your dream wedding unforgettable.

Great Places to include those special songs in your wedding day

  • Your processional down the aisle. Unless you have a strict church ceremony, you aren’t limited to “The Wedding March” or the “Canon in D.” Any love song or instrumental can take your emotions to the next level.
  • Your parent dances. If there is a song, your father always sang to you, use it for your parent dance. You don’t have to use a “traditional” Father-Daughter song. A personal choice makes it extra special for both you and your guests…especially if you have your master of ceremonies explain the meaning behind it.
  • Your introduction music. Your introduction music can be anything from Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” to James Brown’s “I Feel Good.” Pick a song that makes a statement about your personality and makes you feel fantastic, setting the tone for your whole reception.
  • If you have eclectic taste in music, ask your entertainer to help you find a place for your favorite songs on your wedding day.

Active Involvement

Another way to engage your guests is to get them involved physically. Do you remember back in gym class when you had to play dodgeball? God, I hated that. I dreaded being picked (or not picked) for a team. I was not too fond of the idea of having to play. But then we started to MOVE. And something happened.

I got involved…engaged. Physical movement engages your guests and gets them actively having fun. Entertainers have known this secret for years, so many rely on the Electric Slide and the YMCA to start the party. Once your guests are up and moving, everything gets fun.

You don’t have to use these types of participation methods. There is a whole range of techniques, from highly interactive to subtle approaches. But if you don’t get your guests moving, they will sit like lumps all night and probably leave early.

Michael and Sharon were total foodies who served their guests a five-course meal with wine pairings at the Culinary Institute of America. They decided they wanted the food to be the focus, so they requested that no dance music be played until after dinner. Of course, their guests were thrilled with the meal. But after plates of food and glasses of wine…they were more than a little weighed down.

The guests were so tired and full after dinner that most of them left instead of dancing. Getting your guests up and moving as soon as possible is crucial so they will be engaged and actively having fun.

Best Ways to Physically Engage Your Guests

  • Participation Dances — Electric Slide, YMCA, Cha Cha Slide, Conga Line, etc.


  • Ice Breaker Games — A centerpiece giveaway, musical chairs, and the newlywed game.


  • Inviting Guests To Dance — An easy way to subtly get things moving is to ask your guests to join you on the dance floor. They have to get up…because it is their wedding day…and the dancing continues from there.


Ask your entertainer for his or her favorite ideas to get your guests moving. They can cook up some great ways to physically engage your guests. Remember Your Guests Your wedding day should be special and unique. But a part of making it memorable for you is making it unique for your guests. To do that, you need to engage and include them.

If your guests don’t feel included in your wedding day, they won’t be engaged and won’t have fun. Your wedding day will be a big dud. On the other hand, if you include your guests, they will be actively involved and have a great time….and so will you.

Take a moment to think about the people coming to your wedding. What songs and artists might they want? What activities do they enjoy? If you want your guests to have the best time possible, it might be a good idea to include a few of their favorite songs.

One of our brides hated the YMCA. She just couldn’t stand it. But her Uncle Harry got so excited about doing the YMCA at every wedding that she asked us to play it, just for him. Her Uncle Harry jumped around, waving his arms as he (mis)spelled the words. The bride and her guests were hysterical. It ended up being one of the highlights of the party.

I’m not suggesting that you must play the Chicken Dance just because your guests want it. Just take a moment to consider what your guests like and throw them a bone now and then. Another way to remember your guests is to announce any upcoming birthdays or anniversaries. You might make a special dedication or take the opportunity to embarrass a friend by reminding them about the time you sang together in a karaoke bar.

A final, surefire way to include your guests in the celebration of your special day is to thank them. You can do this in a speech or with a dance, like a friendship circle. This is a great way to end the party. Have your Master of Ceremonies announced that the newlyweds would like to thank everyone for coming by sharing the last dance of the night, forming a circle around them? Playing a song like Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York” or “That’s What Friends Are For” while you dance with your guests creates an unforgettable finale for your dream wedding.

37 Ways To Wow Your Guests

I’m pulling out all the stops here in as many ways as possible to wow your guests and make your wedding totally you. These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. Use your creativity, imagination, and Wow Factors to find more ways to fit your personality.

W – Weave in your personality using your wow factors.
O – Others’ involvement. Get others involved.
W – Why. Explain your choices to your guests so that they understand the significance.

37 Ways To Wow

1. A list of trivia questions about you for each table to answer.

2. Favors that relate to your hobby or special interest.

3. Childhood photographs of you and your fiancé displayed in an album or on a table.

4. Y our parents’ and grandparents’ wedding photos.

5. Pictures of your pets.

6. Decorating your sweetheart table with momentos or collectibles.

7. Put together a collage of your love letters from a long distance romance.

8. A groom’s cake in honor of your fiance’s hobby.

9. Choosing your favorite flower for the centerpieces.

10.Playing your favorite team’s theme song.

11.Doing the silly line dance you and your friends learned in college.

12.Cardboard cutouts of the friend who introduced you but couldn’t be at the wedding.

13.Performances by your musician, singer or dancer guests.

14.Sharing your love story during your ceremony or reception.

15.Giving your guests “table tasks” to do throughout the reception.

16.Playing the newlywed game.

17.A special thank you friendship dance with all your guests.

18.Play or dedicate a song to a friend as an inside joke.

19.Wear an item of clothing or jewelry from a beloved family member and share this with your guests.

20.Name your tables to represent one of your favorite Wow Factors.

21.Choose your favorite poems as non-traditional ceremony readings.

22.Leave a gag gift, like a clown nose or fake moustache, at each place setting and photograph all your guests wearing them.

23.A scavenger hunt using disposable cameras to “hunt” for images.

24.Announce birthdays, anniversaries or engagements.

25.Give a dance lesson at your reception.

26.Hold a “ring warming” during the ceremony where pass your rings to each guest before you exchange vows.

27.Write special vows that unite your family and friends.

28.Include special ethnic traditions and dances.

29.Play a song or speech together.

30.Make a donation to your favorite charity.

31.Treat your guests to your favorite wine or dessert and tell them about it.

32.Play your guests’ wedding songs.

33.Include your signature animal, team, hobby or activity in your wedding theme.

34.Take Polaroid photos of your guests for your guest book.

35.Have your guests write thoughts and wishes for a “time capsule” you’ll open on your 10th wedding anniversary.

36.Serve your special homemade brownies at the wedding and give your guests the recipe.

37.Surprise your guests by sharing your secret talent or skill.

Okay. Now I’m thoroughly exhausted. Wowing your guests is about more than just discovering fresh, unique ideas and working them into your wedding… that can certainly inspire you. It’s about expressing yourself through the look and the feel, as well as the people you’re surrounded by, on your wedding day.

That makes your day unique…not just doing things no one else has seen but allowing you to shine through in every element of your wedding. Do this exercise to put together all the pieces you need to make your wedding day truly unique.

Best Expertise Dream Wedding

1) Print out this worksheet. Answer the questions.

2) Pick out at least one of your Wow Factors, one story, one song and one way to include

your guests that fits your Dream Wedding.

3) Come up with a plan for using them at your wedding and schedule the first step on your calendar.

Best Ways to Make Your Wedding Memorable – Wrap up!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you want it to be a memorable celebration of your love and commitment. By incorporating some of the ideas and tips we’ve discussed in this article, you can create a wedding that truly reflects your personality and love story.

Remember to think outside the box and make your wedding unique, whether by adding personal touches to your decor, creating a fun photo booth, or serving your favorite foods. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or delegate tasks to make planning easier.

Most importantly, cherish the memories you create on your wedding day, whether they’re big or small. Take a moment to soak it all in and savor the love and happiness surrounding you. Your wedding day will be over before you know it, but the memories will last a lifetime.

Thank you for reading this article, and we hope you found it helpful in planning your memorable wedding celebration. Congratulations and best wishes on your journey to “happily ever after”!

Your wedding DJ shouldn’t “just play music” he should be in charge of running the show, taking care of all your program needs, as well as keeping the party going all night long. Below are some great things to keep in mind when you are hunting for the perfect wedding DJ.

How to Hire a DJ

DJ’s Set The Wedding Mood

Wedding DJs do a lot more than just play music. A good wedding dj should offer an amazing music library of popular and traditional music. They should pride themselves on doing your wedding music your way. These guys keep your wedding running smoothly and the wedding program on track, so your reception is party central.

From announcing the entrance of the newlyweds, to the first dances, and choreographed dances, to the cutting of the cake, and timing of the toasts–a premier DJ can help you design your perfect reception and take care of all the little details. That way, you and your guests can enjoy your big day one special moment at a time.

The All-Inclusive Wedding DJ

When it comes to hiring a DJ, they should have some sweet all-inclusive add on options for your reception like lighting, photo booths, and more. The reason Premier Entertainment is the most amazing DJ service you can choose all comes down to the variety of services they offer! Plus, they have packages that you can customize to fit your wedding needs.

Premier Entertainment DJ Packages include:

  • One Professional DJ/MC
  • Professional intelligent dance floor lighting and sound
  • 24/7 personal online planning tools
  • Wireless microphone
  • Complete digital music library
  • Unlimited advice to help plan your big day
  • One on one meetings to personalize everything to your needs
  • Full-time office staff and thorough event planning

These Wedding Statistics may shock you but they are true & from well known reliable sources!  Read them all here and learn from other Brides & Grooms mistakes!  It will make you rethink your Wedding Reception Priorities!


Successful Wedding By Abelldjcompany

72% of all brides say they would have spent more time choosing their reception entertainment. Almost 100% say they would have spent more of their budget on the entertainment.

During wedding planning, Brides say their highest priority is their wedding dress, attire, followed by the reception site and caterer – reception entertainment is among the least of their priorities

Within one week after their reception, 78% of Brides say they would have made the entertainment their highest priority! 

When asked 81% of guests say the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment (Band / DJ).

65% of all couples that chose a band to entertain at their wedding reception, said, if they had it to do over again, they would have chosen a disc jockey!


*These statistics were published in St. Louis Bride & Groom Magazine . Sources include: Simmons; USA Today, National Bridal Service, The Knot, Brides Magazine.


Dj Setup

Wedding Disc Jockey rates are vary based on talent, experience, emcee ability, service, coordination, equipment needed, music knowledge, mixing ability & personality. Not all Wedding DJ’s are Created Equally, as many of you know – we have all seen the “Bad” Cheesy Wedding DJ!

Rates for the DJ industry vary greatly, ranging from $350.00 to $3,500.00 with an US average of $1,200.00 for a 4-5 hour reception. 


The best price is not always the best deal, especially if you are planning a wedding. As the surveys above conclude that 100% of brides would have spent more money on their entertainment & made it their #1 priority in hindsight!


A Professional Wedding Entertainment company will normally invest 12 to 30 hours to your special event but it may appear that you are only paying for “4 hours”. Consultations, music purchasing & editing, preparation, set-up & tear-down, education, phone calls, travel & other business related endeavors add up to the overall success of your special once in a lifetime day.

Modern Bride Magazine: Entertainment is only 5% of your Wedding Budget, but TWICE as many guests will remember your entertainment, more than anything else!

The numbers don’t lie…

The cost of entertainment at your reception is only a small portion of your overall budget.  As Modern Bride Magazine states above, only 5% of your overall budget will be spent on entertainment.

However, over 50% of your guests will remember the performance of your disc jockey more than anything else at your reception.  Think back to the last affair you attended, what did you eat? What Color was the Napkin? What was the guest of honor wearing?  The Chart Below shows you what was spent compared to how well it will be remembered….

Percentage of Money Spent On A Wedding Reception

Percentage of What Guests Will Remember Most About Your Reception




When you’re spending thousands of dollars on a once-in-a-lifetime event, doesn’t it make sense to reserve the finest entertainment, especially since it is only 5% of your over all budget??

Yes, your Gown & your Food are very important.  Still, the selection of Music &  Entertainment can determine the success of your event!

A qualified Wedding MC can guarantee your guests will stay after dinner to party; the Photographer & Videographer will have something to shoot & your guests will stay long enough to really remember your gown!

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Here is a Chart that shows you Popular Wedding Seasons, what does this  mean to you?  Either avoid booking those times to save money or make sure you book all your vendors early.  Because all the great vendors will be booked sometimes up to a year or more in advance!  You don’t want to be “stuck” with who is left!  There is usually a good reason why a vendor is not booked 2 weeks before your wedding!

We wish you the bestwith all your Planning but remember that sometimes the smallest overlooked detail may have the largest impact on the SUCCESS of your Wedding Reception!

What Do You want in a DJ/Entertainer?

I always ask my clients how they feel about DJs they have seen perform in the past. Invariably they can all remember that wedding or event they attended where the DJ was terrible and they had no fun. When asked why the DJ was not good the replies are usually the same:

1 – The DJ didn’t play good music

2- The DJ couldn’t read the crowd

3- The DJ refused to play requests

4- There were times when the music just stopped or was “choppy”.

5- The DJ just hung out behind their box all night and didn’t interact.

Let us discuss:


DJ playing music at mixer on colorful blurred background

DJ playing music at mixer on colorful blurred background. The hands close up


1- The DJ didn’t play good music…

This is an interesting concern since all DJs pretty much use the same pre-recorded music. If they are keeping up with what is current and have a decent catalog of music then there is no reason they can’t play “good music”. The problem is not the music, but the DJ’s inability or deliberate decision to play music that will motivate their audience to dance.

The truth is that every event, every crowd is different. A play-list that packs the floor and rocks the house at one event may not necessarily succeed at another event next week. Why? Simply put, “different strokes for different folks.” Some audiences like a mixture of classic rock, 80’s, and Motown; another group might really like Old School and newer Hip Hop, Funk, and Line Dances. If the DJ doesn’t know who he’s playing for then they won’t dance.

2- The DJ couldn’t read the crowd…

This is a common concern. What this really means is that the DJ didn’t do enough research or ask his/her client the right questions before the event and he is winging it…ALL night. OR the DJ believes that his experience is enough to carry him through the event. While there are tried and true play-lists that are considered “floor packers” a DJ that relies SOLELY on these lists or their own “expertise” many times find themselves struggling to get or keep people on the dance floor.

It is important for the client to be involved in the music selection process. Why? Because you know your family and friends better than any DJ ever can. You’ve been partying and dancing with them for years so, you know what they like and what will get them moving. By giving your DJ your input, it will take less time to “read” the crowd and tells the entertainer the kinds of music that pretty much guarantees will keep your guests dancing all night.


3- The DJ refused to play requests…

We keep hearing this over and over. I don’t get it. The bride, groom, or a guest comes by the DJ’s station and requests a song and the DJ says “I’m not playing that…” WHAT?!! Why would a DJ do that? Well, several reasons, none of which I agree with.

One: Pride. They don’t want to be the DJ that plays the “Chicken Dance” even if THE BRIDE tells them to. Two: They think they know better…in their opinion, the song doesn’t fit into their pre-planned play-list and playing it will “ruin their rep”. Three: The DJ doesn’t like the song, NEVER plays that song, or thinks that your request is merely a “suggestion” that they don’t have to fit into their repertoire because, in their opinion, it will interrupt their flow of music.


It is true that there is a science to mixing music. It is a method to keep people dancing to play music within the same beat range. So, we do play songs that have similar “speeds” if we want to keep ‘em dancing.

Playing an obscure song or a song that does not match the beat currently playing, may cause many of the dancers to leave the floor, and once they leave, it can be difficult to get them back. That being said, refusing to play a bride’s or groom’s request because you don’t think it will “fit” with what you are playing basically means you are playing for yourself and your rep and NOT entirely for the folks who hired you.


A really good DJ will find a way to work their clients requests into the evening because THAT’S WHAT HE’S BEING PAID TO DO! Make sure you ask your DJ how they plan to keep your guests dancing and how they handle requests. REMEMBER: you’re signing the check at the end of the event, so, YOU SHOULD GET WHAT YOU’RE PAYING FOR!


4- The music just stopped or was “choppy”…

This might happen accidentally, or it might be the result of poor mixing skills, or poor planning. There is no logical reason this should happen throughout the entire event. It means that your DJ is not as experienced as he may have led you to believe. It means they are “winging” it and really don’t know what song to play next.

It could mean their laptop just froze and they don’t have a CD or back up music source ready to go. Or it could mean that the DJ company you’ve hired is training their new guys on YOUR TIME. All of this translates to people either waiting for the next song to begin or leaving the floor. You don’t want that on your wedding day…or at ANY event for that matter!

You should be able to review your DJ past performances. This is why I have posted comments from previous clients. Make sure you are getting a seasoned professional who knows how to transition smoothly from one song or genre to the next without those awkward silences or choppiness that is a mood killer on the dance floor.


5- The DJ just hung out behind their box and didn’t interact…

Many DJ companies actually sell “against” an interactive DJ. They call it “cheesy” or “intrusive” or “NOT classy.” I even heard of one DJ company who uses the slogan “We don’t do line dances, or interaction, just Classy, LOW-KEY, weddings and parties…” REALLY? When was that last time YOU went to a party or wedding reception that you had an absolute BLAST at and walked out saying “I had so much fun, that party was so LOW-KEY!”Or a better question might be:

“Would YOU rather attend a LOW-KEY event, or a party that was AMPED UP & ROCKIN’ ALL NIGHT LONG?! As one of my clients recently said on Weddingwire.com“a DJ can make or break a party…” You don’t MAKE a party by being LOW-KEY. How do you want your reception or party to be remembered? A) LOW-KEY? or B) Remembered forever as the best party your guests have EVER been to!– I’ll take option B any day of the week! You want “low-key” try a funeral…NOT A WEDDING RECEPTION!

There is a saying: “I do what I do, because I can do it. You do what YOU do, because you CAN’T do what I do.” The simple truth is that 95% of DJs don’t interact with their audiences BECAUSE THEY SIMPLY DON’T KNOW HOW! Most DJs can’t dance and don’t want to learn. They use statements like “I let my music do the talking for me.” Or “I don’t have to interact, I just play good music…” and when that music fails to motivate people to dance? The only thing they can do is PLAY ANOTHER SONG.

Don’t believe the hype. A good entertainer, as my client said above “will make sure that your party is fabulous even if it means that he gets on the dance floor to share a few moves and get even the most timid of guests to show theirs too.” Not to take over the floor, but to be there just enough to get folks started if need be and keep them going on the floor all night.

So, what do you want in a DJ/Entertainer?

1- A DJ that plays music specific to your likes and to those of your friends and family.

2- The ability to work WITH you to create a playlist that will motivate your guests to party all night long!

3- A DJ who cares more about what YOU and your GUESTS want than he does for his own rep, and who will honor your requests. PERIOD!

4- A seasoned entertainer who can transition music smoothly & keep the music flowing in such a way that your guests will stay on the floor all night.

5-A DJ who knows how to interact just enough to be a party motivator and make your event memorable!

Sounds like a job for…THE DANCING DJS! After all, Knock ‘Em Out is not who we are…IT’S WHAT WE DO!

Buyer Beware! Preferred Vendors

In this down economy everyone is trying to create business and profit.  We recently heard of how Catering Halls & Venues are turning a little extra profit.  This seems to be happening more on the East Coast but can be applied to anywhere.

Even before the recession many halls received a “kick back” for passing business to a particular vendor.  The difference now is many halls are demanding a cash kickback to have vendors work in their halls.  (Sound like the Sopranos to you?? – well it basically is!)


Say you have a Florist you choose to do your reception and now your venue ( who you are also a client of ) says you have to use their florist  – NOT because they are better or cheaper but because they get cash back from them!

Imagine having the perfect DJ or Band selected only to find out later that your Venue is forcing you to use their entertainment!!

The Videographer or World Class Photographer that did an awesome job for your BF’s wedding can’t be hired because your Venue has a “preferred vendor” for you.  (They may not be any good or may be out of your budget!)  …You get the picture.

Other Scenarios

Other scenarios that have been happening are certain halls will just give you,  and your vendors a difficult time because you didn’t choose their preferred vendor for YOUR special day!

It may also happen that they may deny certain equipment (with out good reason) to be setup in your party, such as a Large Screen, Plasma, or Dance Lighting, because they had it built in BUT your external vendor already secured it for you at a reasonable rate.

We have heard of this situation where the hall has built in lights & tells the DJ not to bring their lights (that their clients paid for) in to the hall.  Then the hall just turns their lights on but will not control them at all!  So imagine trying to set the mood for your first dance & the halls strobe lights are on full blast!

Just remember just because the hall calls them “preferred vendors” does not mean that they are the best choice for your event.  They merely do two things pay for advertising in the catering halls “book” and pay the hall a percentage commission from your money back to the hall!

It is very rare that a hall recommends a vendor strictly because they will benefit the mutual client, actually in some cases the sales person will get the kick back from a vendor, so they are even more greedy!

The last story we will leave you with, which may be the sneakiest… is using a “in house” vendor as a sales pitch or deal closer…. Such as we will throw in the ________ – (DJ, center-pieces, flowers, balloons, etc.) (I am not speaking about cocktail hour, extra room’s or extra food that doesn’t cost the venue) strictly a vendor…..

Goes back to you get what you pay for if they “throw in” a $1500 Disc Jockey – one of 2 things is happening – you are either paying for it and it is hidden in the price OR they are giving you a really bad cheap vendor that they can pay an hourly rate to…… not a professional.

So the outcome? You paid for a vendor you really didn’t want or you saved money and got a shoddy vendor… either way the hall goes to the bank laughing!

What to Do?

Buyer Beware, let Halls do what they do best cook the food, and do your research and compare at least 3 vendors before making an informed decision.  Also ASK your venue if they are recommending their vendors based on skill, excellence or commission!

This information has been collected from various sources and is available also at www.perfectweddings.us

Christopher Abell

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