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A wedding is a ceremony of uniting two souls into one. The wedding involves certain rituals that vary from place to place and from time to time. A wedding is an a thousand years old ceremony. People from all around the globe have their way of celebrating marriage.

Some people wear a white gown while others wear a colorful dress. Every country has its own culture which ultimately influences their ways and styles of a wedding ceremony. However, certain trends come around often and many people no matter where they live, adopt it.

Transforming Your Home into a Wedding Venue

Today I will be telling you about the next big things at a wedding that is slowly coming into practice.

1. Plant able wedding invitation

The world that we live in is not in the same condition; it was 100 years ago. Massive deforestation and pollution are making earth sick. If we keep on depleting resources and making products that do nothing but increase pollution, we will soon die along with every living creature on earth.

And I’m not dramatic at all. Some wise people have come up with the idea to make Botanical paper wedding invitation. The invitations are made of seeds that can be later planted. You can say it is a way of planting everlasting friendship and lifetime bonds with your friends and family.

2. Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

A wedding is with a doubt, a very stressful day. The stress and tiredness are shown through your face no matter how much makeup you apply. The wedding couple needs to have a two or three-hour shoot to take their couple photos and family shots.

There is a new trend spreading rapidity like wildfire. People like this idea a lot because this way they can take amazing pictures without a grim on their face. The pre-wedding photo shoot is schedule weeks and even months before the wedding day. You can take your pictures in a stress-free environment and with no hurry or whatsoever.

3. Bro-Dal Showers

Why should girls have all the fun? Bro-Dal showers are the next big thing in town and honestly speaking, we are all up for it. It is like a bridal shower for dudes with a manlier theme. In place of a cute white and pink cake, there are many cake options like cars or wooden logs.

These parties have a photo booth with customized labels. You can have meat and cheese board piled high. You can have fun props like fake bears and wear them while taking pictures. Themed showers are the best. Each party is unique and has a unique element of its own. Get out of the bachelor party craze and try this new thing out.

4. Ethical Weddings

It is a very good thing to think about your planet earth while preparing for your wedding. You can have a week-long extravagance wedding and remain eco-friendly. This is possible but will require a little effort from your side. There are so many ways you can make your wedding ethical. Instead of buying an expensive wedding dress which you will probably not wear again, you can opt for Up-cycled or rented dresses. Don’t worry what others will say.

They are not paying for your dress. Buy ethical jewelry. That is made in the most eco-friendly way. Try to have your wedding reception and ceremony in the same place. Pick a venue that has the lowest energy consumption and has a responsible waste management system. The wedding is a onetime thing. Why spare expense? This is what everyone says. Be the one who says “My planet matters.” Your effort will surely prove beneficial in the long run.

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