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Wedding videos have come a long way since shaky home movies with handycams. Today, wedding videographers (and cinematographers) can create feature film-quality videos that will capture the sights and sounds of your day.

Plus, you can relive the moments and share them on DVD for years to come. To make sure you end up with a video you’ll want to treasure, here are (six) things that will make your wedding video unique:

Wedding Videographer

  1. A Save-The-Date Wedding Video

The first step towards planning your wedding is to send out save-the-date invitations so that your friends and family know about your special day.

You can do so by creating a save-the-date wedding video to announce the D-Day. You can base it on your favorite movie or choose a funny theme to make the video special.

  1. Choose different filters or formatting

When your videographer goes to edit your wedding footage talk to them about making the film look grainy like an old documentary, or talk about using different formats so the layout isn’t always the same.

  1. Film guest messages

Having your guests record filmed messages for your wedding video isn’t an entirely new idea, but it adds a very personal touch to the finished product. Try setting up a separate video room with a comfortable sofa and a static video camera so your guests feel less self conscious about recording their message in front of other people.

  1. Try a Cinematic Theme

Using black and white, and color footage your videographer can edit the film to be like that of an old Hollywood film. This type of wedding video will be entertaining as well as timeless. Plus the switching between color and black and white footage is an interesting visual that will keep the eye intrigued!

  1. A Wedding Video Trailer

Ask your videographer about creating a shorter version of your wedding video (two to three minutes) to show friends and family and share online with others.

  1. Slide Show

This is a technique that has become very popular among the juvenile and modern couples. In this technique the videographers take still photographs of the ceremony and the situation. They then add into these photographs special effects and wonderful music to emphasize on the ceremonial events and they highlight the couples in such a manner that is awe-inspiring and eye captivating.

  1. Tell the Whole Story

Don’t limit yourself to the wedding day itself, but include short sections of film showing the build up to the wedding. You can take footage of the engagement party, the dress fittings, the hens and bucks parties and the wedding preparations, as well as the ceremony and reception.

You can also include a short section showing footage taken on the honeymoon. Your coverage of each aspect may be reduced, but you will have a fascinating video showing the entire wedding story.

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